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Meal planning on the 21 Day Fix can be challenging and a bit overwhelming when you begin the journey. Counting containers and learning what foods are approved and unapproved (and why) is a lot to take in during your first week.

Even when you have recipes with the counts already calculated for you, it can be tough to begin and you might realize that a lot of your favorite recipes are not following the clean eating guidelines set in place by the 21 Day Fix.

It’s important to find reliable sources for Beachbody Meal Plans–including the 21 Day Fix, Ultimate Portion Fix, and other colored container programs. This is a resource you can bookmark and save for later.

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Which 21 Day Fix Meal Plan do you need?

Don’t know your calorie bracket? Find your 21 Day Fix bracket right here. You can find the container serving sizes that will help you lose weight in the food list.

1,200-1,499 calories, Bracket A: 4 green containers (veggies), 2 purple containers (fruits), 4 red containers (protein), 2 yellow containers (carbs), 1 blue container (healthy fats), 1 orange container (seeds and dressings), and 3 teaspoons of oil. (These are the updated counts from the new Ultimate Portion Fix, released in March 2019)

1,500-1,799 calories, Bracket B: 4 green containers, 3 purple containers, 4 red containers, 3 yellow containers, 1 blue container, 1 orange container, and 4 teaspoons of oil.

1,800-2,099 calories, Bracket C: 5 green containers, 3 purple containers, 5 red containers, 4 yellow containers, 1 blue container, 1 orange container, and 5 teaspoons of oil.

2,100-2,299 calories, Bracket D: 6 green containers, 4 purple containers, 6 red containers, 4 yellow containers, 1 blue container, 1 orange container, and 6 teaspoons of oil.

2,300-2,499 Calories, Bracket E: 7 green containers, 5 purple containers, 6 red containers, 5 yellow containers, 1 blue container, 1 orange container, and 7 teaspoons of oil.

2,500-2,800 Calories, Bracket F: 8 green containers, 5 purple containers, 7 red containers, 5 yellow containers, 1 blue container, 1 orange container, and 8 teaspoons of oil.

Are these Ultimate Portion Fix Meal Plans?

They are! The Ultimate Portion Fix was released in March of 2019 and among a few other changes, Beachbody added two additional brackets–E and F.

Does the 21 Day diet work?

The 21 Day Fix is a macro based program that gives your body the proper amount of carbs, fats, veggies, proteins, and oils. It has worked for many, many people and if you stick with it, the 21 Day Fix helps you with portion control and eating the right combinations of foods.

From my own experience, knowing what you’ll be eating for the day or week significantly takes the stress out of the Fix and greatly reduces the urge for unhealthy snacking, which will help you stay on track.

One tip I want to share is to always plan dinner first. Usually it’s most difficult to find something “on plan” that everyone in your family will eat, so it’s easiest to plan that meal first and fill in your other containers around it.

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A note about Easy Meal Plans:

I’ve seen readers have great success with simple meal plans–plans that contain no recipes, just simple foods. If you see a food that you don’t want to use for any reason–whether you don’t care for it or don’t have it in your pantry–go ahead and swap it out with any other food of that color on the food list. For example, don’t like butter? Just swap it with nut butter–since they both count as a teaspoon.

Examples of simple healthy foods are sweet potatoes, brown rice, broccoli, oatmeal, peanut butter, and hard boiled eggs.

Free Easy Meal Plans: one week plans

Paid Easy Meal Plans: 21 day plans with grocery lists for easy shopping

21 Day Fix Meal Plans for Bracket A: 1200-1499 calories bracket

The Ultimate Portion Fix changed this bracket up a little and now calls for 4 greens a day and 3 teaspoons–that’s one extra green container and one extra teaspoon.

Meal Plans for Plan B: 1500-1799 calories bracket

Here is a collection of plans for the 1500-1799 calorie level of the 21 Day Fix. These plans are for Plan B.

Meal Plans for Plan C: 1800-2099 calories bracket

If you are in a higher calorie level bracket you know how hard it can be to come up with creative ways to fill all of those containers. These plans are full of healthy meals that are all FIXed.

Meal Plans for Plan D: 2100-2299 Calorie Bracket

Meal Plans for Plan E: 2,300 to 2,499 Bracket (added Spring 2019)

Meal Plans for Plan F: 2,500-2,800 Calorie Bracket (added Spring 2019)

Which 21 Day Fix meal plan do I use?

It depends on your bracket! You can figure out which bracket you’re in. You can do that on my 21 Day Fix meal plan page.

How do I calculate my 21 Day Fix containers?

If you’re working out, multiply your current weight by 11, then add 400. Now subtract 750. Need more details? Find your bracket here.

What can you eat on the 21 Day Fix?

The focus is on whole, unprocessed foods. Think less ingredients, little or no packaging, and no sugar. Is this 21 Day Fix approved?

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  1. Sonia Ledger says:

    Thank you so much for posting these. I am super excited. Fell off the wagon for a while due to life. But i’m getting back on again. This will surely help. especially the Aldi meal plan. SO cool!

  2. Andrew Luis Ortiz says:

    I way 240 Pounds.

  3. Guadalupe Gonzales says:

    Is the 21 day fix meal plan OK for a type 2 diabetic? I would like to try the plan.

