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Sometimes the only meal you can make is one with ingredients from the pantry or freezer. With that in mind, I’ve pulled together a list of recipes that you can make with freezer and pantry staples.

If these Instant Pot pantry and freezer meals can easily be made without some ingredients, or using canned ingredients, I’ve noted that below. If you’re missing an ingredient for a recipe, check out to see if there is an easy ingredient substitute available.

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Instant Pot meals that don’t require fresh produce

These meals don’t require fresh fruit and vegetables, and if they do I feel confident that you can make the recipe without them.

Of course removing an ingredient from a recipe alters the taste slightly. If you have any questions about adapting these recipes, leave a comment below and I’ll help you.

The recipes below are ones that I’ve chosen because the meal is still a filling and nutritious one without requiring fresh ingredients. They’re perfect when you’re in a pinch.

Most of these recipes also have stovetop/oven directions. I’ve also got ideas for 40 meals you can make without an Instant Pot.

steel cut oatmeal with blueberries on a spoon

Instant Pot Breakfasts:

In a pinch, use sweetened almond milk instead of unsweetened, another whole grain rice (black instead of brown, for example), or an egg replacement. For the baked oatmeal recipe, there are directions in the recipe for making a batch that serves 6-8 people.

Healthy Rice Pudding Recipe with Brown Rice
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This Healthy Rice Pudding uses almond milk and cinnamon for a hearty and satisfying taste. Make it in a crockpot, the Instant Pot, or on the stove for a delicious and easy breakfast recipe. Easy Brown Rice Pudding | Instant Pot Rice Pudding | Crockpot Brown Rice Pudding | 21 Day Fix Brown Rice Pudding | Easy Brown Rice Pudding | Instapot Brown Rice Pudding #21dayfix #instantpot #pudding
How to Make Steel Cut Oats
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plain cooked steel cut oats in a white bowl
Instant Pot Baked Oatmeal | Apple Cinnamon Option
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three mason jars of baked apple oatmeal
buffalo chicken in the instant pot

Instant Pot Lunches and Dinners:

For the recipes below, leave out the onions or use frozen diced onions. Leave out frozen vegetables or replace them with whatever frozen vegetables you have on hand.

Healthy Macaroni and Cheese with Greek Yogurt
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close up of mac and cheese with breadcrumbs in white bowl
Instant Pot Mississippi Pot Roast
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mississippi pot roast with pepperoncinis on a white plate
Spaghetti Squash Taco Bowls
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spaghetti squash taco boats on a white plate
Quinoa Tacos | Vegan Tacos Recipe
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These Quinoa Tacos are the perfect vegan taco recipe! Make these in the Instant Pot, Slow Cooker, or on the Stove. Whether you're looking for a meatless Monday recipe or just a vegetarian taco recipe, these are a great family friendly meal. Quinoa and black beans make for a filling taco recipe! #21DayFix #Vegan #Vegetarian #InstantPot #SlowCooker
Pork Carnitas: Instant Pot and Crock Pot
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Crock Pot Pork Carnitas Recipe
Healthy Slow Cooker Tuna Casserole
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close up of healthy slow cooker tuna casserole
The Best Instant Pot Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
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This Instant Pot Spaghetti is a healthier version of your favorite meal! Whole wheat noodles and low sugar sauce make it a great 21 Day Fix spaghetti recipe, too!

Instant Pot Desserts:

These are easy treats that use only the ingredients in your pantry and refrigerator. You can use sweetened almond or coconut milk in a pinch, or even water.

Instant Pot Peanut Butter Lava Cake
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open peanut butter lava cake with peanut butter melting out
Healthy Instant Pot Lava Cake
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small chocolate cake on a plate with blue towel in background
homemade bagels in the instant pot

Instant Pot Pantry Staple Recipes:

These are my “most made recipes!” I make them in the pressure cooker and then freeze them for later. They freeze and reheat well.

