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My Delicious Dinner Recipes eBook is a great resource for any kitchen. Not only are there three ways to cook every recipe–Instant Pot, Crock Pot, and Stovetop/Oven, but each recipe includes Weight Watchers Freestyle Smart Points and 21 Day Fix Container Counts! 

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Delicious Dinner Recipes eBook

If you are looking for a way to make weeknight dinner planning and preparation easier and more efficient you don’t want to miss out on this printable eBook full of delicious dinner recipes. 

You can use the slow cooker, your stove or oven, or the Instant Pot (or any other electric pressure cooker) to make these delicious recipes. Each recipe can be ready in about 30 minutes and your entire family will love these recipes. What could be better than quick and easy dinner recipes?! 

How can I access my eBooks from your store? 

The eBooks can be downloaded and saved to your computer, smart phone, or iPad/tablet. You can access them via your smart device or you can print them out and use them as an actual book. 

For those of you who will be accessing these eBooks from your phone, computer, or tablet you should know that each recipe is linked to the corresponding blog post. That means you can easily click over and view the video for each recipe, check out reviews or comments, and you’ll have instant access to my tips and tricks for each recipe. 

The eBooks are laid out so that you have just one small image of the finished recipe, the ingredients, the instructions, and any applicable dietary information. It’s a simple, boiled down version of the recipe post that you’d find here at My Crazy Good Life!

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What is included in the Delicious Dinner Recipes eBook? 

Here’s a list of recipes included in the Delicious Dinner Recipes eBook:

Why buy eBooks when the dinner recipes are free? 

After seeing all of the recipes linked above you might be wondering what the value is in buying the eBook versus just getting the info for free here at My Crazy Good Life. Let me explain the perks and what readers have told me about their experience with these books.

When many of you started asking for printable versions of the recipes that I was posting I knew I had to find a solution. The best way to do that was to put the recipes together in cookbook style eBooks that you could download and read or print, but that required a bit of reformatting them and then creating a store where I could put them up for sale. 

These 21 Day Fix Instant Pot Meal Prep recipes are delicious and easy to freeze! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes included, and all have container counts and serving sizes listed right in the post. Beachbody Recipes | Instant Pot 21 Day Fix | Meal Prep Instant Pot

I was concerned that people wouldn’t want to pay for recipes they could get for free, so I asked about that. Of course, you all came through and explained why you love the eBook option. When it comes to printing recipes, readers have said time and time again that they like the ad free experience of the eBooks and paying a small fee for that. Other readers said that not having to comb through the site to find recipes that you know you’d enjoy was another benefit. 

The eBooks are created from some of the most popular recipes that readers RAVE about. You can rest easy knowing that the books (and Delicious Dinner Recipes is no exception) are filled with recipes that you and your whole family will love. 

One final perk is being able to access the books from anywhere. You don’t have to carry the physical book with you, you can keep it on your phone, computer or tablet! 

Last but not least: right now, you can buy two eBooks and get the third free with discount code mcglb2g1.

What cooking methods are used in the included recipes? 

These dinner recipes are made using the electric pressure cooker, stove top or oven, and the Crockpot wherever applicable. I know that some days just lend themselves to different cooking methods. 

You can use whatever cooking method you like (or whichever one is clean at the moment) and it will have no impact on the overall quality or success of the recipe. You don’t have to sacrifice or alter the recipes to suit one appliance or the other. 

If you like to meal prep, this feature is especially useful in the eBooks. When one recipe is cooking in the Instant Pot you can have another going in the Crockpot and still more cooking on the stove or in the oven! 

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Do you provide any diet information in the Delicious Dinner Recipes eBook? 

Each recipe in Delicious Dinner Recipes is calculated for both the Weight Watchers Freestyle program and the Beachbody 21 Day Fix program. 

While the recipes may be applicable to other programs these are the two that I have experience with and am able to provide nutritional information for at the moment. 

If you are not on any specific diet program you can rest easy knowing that you are eating food that tastes great but is also healthy and good for you! On 21 Day Fix the focus is on whole foods and eating clean so these recipes are made from less or non-processed ingredients which is a great way to get and stay healthy without making huge sacrifices in the flavor department! 

Do you have any other eBooks that I might like? 

We have a bunch of great eBooks in the virtual store here at My Crazy Good Life®. You can check them out below and see which ones might be useful for you in your healthy eating and meal planning / prepping journey. Don’t forget that right now, you can buy two eBooks and get the third free with discount code mcglb2g1!

Click here to buy Delicious Dinner Recipes the eBook! 

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