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Welcome to My Crazy Good Life!

I’m Becca Ludlum – a recipe creator, self-confessed healthy food snob, and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach.

I love creating healthy recipes. The recipes you see here aren’t just ones that I’ve created – they’re recipes that I cook for my family and friends in my kitchen.

As a busy mom, I learned quickly how to combine healthy foods with different aspects of meal prep in order to cook for my family every night. Meal prep doesn’t mean that you prep all of your meals for the week on Saturday – it means that you find the level of prep that works for you and run with it.

Maybe you just need snacks prepped. Or breakfasts. Maybe you do best when you wash and prep the veggies you’ll need for the week – or just the next few days. There isn’t one way to meal prep, and I think it’s important to know that whatever amount of prep works for you is the perfect amount.

Healthy Kung Pao Chicken in glass meal prep container

Why Read My Crazy Good Life?

Over the years, my website has evolved from a small family blog meant to keep both sets of grandparents up to date on grandkids to writing about parenting and technology, then blog mentoring and speaking, and now to my favorite place yet–sharing my love of healthy recipes, nutrition, and helping my readers find which meal prep methods work best for them.

I’ve been in the digital space since 2012 when I created my first blog, Our Crazy Boys, where I wrote about parenting and technology. It was a way to share what I was learning about raising my kids to be responsible and kind humans as well as write about one of my favorite topics–mobile technology. The local Tucson newspaper Arizona Daily Star featured my family and I in an article, and after that several larger brands (GMC and Disney are two) took note of my site and my blog began growing.

I’ve written articles for several print magazines including iPhone Life and Android Life, Family Fun, and iBlog magazines between 2013-2019.

Soon after my boys became teenagers, I left my job as a Speech Therapist (B.S., M.E.) and started focusing more on my blog and managing partnerships with brands.

Previously, I’ve written for the technology website iPhoneLife.com (2013-2017) and spoken at various blogging conferences such as Flock, Type A, and SoFab On the Road (2015-2018). I’ve also mentored bloggers about how to create their websites and begin blogging as well as how to create a presence on Pinterest and other social media.

becca ludlum speaking at a blogging conference in 2017.

As my site grew and focus changed from parenting to lifestyle, I realized that the name Our Crazy Boys wasn’t cutting it anymore. The website got a facelift and became My Crazy Good Life – an all-encompassing site where I could write about everything important to me – health, wellness, family life, and food.

I’ve written and published two print books. My self-published book about blogging, Everything But the Posts, was published in 2014 with a front cover blurb written by bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker Jon Acuff. My cookbook Meal Prep in an Instant, is an official Instant Pot book and was published in 2020 by Penguin Random House. It walks you through two important aspects of my personal at home kitchen–how to meal prep and how to use an Instant Pot.

Becca's wearing an olive green dress with a denim jacket and leaning on a white counter. Platter of veggies on the right side of the pic, with an Instant Pot and her book Meal Prep in an Instant on the left side of the pic. Microwave behind her along with white cabinets and subway tile backsplash.

My recipes and other articles about me have been featured by Well + Good, The Daily Mail, Buzzfeed, Drizly, Brit+Co, Tasty, Disney Food Blog, Huff Post, Yahoo, Cosmopolitan, and Parade.

I’ve been interviewed on several podcasts over the years: Tips to Grow Your Blog by JenningsWire, Healthier Family Meals by Pulling Curls, and Realistic Habits Podcast with Randa Derkson.

Currently, I’m mentoring readers about nutrition and weight loss, and creating recipes with minimally processed ingredients that fit within almost any healthy eating plan–we even include Weight Watchers*, 21 Day Fix, and 2B Mindset counts in each recipe!

I’ve found that keeping up with my Precision Nutrition Coaching Certification helps me create more balanced and healthy recipes without having to rely on fat free ingredients or those with artificial sweeteners. To me, healthy means a good balance of vegetables, carbohydrates, and fat. I believe in whole grains, minimally processed ingredients for recipes, and no artificial sweeteners. These are the values you’ll see represented in my recipes.

I’ve been researching and experimenting with plant-based eating since 2020, as I’ve found that reducing my intake of inflammatory foods is instrumental in keeping my Chronic Migraines at bay. You’ll notice that in the last three years, there are many more meat and egg free recipes being published.

There are several main areas of My Crazy Good Life that you might be interested in:

Becca's wearing an olive green dress with a denim jacket and leaning on a white counter holding a light coffee cup. Platter of veggies on the right side of the pic, with a spice rack, Instant Pot, and microwave behind her along with white cabinets and subway tile backsplash.

You can read the privacy policy for My Crazy Good Life here.

I hope you enjoy browsing these healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas, and make My Crazy Good Life a part of your cooking experience.

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