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These 21 Day Fix Instant Pot recipes will make your life so much easier. When it comes to meals in our home it can be stressful to get something that is healthy, delicious, quick, easy, flavorful, suits everyone’s varying tastes, AND doesn’t cost a fortune to prepare.

The 21 Day Fix program is pretty easy. One of the best ways to make it even easier is with a few meal plans and a bunch of Instant Pot recipes. If you have not yet jumped on board the Instant Pot bandwagon I highly suggest you look into it.

The Instant Pot like the best of both worlds, combo pressure cooker and slow cooker. Everything comes out quickly but with tons of flavor and moisture!

That’s a lot of boxes to check off with one meal!

Looking for all of my Instant Pot recipes in one easy to print place? You can buy them here. If you’re looking specifically for 21 Day Fix Instant Pot recipes, I have those available too

These 21 day fix instant pot recipes will help make your meal planning easier than ever! Quick, delicious, easy meals that are great for the whole family. #instantpot #pressurecooker #IPcooking #pressurecooking #21dayfix #beachbody

Instead of driving myself totally insane trying to prepare something that will work for everyone I try and use a meal plan and plot everything out ahead of time.

Using the Instant Pot to make 21 Day Fix recipes makes an easy system even more simple. It’s almost too easy, you might not even know you’re doing something amazing for yourself and your family!

If you’re short on time, set the Instant Pot to the slow cooker setting and let it cook all day–that’s ok too!

21 Day Fix Instant Pot Recipes:

21 Day Fix Crack Chicken

Chicken with Bruschetta Topping | Carrie Elle

21 Day Fix Instant Pot Orange Chicken

Instant Pot Lasagna 

Sweet Potato Chili

Desert Chica – Instant Pot Beef Stew (1 C serving = 1G, 1R, 1Y, 1 teaspoon)

Buffalo Chicken Bites

Chicken Burrito Bowl (great for meal prep!)

Beef Pho

Beef Gyros

Paleo MG – Enchilada Chicken Stew  (1C = 1R, 1G, 1 teaspoon)

Today in Dietzville – Chicken Tikka Masala (1C = 1R, 1/2 G, 1/2B, 1 teaspoon)

Add A Pinch – Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes (1/2 C = 1 yellow container)

Easy Instant Pot Swedish Meatballs

Apron Strings Blog – Chuck Roast Chili (look at the bottom for IP conversion) 1C = 1R, 1G)

Health Starts in the Kitchen – Pressure Cooker Roast (1C = 1R, 1G, 1 teaspoon)

Whole 9 Life – Pressure Cooker Cacciatore (1C = 1G, 1R)

Foraged Dish – Creamy Fennel & Cauliflower Soup (1C = 2G, 1R)

Instant Pot Goulash 

The Mama Maven – Butternut Squash and Apple Soup  (1C = 1/2P, 1G, 1R is using chicken broth)

Looking for more Instant Pot recipes?

These 21 day fix instant pot recipes will help make your meal planning easier than ever! Quick, delicious, easy meals that are great for the whole family. #instantpot #pressurecooker #IPcooking #pressurecooking #21dayfix #beachbody



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  1. Cathy Pelletier says:

    My IP arrived last night, need healthy foods, watching calories & fat grams. Thx

    1. I feel the same way, Cathy! I’ve heard that you keep more nutrients and flavor using the Instant Pot, too!

  2. Hey Becca, thanks for compiling this useful information. My Instant Pot just arrived and I was looking for something like this.

  3. I such a huge fan and advocate for the 21 Day Fix meal plan! Thank you so much for this. I will definitely be sharing!

  4. LaBrunia BAUMGARDNER says:

    Thank you as bunch, I got a pot and did not have clue what to do . We had a. Good bit of time to even realize that manual sets whatever time you want. I still don’t know what to do with other buttons.

    Appreciate that you make plain how to use. Mine does not have yogurt maker. Would love to see demo on that. Just curious.

    Thanks for gor recipes.

    1. Hey there! Joining the Instant Pot Community of fb is a great way to see what your pot can do and they can help you use it with different settings–it’s such a great group! Unfortunately, you won’t find anything about making yogurt here–I don’t like yogurt! ;)

  5. Hi Becca,

    I was searching on this blog for the instant pot recipes and yet again I found a lovely recipes list. Just loved to see how much we can do with a small amazing device. Thanks for sharing!

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