Nutrition and Diet Information

Nutrition and diet information for recipes on My Crazy Good Life is calculated as a courtesy for the community.

Special Diets

The team at My Crazy Good Life has been familiar with the special diets on this website since 2012. We pride ourselves on studying plan changes, interpreting guidelines, and providing healthy recipes that fall within “diet” boundaries.

We rarely add salt to our recipes. There are so many different preferences for this that we decided whether it’s because of your taste buds or medical guidelines, you can add salt yourself after the recipe is cooked. There are a few cases where there is a reason to add salt that adds value to the actual food in the recipe, and for those recipes we have added salt.

Weight Watchers points information is calculated using and information for Beachbody programs is calculated using the most recent versions of the food lists for each plan.

Crazy Good Media pays for subscriptions to each of these programs.

Trim Healthy Mama diet information is calculated using the most recent information available via program books and manuals.

Weight Watchers, Trim Healthy Mama, and Beachbody update their programs often. While the team at Crazy Good Media/My Crazy Good Life is always working to keep diet information as up to date as possible, sometimes updates from the programs are missed or not updated on the website as quickly as we’d like.

The nutritional information provided by My Crazy Good Life is based on the ingredients that the recipe is tested with. Using different ingredients can change the point count for Weight Watchers, for example. The diet information given is as exact as we can get without being in your kitchen with you.

Serving size is estimated and the exact serving size of any recipe is most accurate when you divide your finished recipe by the number of servings.

Nutrition Information

Nutrition information is calculated using Spoonacular.

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