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On the 21 Day Fix, meal planning is key to success. Trying to eat no more and no less of your containers every day is not something that happens randomly–you have to plan for it. I’ve made this 21 Day Fix meal plan template to help.

Making a meal plan is time consuming, I get it. But think of it like a monetary budget–how will you know how much you can spend every day without planning?

One of the most difficult things on the Fix is budgeting your containers, and this template helps you with just that.

Nobody wants to arrive home after a long day, start pulling out food for dinner, and realize that they only have 1 purple and 1 green left for your meal. You won’t be satisfied or full, and you’re 100% more likely to stray away from your healthy eating and weight loss eating plan if this happens.

meal plan spreadsheet on a laptop

I’ve created this 21 Day Fix meal plan spreadsheet to help you with your meal planning! It self-calculates, which is so helpful.

As you add your container counts, the spreadsheet automatically updates and shows you how many containers you have left for the day.

There are also links right in the spreadsheet for 21 Day Fix recipes with container counts to help you plan for all of your containers!

Many people start the Fix but struggle to finish it. I truly feel that meal planning is why. Meal planning makes you less likely to quit the Fix.

How to use this meal planner spreadsheet:

There are two versions of this spreadsheet–one with all of the brackets, A-F, for one week each. This also includes a tab for easily finding delicious recipes with container counts as well as a grocery list tab.

The second is a three week version (enough for one full round) with the same grocery list and recipe page.

  1. The first thing you want to do is make a copy. The editing settings are closed on the spreadsheet, so head to File > Make a Copy.
how to make a copy of the spreadsheet

2. For each bracket, you’ll see the number of containers for each color up top. If you click around a little, you’ll find some fun surprises.

image of how to use the spreadsheet

3. This free 21 Day Fix meal plan template can be downloaded in Excel or used right in Google Docs, a free online program that is available for anyone who has a Google account.

You can use it online (it saves automatically) or you can download it to your desktop. It’s easy to print (you might have to adjust your printer settings to print the entire spreadsheet on one page), but I have to say that the self-calculating feature is my favorite.

4. Enter your meals and links if you have them. For example, if you add brown rice you’d mark off one yellow container. For greek yogurt, mark off a red. Peanut butter/nut butter? That’s a teaspoon. The remaining containers line will automatically update for you.

Remember: Once you gain access to the spreadsheet, tap File > Make a Copy. If you request to edit the spreadsheet, I will deny. This is because when you edit the template, it will edit the spreadsheet for all users.

File > Make a Copy

To gain access to the spreadsheet:


Download the 21 Day Fix self calculating spreadsheet from our Printable Library! 

Featured Image
meal plan spreadsheet on a laptop

This spreadsheet has:

  1. Six plan sheets–one for each bracket of the Fix.
  2. Calorie levels written on each sheet for your reference.
  3. Links to delicious recipes with ingredients straight off the food list. Clean eating at its best!
  4. Color coded columns for each container, along with links to recipes with at least one full serving of that container in case you need some ideas.

21 Day Fix Tips

These tips will help you with your 21 Day Fix meal planning. Some are videos and some are articles, but all with help you stay on track with the Fix, lose weight, and stay within your daily calorie target (and container target!).

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    i tried to download the sheet – but for some reason it is not working
    i am one your newletter email list already

      1. Brooke McAllister says:

        It wont let me open it as well? It says it needs a password?

      2. Hi Brook, your email will have the URL for the free printables as well as a password. It’s all in the first sentence or two :)

  2. I’ve tried to download the spreadsheet and isn’t working. I did use a different email address, could that be why?

    thank you,

    1. Hey Rhonda! Did you check your spam? Or are you already an email subscriber? It should go to any email address, but might get stuck in spam :) It’ll come from

  3. Maria Eason says:

    Hi Becca, I did find information that you have sent to me but there is still an issue with downloading printables.

  4. I’m having trouble downloading the spreadsheet. When I click make a copy the spreadsheet goes away and all there is is instructions. I’m confused.

    1. There are tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet – I bet it’s defaulting to the very first tab, which is the instructions :)

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