How to Cook Brown Rice in the Instant Pot
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close up of brown rice in a blue bowl with spoon
Brown Rice and Quinoa Recipe
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top down image of clear bowl with quinoa and brown rice
close up of beef stroganoff

You can omit the yogurt in these recipes they’re still delicious:

For these recipes, you can leave the yogurt out if you don’t have it or want to save it for snacks. Can use canned green chiles and jalapeños when fresh is called for, and use frozen peppers and onions or completely omit them from the recipe.

Healthy White Chicken Chili
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black and white striped napkin with black bowl on top filled with white chicken chili and topped with avocado and cilantro.
Healthy Tuscan Chicken Pasta Recipe
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close up of bite of tuscan chicken on fork
Instant Pot Turkey Swedish Meatballs
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close up of turkey swedish meatballs over rice
Healthy Beef Stroganoff Recipe
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This healthy Beef Stroganoff recipe is one that the entire family will love! This is a hearty Instant Pot dinner that has been lightened up so you can even enjoy it on the 21 Day Fix. Easy Beef Stroganoff | Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff | Crockpot Beef Stroganoff | 21 Day Fix Beef Stroganoff | healthy dinner recipes | healthy instant pot recipes
Healthy Crack Chicken Casserole with Rice
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close up of cooked crack chicken casserole with rice in a white bowl with green herbs on top. Bowl is set on a wood charger. white countertop in the background and there is a blue and white striped napkin to the left of the bowl.
Healthy Chicken Philly Cheesesteak Pasta
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cheesesteak pasta in a clear bowl on a red and white napkin
Homemade Hamburger Helper Recipe
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hamburger helper on fork in white bowl

If you have Greek yogurt, Cottage Cheese, or Ricotta:

These recipes use creamy ingredients as their base. You can swap these three ingredients if you have one and not the others.

  • If you’re using cottage cheese or ricotta, blend the chunks out of them first so they make your recipe creamy and not chunky.
  • If you are using Greek yogurt, mix with blended ricotta or cottage cheese when you can. This ensures there is no “tang” in your meal.
  • You may also substitute with sour cream or cream cheese, but I have not tested with these ingredients.
Cajun Chicken Alfredo | Healthy Alfredo Sauce Recipe
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Healthy Cajun Chicken Alfredo
Healthy Crack Chicken Recipe
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These 21 Day Fix Instant Pot Meal Prep recipes are delicious and easy to freeze! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes included, and all have container counts and serving sizes listed right in the post. Beachbody Recipes | Instant Pot 21 Day Fix | Meal Prep Instant Pot
Healthy Dill Pickle Chicken Salad
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image of dill pickle chicken dip in a clear glass bowl with colorful dipping veggies
Healthy Spinach Artichoke Dip
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close up of spinach artichoke dip

If you have frozen vegetables:

I love stocking up on frozen vegetables to use in a pinch. These are filling and healthy recipes that you can use your frozen vegetables in.

Instant Pot Vegan Minestrone Soup
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cooked minestrone soup in white bowl with crusty bread and napkin on counter
Instant Pot Brown Rice Risotto with Mushrooms
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white plate with chicken mushroom risotto
Healthy Cauliflower Fried Rice
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black bowl of Healthy Cauliflower Fried Rice with instant pot in background
Low Carb Shepherd's Pie Bites
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Shepherd’s Pie Bites
Healthy Chicken Pot Pie Soup
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This healthy and easy Chicken Pot Pie soup is easy to whip up in your Instant Pot, slow cooker, or on the stove! This pressure cooker or crockpot soup is the easiest chicken pot pie recipe you'll make! 21 Day Fix Soup | 21 Day Fix Chicken Pot Pie | 2B Mindset Lunch Recipe #21dayfix #healthy #2bmindset
Instant Pot Cauliflower Rice and Chicken
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white counter with white bowl filled with cauliflower rice, shredded chicken thighs, and fresh vegetables

Bonus recipes from my favorite bloggers

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