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Summer is finally here. It’s a busy time of year. When I get busy I have to have a meal plan on hand. This 21 Day Fix monthly meal plan for July is keeping me on track without any extra stress.

I started out by trying the 21 Day Fix and ended up making it my healthy lifestyle choice. During the summer I have to be prepared or we fall off track pretty quickly. It’s the time of year where I find myself in the kitchen constantly!

Honestly with all of these delicious recipes there are more than enough to get me through July. But I like to have choices!

Making a meal prep plan really helps keep things moving and means that I don’t have to spend hours everyday preparing meals. It also means that I have plenty of healthy meals on hand to eat for lunches and snacks.


Just a useful tip, this is too much food for anyone to eat in a week or a month. I’d suggest you sit down and make a list.

I don’t mind eating the same thing for lunch for a few days in a row but I’m not everyone…I usually make 4 lunches and freeze them. I eat the same things Monday, Tuesday, etc.

Be sure not to over prep and waste food. If you’re worried about this at all, freeze some portions of the food so you can pull it out in a couple of weeks.

Each of these individual meal plans is laid out for a full week, seven days. Each one also includes two snacks and dessert on top of the regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


21 Day Fix Meal Prep Meal Plan 

You can’t go wrong with this meal plan. It’s a great start for the month because it makes sense of the whole meal prep thing. This is a meal plan that is perfect for a monthly meal plan. You can prep for a whole week without an stress or fuss!

This meal plan includes in delicious 21 Day Fix Goulash! Watch how easy it is to make right here:


21 Day Fix Instant Pot Meal Plan

For week 2 of our 21 Day Fix monthly meal plan we’re looking at the Instant Pot. This is not a drill…this is a whole week of recipes you can make in your Instant Pot. All of these recipes are snappy and delicious.

Made with my favorite kitchen appliance, it’s never been easier to whip up some healthy and delicious meals for the whole family.

This meal plan includes my very popular Orange Chicken recipe, which you can see here:


Grilling Recipes for the 21 Day Fix

We love to cook outside. This is one of those 21 Day Fix monthly meal plan options that makes total sense for the Summer. These 21 Day Fix grilling recipes are tasty and it means not heating up the house, that’s a total win in my book!

If you only try one thing from this meal plan, I highly recommend our Steak Fajitas with Zoodles recipe. Seriously – all this color in one meal!


21 Day Fix Weight Loss Meal Plan

I know that some people use the 21 Day Fix with a primary goal of some weight loss. This is one of those meal plans that is great for staying on track and losing weight.

You can keep it up, by this point in the month I’m sure you are needing some tasty recipes to keep you focused and excited about the 21 Day Fix, these will help!

This week’s meal plan calls for hard boiled eggs, and once I started making them in the Instant Pot, I won’t make them on the stove again! They peel so nicely.


These 21 Day Fix Dinners are a great way to beef up your recipe list if need be. It’s a week of dinner recipes that come with a printable list of ingredients so you don’t miss anything while shopping! Also, we have a monthly meal plan for June, check it out here if you haven’t already!

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