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Just like my obsession with the Instant Pot, what makes it great is all the accessories. Let’s take a look at the amazing Ninja Foodi accessories available and what they can do to make life easier in the kitchen. This is one handy kitchen appliance and the Ninja Foodi accessories only make it that much more versatile. 

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Ninja Foodi Accessories

The very first thing you are going to need is a Ninja Foodi Air Fryer and Pressure Cooker machine. They’re amazing, you need one right now…and as soon as you have it in your hands you’ll need some great air fryer recipes and pressure cooker recipes

Now that you are started off on the right foot, let’s dive into some of the best Ninja Foodi accessories and how you can use them to pressure cook and air fry to your hearts content! 

Silicone Steam Rack/Trivet

silicone steam rack trivet with two egg molds stacked on top.

A trivet is going to be your best friend when pressure cooking or baking with the Ninja Foodi. It’s one of those Ninja Foodi accessories that works for everything from a whole chicken to lasagna!

I use this silicone steam rack and trivet when pressure cooking all the the time. It’s amazing and people always ask where it came from…now you know! 

Use it in these amazing electric pressure cooker recipes: 

Teriyaki Meatballs

Dairy Free Egg Bites

Steamer Basket

A quality steamer basket is a must have for cooking in the Ninja Foodi. There’s nothing like quick steamed veggies! On the Beachbody programs I eat a lot of fresh or lightly steamed vegetables so my Ninja Foodi steamer basket is at the top of my list for accessories. 

You can see this awesome steamer basket in action in these tasty recipes: 

Spanish Rice with Chicken

Copycat Starbucks Egg Bites

Silicone Egg Molds

silicone egg molds being filled with egg bite mixture.

These are pretty much my favorite Ninja Foodi accessory purchase ever. They work so well for baking, electric pressure cooking, and more. They’re so handy and you’ll see below that they can be used in so many amazing recipes. You can do more than just make egg bites in these handy little molds! 

Check out how many ways you can use these silicone egg molds as a Ninja Foodi accessories winner: 

Starbucks Egg Bites

Starbucks Egg White Bites

Starbucks Red Pepper Egg White bites

Dairy Free Starbucks Egg Bites

Lasagna Stacks

Teriyaki Meatballs

Mini Meatloaves

Peanut Butter Lava Cakes


Silicone Trivet silicone trivet in red.

Everyone sees this trivet in my cooking videos and they ask where it came from. I got mine from Amazon which is linked above but they do sell these in Target now as well, right near the small appliances section.

When it comes to cooking in the Ninja Foodi and any other electric pressure cooker you will definitely want a trivet. There is one that comes with the appliance, but I find that this one is easier to clean. Trivets also help keep foods off the bottom so they don’t burn.

Like I mentioned above, I think you’ll notice that this silicone trivet is an awesome addition to your Ninja Foodi accessories list when it comes time to clean it as well. The metal trivets can be so irritating to get clean. This one comes out looking great after every cycle in the dishwasher. 

Casserole Dish | Soufflé Dish

casserole soufflé dish with fajita breakfast casserole inside.

I make this Fajita Breakfast Casserole a lot…it’s one of our favorite breakfast recipes! Pot in pot cooking is possible in the Ninja Foodi but you need the right accessories to accomplish that goal.

Check out out how easy it is to cook PIP with this casserole dish. It fits great in either version of the Ninja Foodi, the 6.5 quart or the 8 quart! 

Silicone Tea Cups | Cupcake Molds

pink silicone tea cups with cupcakes baked inside of them with chocolate frosting.

I made some adorable cupcakes in these silicone tea cup cupcake molds and I was hooked. They look cute but they’re also awesome for perfectly portioning out servings. 

You don’t have to be a little kid to appreciate these awesome cupcake molds for baking in the Ninja Foodi.

Here’s a great recipe for pressure cooking cupcakes:

Instant Pot Cupcakes

Fun fact: you can use the Foodi in place of the Instant Pot for pressure cooking! An electric pressure cooker is what they both are :) 

Stackable Steaming/Cooking Pan

stackable steaming cooking pans for the Ninja Foodi.

If I was starting from scratch building my Ninja Foodi accessories collection this would be at the top of my list. Once I started cooking with these stackable steaming pans I was hooked. Now I cook all kinds of great recipes in them! 

