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Have you been looking for the perfect meal prep book? Maybe one that also uses an Instant Pot or other electric pressure cooker to meal prep?

I’ve got the book for you, friends:

Becca holding a book, Meal Prep in an Instant

I’ve been busy this year writing a book! Meal Prep in an Instant (Pot) is the first and last book for meal prep Instant Pot recipes that you’ll need. In it, you’ll find:

  • 56 Instant Pot recipes–healthy ones that use no artificial sweeteners or highly processed ingredients–clean eating at its best, friends.
  • 7 weekly meal plans that include four primary recipes as well as for alternate recipes (including dessert!). This makes for an easy meal prep day!
  • Each weekly meal plan includes grocery lists, supply lists, and detailed prep plans–I walk you through exactly what to do on prep day, from the first thing you put in the pot to the last item you add to a prep container.
  • A wide variety of recipes including lean beef, chicken breast and thighs, turkey, pork, and vegetarian options. Most are dairy and gluten free or can easily be made dairy or gluten free.

Instant Pot Meal Prep, Made Easy

What makes this book different than other meal prep cookbooks is that there are informative chapters about cooking with your Instant Pot as well as explaining what meal prep is and how to find the level of meal prep that works right for you and your home.

Stack of books next to an Instant Pot

In addition to the 56 breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes you’ll find inside the book, there are specific sections for meal prep as well as using an Instant Pot. These sections will be beneficial to you if you’re new to your Instant Pot and meal prep or if you’re someone who has been doing this for a while.

Are certain recipes better for meal prep?

Yes! Meal Prep recipes are ones that are easy to make and store for a week. It’s also important that they’re easy to freeze, as many of us have busy schedules that can change at a moment’s notice. Rather than wasting all of those recipes that you prepped, it’s nice to stick them in the freezer for next week!

Are these 21 Day Fix Instant Pot Meal Prep recipes?

They are! While the book makes no mention of branded diets such as Beachbody, I’ve calculated the container counts for each recipe. You can download them here.

Can these be Weight Watchers recipes?

Yup! Points have been calculated for Green, Purple, and Blue plans. These are the perfect recipes to help you lose weight in a healthy way while following your myWW program. You can download the points for the recipes in the book right here.

Why are these healthy Instant Pot recipes?

The recipes in this book are made with minimally processed ingredients, and there is even a section in the book that walks you through how to make small changes to your diet that will make it healthier.

Some of my favorite recipes in the book are:

  • Breakfast Sweet Potatoes (sweet and savory options!)
  • Apple Oat Crumble
  • Kung Pao Chicken
  • Vegetarian Chili
collage of images from Meal Prep in an Instant

Special Diet Information

If you’ve been here before you know that I give 21 Day Fix container counts as well as Weight Watchers points for all of my recipes. While these counts aren’t in the book, I’ve created a document where you can download them for all of the recipes in the book.

You’ll find WW points for myWW Purple, Blue, and Green plans (there are no freestyle points, as that is an outdated plan) in the document. This book is perfect for Weight Watchers Instant Pot meal prep!

collage with becca holding book and FIX counts for book

Get to know your Instant Pot

In Meal Prep in an Instant, I’ve given you several ways to prepare recipes in your pot:

  • using a few accessories (like this cake pan and these egg bite molds)
  • Pressure cooking right in the pot
  • using the pot as a one pot saute pan
  • cooking an entire meal in the pot–main dish and side dishes!

Can I use this book if I don’t have an Instant Pot?

You can use this book with any electric pressure cooker–it doesn’t have to be the Instant Pot brand. If you don’t have an electric pressure cooker, unfortunately, this book will not work for you.

pin for Meal Prep in an Instant

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    I am so excited to have your cookbook. I do have a question about the Beef Fajita Bowls on p. 39. Will 5 minutes get the flank steak well done? I normally cook stew meat for 35 minutes. Thanks.

    1. The cooking times in the book have been tested multiple time, I promise! It’s not meant to come out like stew meat, maybe that’s why the cook time is shorter than you’re used to? The steak is cut thinner, so less cook time is needed :)

      1. LUCINDA E SCHAFER says:


  2. Found your website yesterday while looking for meals for the week. Saw your book and ordered it. It arrived this morning. I opened it up and discovered we live in the same town. Just had to share what a small world we live in. :)

    1. Awh!! Hey neighbor!! I hope you love the book, and I hope your week is starting off great! :)

  3. I just found your website looking for 2b mindset recipes. Then I found your cookbook. I see you mention WW and 21 day fix sheet, but I don’t see mention of 2b mindset. Are these recipes 2b mindset compliant? Because it would be great to have a recipe book for it.


  4. Just received my copy of the book and I’m so excited to dive in. I’m only cooking for one and some of the recipes make lots of servings. Is it possible to half them? And if so, what sort of adjustments should I make for the cooking time? Thank you!!

    1. Hi Jen! Yay! I hope you love it :)

      Yes, you can cut the recipes in half. Most of the time no change in cooking time will be needed. :)

      The recipes are so large so you can freeze portions and save yourself some time later :)

  5. Just bought your book and loving it. Wondering if you have plans to update the WW calculations to the newest plan?

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