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Losing weight can be hard, it’s mostly about what you eat! This 21 Day Fix weight loss meal plan is organized and full of quick, easy, delicious recipes.

You can easily pick and choose recipes from this meal plan that suit your tastes and preferences. They’re all 21 Day Fix approved so you don’t have to worry about straying from your meal plan.

Weight loss meal plan pin with egg bites photo on top and Caprese chicken stuffed portobello mushrooms at the bottom.

How do I use this 21 Day weight loss meal plan?

As with all of the meal plans I share, it’s not necessary to plan to make all of the food on this meal plan. While all of the recipes on this 21 Day Fix weight loss plan are delicious and worthy of your table, it will be way too much food for one person.

If the whole family is eating right alongside you I’d still only recommend picking three recipes from each category because you’ll end up with some leftovers you can take for lunches, snacks, etc.

How does this weight loss meal plan work?

I’m providing you with lots of ideas on how to make your meal plan for the week. Below you will find so many great recipes and category breakdowns that you can easily use as part of your portion control meal plan each week.

These are all 21 Day Fix approved clean eating recipes so you’ll be able to use these for your 21 Day Fix meal plan or any other type of healthy eating plan you might be on.

21 Day Fix Weight Loss Meal Plan Recipes

Remember, this will be a LOT of food. If you don’t want to end up wasting food, just choose a few meals to make for each part of your day. Not only is this method great for saving time, it’s easier for meal prep! You can pull out the recipes that suit your container needs and build your perfect weight loss meal plan from these delicious recipes below. The combinations are endless, this might be the only 21 Day weight loss meal plan post you ever need!

copycat Starbucks red pepper egg bites on white platter.

21 Day Weight Loss Recipes | Breakfast

tuscan chicken pasta in a white dish close up shot.

21 Day Diet Recipes | Lunch

21 Day Weight Loss Plan Recipes | Dinner

cut open chocolate peanut butter lava cake on white plate.

21 Day Fix Healthy Recipes | Snacks

  • Whole grain crackers and cheese 1 Blue and 1 Yellow
  • Healthy Dill Pickle Chicken Salad | Dill pickle chicken salad is a tasty recipe that can be used as a dip for veggies or crackers, and more!
  • Fruit and 12 Almonds 1 Purple and 1 Blue
  • Baked Blooming Onion with Spicy Dipping Sauce Do you crave the crunch of a blooming onion? Now you can have it without all the guilt!
  • Quesadilla 2 Corn Tortillas with Cheese 1 Yellow 1 Blue
  • Hummus and Veggie Sticks 1 Green 1 Blue
  • Turkey Cucumber Dijon Roll Ups | The Garlic Diaries This link also has some other great snack recipes for the 21 Day Fix!
  • Apples and Nut Butter, 1 Purple and 1 Tbsp
  • Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower Bites Recipe | There’s nothing like the zing of buffalo seasoning to add some spice to these cauliflower bites!
  • Pumpkin Seeds and Fruit 1 Purple 1 Orange
  • Dried Fruit and Nuts 1 Blue 1 Orange
  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • Homemade Roasted Salsa Verde | The Foodie and the Fix A delicious, easy, homemade salsa recipe is great for snacking or on salads.
  • Greek Yogurt with Berries 1 Purple 1 Red
  • Cloud Bread | with this 21 Day Fix weight loss meal plan you can lose weight and still eat bread!
  • Banana Roll Up: 1/2 Banana with Peanut Butter on a Whole Grain Tortilla
  • Turnip Fries  Not all French fries are created equal…these 21 day weight loss plan turnip fries are a must if you crave the deep fried starchy alternative.
  • 2 Deviled Eggs (yolks smashed with Greek yogurt and mustard) 1 Red

pin image that reads 21 day fix weight loss recipes with instant pot in background and 21 day fix containers in the foreground.

21 Day Fix Weight Loss Recipes | Desserts

zucchini breakfast casserole wedge slice cut out and served on a white plate.

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