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The 21 Day Fix eating plan, like any diet, works best when you have a solid meal plan in place that includes a prep day. When you follow a meal plan with your healthy lifestyle you are more likely to follow through.

When exercising regularly and providing your body with excellent nutrition, you will be sure to see results that will last! 21 Day Fix meal prep does not have to be lengthy or exhausting. You can use these tips and tricks to set up a 21 Day Fix Eating Plan that can be prepped in just 2 hours!

picture of Instant Pot and 21 Day Fix containers

Do you meal prep all of your meals for the week?

Nope, it’s too much for me and to be honest I enjoy cooking dinner at night. I prep my snacks and lunches for the week because my downfall is snacks–if I have quick protein snacks available, I’ll eat those instead of chips. For me, it’s instant weight loss.

Imagine how nice it will be to have meals for the week prepped in just 2 hours! Use these quick recipes and meal plans to get yourself set up for a stress free week of healthy meals.

The 21 Day Fix eating plan will help you meet all of your health and fitness goals. With just a bit of prep work you can set up a 21 Day Fix eating plan that works for you or your entire family.

21 Day Fix Eating Plan 2 Hour Meal Prep:

1. Gather your veggies and wash them. While the foods are cooking in my Instant Pot, I cut celery, carrots, and cucumbers for snacking during the week. I also cut veggies for roasting. I use whatever is in season, on sale, or sounds good–you can definitely be flexible for these.

I love cutting some carrots and celery into bite sized pieces that I can snack on while at my computer working.

bite sized vegetables for meal prep

2. Copycat Starbucks Egg White Bites Recipe  While this recipe is in the Instant Pot, I cut my veggies mentioned in step 1. I swap out the Egg Bite “toppings” every week for some variety and use them for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. I also swap these Egg White Bites with traditional healthy copycat Egg Bites, Red Pepper Egg Bites, and Dairy Free Egg Bites.

3. Hard boiled eggs in the instant Pot. Usually I’m still cutting veggies for snacking and roasting (or air frying!), and I use these hard boiled eggs for snacks and my bento box lunches.

4. Chicken Dip for Snacking. I rotate between Buffalo Chicken Dip and Crack Chicken Dip–both healthy and both delicious as a snack with veggies. And both healthy dips are easy to freeze and defrost in the microwave!

I love shredding this chicken in my food processor so it’s super easy to scoop out with sliced cucumbers, carrots, and celery. Both dips are delicious with mini bell peppers too!

5. Fruit is so easy to grab that I don’t prep this, unless I get berries. I soak them in a 1/2C of vinegar and a ton of water–a big bowl full. It kills the bacteria so they last longer. I use these Rubbermaid FreshWorks containers to keep my veggies and fruit fresh for longer.

There you go! Two hours and you’re done with your lunch and snack meal prep for the week! Like I said, I like to cook dinner in the afternoons, so I don’t prep them.

meal prep lunch of steak and roasted vegetables

Got more time? You’ll definitely use these 21 Day Fix staples from other 21 Day Fix Bloggers:

Dinner Recipes for a 21 Day Fix Eating Plan:

There is no shortage of great 21 Day Fix recipes hanging around on the internet. If you are looking for recipes for each specific container you can check out all the ones I’ve complied by clicking below.

21 Day Fix Red Container Recipes
21 Day Fix Blue Container Recipes
21 Day Fix Green Container Recipes
21 Day Fix Yellow Container Recipes
21 Day Fix Purple Container Recipes
21 Day Fix Orange Container Recipes

Another great resource for getting all of your meals prepped within 2 hours is by using some of these 21 Day Fix Instant Pot recipes (I’ve made sure they all have container counts!). Here are some more 21 Day Fix Meal Prep recipes for basics/staples as well as meals (with container counts) that are quick and easy to prepare.

Meal Plans for the 21 Day Fix:

If you’re looking for ready made meal plans, here are some that I’ve gathered together that are divided up by calorie bracket:

21 Day Fix Meal Plans for 1200-1499 Calorie Range (also called Plan A)
21 Day Fix Meal Plans for the 1500-1799 Calorie Range (also called plan B)
21 Day Fix Meal Plans for the 1800-2099 Calorie Range (also called Plan C)
21 Day Fix Meal Plans for the 2100-2300 Calorie Range (also called plan D)

Need more 21 Day Fix eating plan ideas? Shakeology or other protein shakes are a great way to easily get in a container or two, especially if you’re on one of the plans that requires eating a bit more food, like Plan C and Plan D.

I love using chocolate Shakeology or protein powder to make a shake when I’m craving sweets. I’ve found that it really helps with my cravings! If you’d rather have vanilla Shakeology  or protein shakes, they’re delicious with a banana to make them creamy.

21 day fix containers, fresh veggies, and an Instant Pot

Do you have to use Shakeology on the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan?

You don’t need Shakeology or any other protein or meal replacement shake on the 21 Day Fix! Some people love drinking protein shakes and prefer to use them for lunch or snacks, and that is great. But if you’re not into shakes, you don’t need to use them.

21 Day Fix Meal Prep Supplies:

Here are some things I like to have on hand to help make 21 Day Fix meal prep easy quick. You can keep most of these things on hand so that each week you have all of the supplies necessary to make your 21 Day Fix eating plan preparation a simple and easy process.

21 Day Fix meal plan containers
Ziplock bags
Meal prep containers
Jar labels (rinse off with water)
Instant Pot

If you’re looking for Instant Pot accessories or any products that you see in my videos, head over to my Amazon shop to browse and find what you need!

21 day fix containers and yellow plate


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