Check out all these amazing recipes you can make using just one little Ninja Foodi accessory: 

BBQ Meatloaf Bombs

Instant Pot Lasagna

Instant Pot Cheesecake | Healthier Cheesecake Recipe

Gifting Tip: if you have someone on your list that doesn’t like their food to touch this would be a real winner for them! It’s amazing and makes cooking multiple things in the Ninja Foodi at once a breeze. 

Stainless Steel Steamer Basket | 6 Qt, or 8 Qt

a stainless steel steamer basket.


This is an awesome stainless steel steamer basket that is as multifaceted as the Ninja Foodi itself. You’ll find this great accessory useful in cooking everything from eggs to veggies and more.

Don’t worry, I’ll link some recipes for you to try if you decided to buy one! It’s sturdy and holds up well and it fits right into the 6.5 or 8 quart Ninja Foodi. 

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

Cooking Vegetables in the Instant Pot

Egg Rack

metal egg rack with eggs in it.

As far as Ninja Foodi accessories are concerned I wouldn’t feel like the list was complete without an egg rack. When you are making hard boiled eggs in the pressure cooker you won’t want to miss out on an egg rack. They come out perfect every time and they’re not all jumbled up or cracked. It’s awesome to cook eggs in the Ninja Foodi and you can following my simple instructions for hard boiled eggs to make a batch for yourself. 

Then, do yourself a favor and turn some of them into herbed deviled eggs because they’re amazingly delicious. 

Springform Pan

springform pan with lasagna baked inside.

I use a 7″ springform pan to make everything from brownies to lasagna in the Ninja Foodi. It’s one of those Ninja Foodi accessories that I just couldn’t live without! As I’m typing this my lasagna is cooking in the Ninja Foodie inside of a springform pan!

In the Instant Pot I’d have to take my springform pan out of the IP and put it into the oven. Now with the Foodi I can pressure cook my lasagna and then brown it right in the same device. It’s incredible and the springform pan makes recipes like these so easy and simple: 

Healthy Lasagna

Healthy Cheesecake

Healthy Brownie Recipe

Silicone Gloves

silicone gloves for protecting hands from hot temperatures.


Silicone gloves are probably one of the Ninja Foodi accessories we use the most. They’re handy for lifting hot dishes out of the Foodi when they’re done cooking and they are also great for use around the kitchen in general. Protects the hands and your arms from steam, heat, and everything in between! 


I have a set of 4 oz ramekins that I use for making a few really delicious recipes. They’re great for use in the kitchen in general but as a Ninja Foodi accessory they are perfect for making lava cakes, frittatas, and more! 

Check them out in action in these delicious recipes: 

Lava Cakes

Mini Frittatas

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  1. Gina OMarrow says:

    I just entered to win a Ninja Foodi. I would love to own one. It would be awesome for cooking in the summertime to beat the heat!🥵 All of your recipes look so yummy. 😋
    Thank you ❤️ & good luck to everyone 🍀

  2. Where do you buy these?

    1. All of the products are linked to Amazon :) Just click them!

  3. I’m trying to find the grill to cook my steaks and hamburgs . I can’t find it to buy it. I love this website because it shows allot of things I wanted to do. Thank you

  4. I’m brand new to the Ninja Foodi world (I’ve literally just unboxed it!). I’m glad to see you can use some regular things (silicone, spring form pans). I’d like to make the lasagna but the link takes it to the Instapot recipe. Do you have suggestions for how to cook it totally in the NF?

    Thanks…and now back to exploring your website for more tips :-)

    1. Hi Jean! The directions are the exact same for the NF, the bonus is that you can brown the top with the air fryer option in the NF when it’s done pressure cooking!

      To use the pressure cook setting, turn the NF on and then press Pressure. Set the time and then press Start. When it’s done pressure cooking, press Broil and set the temp for 400, then set the time for 5 minutes but I’d stand right there and check it after 30 seconds or so to see how it’s browning.

  5. Deb Munis says:

    Sorry the wording came out wrong on my phone. Is there a way to make air fried donuts with the foodi?

    1. There is! I don’t have a recipe for them but they sound delicious! I’d just Google “air fryer donuts” :)

  6. Alexandra Andrews says:

    I am not happy using the nonstick pans in the NF, I just purchased a Stainless steel inner bowl on Amazon, what do you recommend I use instead of the fry basket that comes with it. I was thinking either the stack able steamer pan above or the steamer basket. Can I use either of those as an air fryer basket in the NF?

    1. Hi there! I use the fry basket that comes with it – if you’d rather I think the steamer basket is good too!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Ok, thank you I will try it.

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