    1. Hi Guadalupe, I’d consult your doctor about your dietary needs and then match those with the Fix. If you get literature from your dr, I can help :)

    2. Absolutely! I am type 2 diabetic and as long as you are following the 21 day fix and sticking to the serving sizes your sugar and carbs should be relatively low. So only use the number of yellow and purple containers you are allowed.

  4. Just wondering if the picture with the eggs over the peppers (it looks like) is part of one of the meal prep suggestions? It looks fantastic and I would love to recreate!

  5. joy marion says:

    Hi! I’m trying to read the website carefully as well as yours but still have a couple questions. Can I do 21 day fix for the first time ever and not use the shakes or will it throw off my results? Also, do you get to eat multiple servings of the same color container or are those containers all you get for a day (ex: red portion at lunch and dinner, purple at breakfast and lunch, etc? Thank you! Your site looks very helpful!

    1. Hi Joy! You absolutely do not have to use shakes for weight loss results on the Fix. Beachbody would like you to think you do because they make a lot of money on it :)

      And YES!! You get multiples of each container–no way could I do one a day! Have you calculated your bracket yet? Feel free to email me at if you need help :)

  6. You mentioned making sure you use the correct measurements, however, in several places you didn’t use measurements. i.e. How much cheese is 1 serving? There are a couple of these. And your privacy check box is not labeled as such, nor as necessary.

    1. This is a 21 Day Fix meal plan, so it goes by the 21 Day Fix container measurements.

      And there is only one checkbox to click when submitting a comment–that is the privacy one. And actually, it IS necessary.

  7. Heather Buchman says:

    Hi! Thank you for all of this! I appreciate your work into this! I do have question though…I’ve noticed a discrepancy on green containers and teaspoons for meal plan 1200-1499 calorie bracket. Yours matches the guide online (4 greens and 3 teaspoons) however the beachbodyondemand website has recipes and meal plans that only allow 3 greens and 2 teaspoons…do you know if there was an update with the portions for this bracket?! I don’t know which one to follow!

    1. Hi Heather! Yes, Beachbody recently released new container counts for Plan A, they’re just behind in updating it on their site. You can follow either the new or the old counts, as long as you do the same thing every day.

  8. I’ve been doing the 21DF container plan on and off for several years… and I keep failing because I can’t seem to find a simple enough plan for me- and this is perfect. I love all the foods, they are basic, common and easy. THANK YOU.

    HOWEVER.. in addition to the containers, I also track my food on sparkpeople. The fat content in plan A above is consistently high in overall fat intake. The recommended ratios are 50% carb, 25% fat and 25% protein, which is also consistent with the containers when done correctly. This plan is over 40% fat at the end of the day. For example, the Thursday plan includes eggs, butter, peanuts, peanut butter, cheese and ground beef all in one day, which puts it way over. Each protein source individually is fine, but when combined all on the same day, it’s too much fat.

    1. The Fix follows a range of calories for each bracket–when I calculate meal plans, I do so by the book–not by calories. :)

      1. I’m talking overall fat intake, not calories. And I cross reference the 21DF plan (the booklet) with the sparkpeople macro tally just as a backup. 40-45% daily fat intake just too much. I’ve still been following your plan because I like how easy it is… I’ve just been subbing lower fat protein sources (egg whites, 2% cottage cheese, nonfat greek yogurt, etc) for some of the the red containers on days when there are higher fat items in other containers.

      2. That’s a great idea, Kelly! I’m glad it’s working for you to do that–you’re found your groove!

  9. How do you know which bracket is best? What to do I need to do to figure out which one I need to do?

  10. Jeanne Warrick says:

    I’m getting ready to join the group yay!!! I’ll be getting my containers in a couple of days I know I’ll be in bracket c I already did the research i do have a question when you start losing when do you change your bracket thank you

    1. Yes, but only after a round :) After each round, you’ll want to recalculate your bracket–don’t switch brackets in the middle of a round.

  11. Hello Becca,

    I am pregnant and looking for healthier options for eating where I’m getting all the nutrients I need while not overeating “empty” foods. I was trying to figure out what bracket I’m in and wanted to know if I should go off of my pre-pregnancy weight and just add the additional 300-500 calories a day that my doctor recommended, if I should go off my current weight and add the extra calories, or if I should go off my current weight and not add any extra calories. I can’t wait until 21 Day Fix and Beach Body get more prenatal information out there for mamas trying to make the most out of what they eat for mom and baby, but until then, I’m kind of in a clutch! I’m just starting my 3rd trimester and have been doing the prenatal barre workouts on BOD as well as gentle yoga on my rest days. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Kelsey! Since you’re focusing more on getting proper nutrients, I wouldn’t stress too much and personally I’d use your current weight plus the extra 300-500 calories that your dr recommended. Keep a close eye on your weight gain/loss and report back to your doctor with any concerns at all.

      And congratulations!

  12. While I love all of the different options you’ve linked to, I found that over half of the links under Bracket B don’t go anywhere or say “denied access” so that’s not so helpful.

    1. Thank you for telling me! We are always updating links, so I’ll add this post to my list and do it next :)

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