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The 21 Day Fix and Cize are both extremely popular workouts right now! I know a lot of people love them both equally, so I wanted to show you that you can do them both at the same time.

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Click here to download and print the 21 Day Fix Cize Hybrid Workout Calendar

Check off each day after you’re finished and keep track of your progress throughout these two months of workouts. Of course, you can substitute a different workout for the ones listed if you’d like. The red titles below correspond with 21 Day Fix workouts and the green titles are from the Cize videos.

Good luck!

21 Day Fix Cize Hybrid Workout Calendar

More 21 Day Fix Workout Information

Many  of you already know that 21 Day Fix is my workout and lifestyle plan of choice! I’ve seen great results with it and it’s something that I have really loved taking from a short term workout and weight loss plan and turning into a lifestyle! Let’s talk a little bit more about what the 21 Day Fix is and how these 21 Day Fix workouts / 21 Day Fix workout calendars actually…work :) 

What’s a 21 Day Fix?

21 Day Fix is a Beachbody program that teaches portion control through specifically designed containers. Each calorie bracket has specific intake goals for the day, along with a whole foods approach the program helps you make small changes that end up impacting your life in big ways. 

Obviously 21 Day Fix also has an exercise component that you can use to help see major results in both weight loss and overall muscle tone. I have some more detailed info on the 21 Day Fix linked below: 

Do I have to purchase the 21 Day Fix Workout DVDs? 

You can purchase the DVDs for 21 Day Fix but you can also just stream the workouts and the program materials from your computer, smartphone, or tablet with the Beachbody On Demand subscription. It’s a great way to have access to not only 21 Day Fix but also all the other great Beachbody content! 

How long is each workout in 21 Day Fix?

21 Day Fix workouts are about 3o minutes. A couple of the workouts are shorter than that and most of them vary in intensity. Each one comes with detailed instructions and a guide on how to modify the workout moves for a less or more intense workout. If you are just starting out or if this is your 100th time through the program there is something that will suit your  needs. That means almost anyone can successfully do the 21 Day Fix program with the exercise component!  

How many calories do you burn in 21 Day Fix?

It will depend on your body weight, muscle mass, heart rate, and more. Here is a rough guide of the calorie burn an average user might see on the 21 Day Fix. 

  • Dirty 30 | 200 Calories
  • Upper Fix | 196 Calories
  • Lower Fix | 240 Calories 
  • Cardio Fix | 312 Calories
  • Plyo Fix | 336 Calories

How do I calculate my 21 Day Fix?

The 21 Day Fix program comes with an easy to follow guide for calculating your calorie needs. Once you know how many calories you need in a day you’ll be able to tell which eating plan you are supposed to follow! 

I have some meal plans all prepped and ready for you based on each of the four calorie brackets! Check the out below: 

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