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Are you stuck in a rut, quitting the 21 Day Fix a few days in and then starting over?

Starting a round of the 21 Day Fix can be intimidating. There are rules about which foods you can eat, how much you eat, and though 21 days can seem like a short amount of time to be on a healthy eating plan, it also limits you (mentally) a bit because if you cheat or deviate for a day or two it’s very easy to quit the Fix and start over.

But here’s the deal–you control when you quit and start over.

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How to stop quitting the 21 Day Fix

There are two tips–secrets if you will–that I share with my friends and readers who begin the Fix. These two things have helped hundreds of people finish the 21 Day Fix in the past few years. These tips have helped people stop quitting the 21 Day Fix. Possibly more important than finishing the Fix–they’ve learned how to make healthier choices and fit these choices into their lifestyle.

  1. Never stop counting.

Have a good round (21 days is a round) where you stay on track all 21 days or have a bad round where you’re on track for 3 days, but either way, finish that round. Never stop counting your days.

Have you heard that old saying from Earl Nightingale?

Never give up on a dream because of the time it takes to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

This. is. life.

If you begin the Fix on Jan 1 and quit on the 7th, you’re still on day 8 on January 8th. And on day 21 on January 21st. Why stop counting?

The first time I tried the 21 Day Fix, I stayed on plan for 4 days–two at the beginning, one in the middle, and day 21. I didn’t stop counting though–so that four days wasn’t a failure. It was part of a bad round, for sure. But I finished it. This brings us to our next important tip.

2. Do better today than you did yesterday. 

By following this tip, you’re succeeding a little more every day. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed with the 21 days. Focus on today being better than yesterday. The first of this month being better than the first of last month. This holiday season being better than last holiday season. This round being better than the last round.

By allowing yourself a bit of grace, you’re allowing yourself to grow and change as a person. Not to feel restricted on a diet, but to evolve and learn how to eat better.

Why the 21 Day Fix is not all or nothing

I think we all have it in our mind that if we start Day 1 of the Fix, our eating will be perfect and we’ll only succeed that way. In reality, our eating habits should change slowly over time as we learn and understand why these changes have a positive impact on our diet and lifestyle.

Think about all of the important things you have learned in your life–how to ride a bike, how to read, how to drive. You learned these things in stages, over time. Nobody set out to ride a bike one day, learned the next, and never made a mistake.

Why do we think we can change years of eating habits overnight? The 21 Day Fix isn’t all or nothing–it gives you a goal–to eat a certain way for 21 days. But you don’t arrive at the goal on day 1.

That’s all. No magic potions, supplements, or shakes to buy. No need to fill your pantry with new food, make separate meals for everyone, and definitely no need to make a huge lifestyle change overnight.

How to finish the 21 Day Fix

I’m serious about this–following the two tips above will allow you to finish the 21 Day Fix without quitting. Finishing a round–even a “bad” round–is key. You finished, you completed something, you did it. Now for the next round, do it better.

Were you on track for 4 days of the round? Next time shoot for more. Do better the next time, because it’s all that you can ask of yourself.

Keep your mind open while you’re on the Fix. Open to new foods, new recipes, and new ways of thinking (like how you don’t need something sweet after dinner every night).

Important resources to help you start (and complete) Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix:

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  1. 21 day fix has helped me in so many ways. Teaching me healthy versus unhealthy food plus portions of food was a big plus for me too!

  2. This was a great read. I am continually using the containers to help w my portion control w carbs. I always need more greens in my life so I do try and keep track of those.

  3. My first round of 21 day fix was a challenge. I lost 18 lbs but allowed myself 1 “cheat” per day. I felt it was a success. 18 lbs made such a difference in my life.

    1. Sara Anderson says:

      That’s amazing, Kathie!

  4. Thanks! I needed this today!

  5. I really appreciate your articles. I’m new to 21 day fix. Day 6 today. Your blog has been very helpful.

    1. I’m so glad they’re helpful! Congratulations on Day 6!

  6. Congratulations that’s awesome!

  7. I finished this round! Although there were very challenging times to just throw in the towel and binge, I choose to stay the course myself & lost 6 lbs & 5 inches! The only exercise I could do was walking on treadmill 1x a day! So its not all about weight, it’s also about determination and making healthy choices! Onward and upward!

  8. Maggie DiSanto says:

    Becca – thanks so much for your great recipes. I am usually very good with sticking to it until the weekend. Wine is my indulgence and I would miss my glass or two on the weekends which makes it very hard!! Any suggestions for that?

    1. Hi Maggie! Do you take advantage of your treat swaps? Each glass of wine would be one swap (you get two every week). I did a video explaining them here:

      Also, if you have those glasses of wine on the weekend – maybe more than your swaps – don’t allow that to be an excuse to “fall off” the Fix. Finish that round and do better the next round -this isn’t an all or nothing thing, the goal is to be better every day you do it. <3

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