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These are some of my favorite 2B Mindset dinner recipes. Since veggies are 75% of your dinner plate, it’s helpful to have some veggies-most dinner recipes on hand. 

Breaking emotional eating habits isn’t easy, but you can do it by finding a plan that works for you. Often the most successful healthy eating plans are the ones with simple principles (drink more water, eat more veggies). And remember that for the best results, your habits should change slowly and your weight should come off slowly. 

Vegetables have so much to do with weight loss and nutrition – one of the reasons why I really like 2 B Mindset as much as I do is because of the focus on veggies. 

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What is 2B Mindset? 

2B Mindset is a nutrition program that focuses on eating healthy meals in healthy portions. There are several food groups: 

  • Veggies Veggies make you full and should always be the first thing you eat at a meal. 
  • Proteins Proteins help keep you fuller for longer. You’ll be eating them with every meal. 
  • Carbs (also called FFCs – Fiber-Filled Carbs) These give you energy and help with weight loss. 
  • Silly Carbs and treats Alcohol, baked goods, candy, and chips all fall under this category.  
  • Accessories Choose 1-2 each meal. These include fats, sugars, condiments, and milks. 

The 2 B diet focuses on teaching intuitive eating and creating a healthy habit – you’ll be filling your plate with a set ratio from each food list for every meal. For example, your 2 B Mindset breakfast recipes will be plated so that 50% of your plate is protein and 50% of your plate is FFCs. As long as your food comes from the food list and your portions are 50/50, you’ve succeeded at a healthy breakfast. 

The program creator, Ilana Muhlstein, struggled with her weight throughout her childhood and created this program to help people create a mindset shift and positive relationship with food. 

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Should I meal plan on 2B Mindset?

2B Mindset is a weight loss program, like many others, that requires you to eat from a specific list of foods and in specific amounts. A meal plan will help you know in advance what you are going to eat. This is a great way to take the stress of choosing something healthy in the moment, it also helps keep you from going off plan. 

I always eat better when I plan ahead. By choosing my meals ahead of time, doing some light meal prep, and being focused on my plan, I stay on track and end up sticking to my goals. 

If you’ve never meal planned before, 2B Mindset is a great place to start. The 2 B Mindset plan is unique in that it allows you to eat a variety of foods – just in specific portions. 

You can choose your meals from some of these healthy recipes ahead of time so you know what to buy from the store. Each recipe has a printable recipe included so you can bookmark it for later or print the recipe to have on hand while cooking and shopping. 

How to create 2B Mindset meal plan

There are a lot of different ways to meal plan. Sometimes I do an entire week, Monday to Friday, for my whole family. That includes all my meals, snacks, etc. Did you know that My Crazy Good Life has free meal planning software that also creates grocery lists for you? You can sign up for our meal planning helper here.

Here’s how I meal plan on the 2 B Mindset Nutrition Plan:

  1. Choose your meals. I’ve given you lots of choices for delicious recipes because we all love different things and different flavors right?! I’d pick three recipes for dinner to start because they’re going to make a lot of food and you don’t want to end up wasting it all. Another idea is starting with simple ingredients and not recipes. Think grilled chicken, broccoli, and brown rice. 
  2. Prep your snacks in advance. This is my best meal prep tip when it comes to meal plans because snacks are when we all tend to go off the rails: If you have healthy vegetables, fruit, and protein prepped and ready to go you are more likely to choose those healthy options. It takes almost no time to make a batch of hard boiled eggs, and cutting up your vegetables and fruit at the beginning of the week is a breeze. Just throw your snacks in bags in the fridge and they’re ready to go for those busy days on the road!
  3. Eat leftovers. If you don’t eat leftovers or you don’t like repeating meals, you’ll have to cook more often but it’s totally do-able. There are enough choices that you can have something different for each meal all week long. I personally love leftovers because it means I have to spend less time cooking and in the kitchen when I’d rather be relaxing with my family :)
cauliflower rice bowl with chicken in white bowl

2 B Mindset Dinner Recipes

These delicious meals are just some options that I love when following 2B. I’ve included suggestions for adding extra veggies to each recipe. 

  • Instant Pot Chicken and Cauliflower Rice A perfect idea for 2B Mindset meal plan dinners – there is plenty of cauliflower in this recipe to follow your 75/25 ratio for dinner.
  • Turkey Lettuce Wraps I’d add an extra side of cooked veggies to this recipe for dinner.
  • Instant Pot Green Chili Chicken When I eat this recipe I make it over lettuce, tomatoes, and black olives. You can do it that way or add a side of raw veggies like baby bell peppers. 
  • Cilantro Lime Drumsticks Pair this recipe with a side of fresh veggies and you’ll be hooked! I love it with green beans. 
  • Turkey Swedish Meatballs I love making these ground turkey meatballs with a bulky veggie like broccoli, green beans, or cauliflower. I leave out the crackers for dinner.
  • Air Fryer Turkey Burgers Perfect for dinner when you skip the bun and add a quick salad!
  • High Protein Buffalo Chicken Dip You can dip fresh veggies (my favorites are cucumbers and red bell peppers) into this recipe for a perfect 2B Mindset dinner. I love prepping this recipe for the week, it makes for an easy dinner when you don’t feel like cooking.
  • Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf Bombs Can anyone resist meatloaf for dinner!? Not me! Pair these with this mashed cauliflower recipe and your tastebuds will thank you!
  • Chicken Gyro Bowls with Homemade Tzatziki These are really easy to add veggies to! You can quickly make extra for toppings or even use raw veggies so that your plate is 75% veggies for dinner!
  • Instant Pot Lo Mein with Zoodles – perfect 2B Dinner as is!
  • Greek Kababs Serve these with extra steamed veggies or you can make up grilled veggies only kebabs to pair them with.
  • Buffalo Cauliflower Mac and Cheese This is almost perfect for dinner because it’s cauliflower based. You can serve it with a side of fresh veggies for an added veggie boost!
  • Lasagna Bites The great thing about this lasagna recipe is that there are no noodles! They’re stacked with zucchini so it’s a great dinner recipe. I make mine with steamed broccoli to make sure I have mostly veggies for my dinner plate.
  • Teriyaki Meatballs These prep so well and they’re quick and easy to make during the week. Serve them up with some fresh or steamed green beans and you’ll have a dinner everyone loves.

Easy Ways To Add Vegetables

Since the 2B Mindset program is based on the idea of a veggies most mindset we need to have great ways to make vegetables appealing. Here are some tips for getting those 2 B Mindset veggies in:

  • use your favorite raw veggies as a side
  • use frozen vegetables (without any added ingredients or sauces)
  • eat your meals on a bed of fresh lettuce or cooked cauliflower rice
  • Look for hidden veggie recipes like this Buffalo Chicken Pasta (this would be a good lunch because of the pasta in it)

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