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The Peanuts Movie is out (here’s a review for you) and we loved it! I thought these fun Snoopy crafts and recipes would be perfect for a Peanuts party or playdate.

Snoopy Crafts and Recipes

Here are some Snoopy recipes and crafts for you to enjoy:
1. Snoopy Pop Tart Snack | Desert Chica

2. Snoopy Cookies | A Zesty Bite

3. Snoopy Paper Plate Craft | Glued to My Crafts

4. Snoopy Popcorn Snack | Coffee with Us 3

5. Snoopy Inspired Clothespin Airplanes | Crafts by Amanda

6. Snoopy Inspired Flying Ace Goggles and Scarf | 30 Minute Crafts

7. Printable Snoopy Treat Tag | Reasons to Skip the Housework

8. Recycled CD Snoopy Craft | Glued to My Crafts

9. Charlie Brown & Snoopy Watercolor Craft | Where Imagination Grows

10. Crochet Snoopy Happy Dance Hat | Repeat Crafter Me

11. Snoopy Toilet Paper Roll Craft | DLTKís Growing Together

12. Peanuts Gang Felt Christmas Ornaments | A Little Gray

13. Easy Snoopy Costume | Itís Fitting

14. Milk Jug Snoopy | Thrifty Fun

15. Snoopy Snax | Momma Told Me

16. Snoopy Treat Cup | Smashed Peas and Carrots

Check out this Peanuts Gift Guide for your little Snoopy lover!

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