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As I was looking for new ideas this year, I decided to pull together 25 funny Elf on the Shelf ideas–the best ones we’ve seen around the internet, including a few of our own from years past! Our elf doesn’t sit still much–we have so much fun with him! 

25 of the funniest Elf on the Shelf ideas for this season! It's not something to do every night, but sometimes you want a fun idea for your self. These are perfect Elf on the Shelf tricks for your family. Elf on the Shelf | Funniest Elf on the Shelf | Elf on the Shelf Ideas | Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Easy and Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas

The elf on a shelf is a fun family tradition that we love–even now that the kids are older! The boys are teenagers now, and we still have fun with our elf, Louie. As the kids grow, we get to come up with new age appropriate scenes for him–and it’s fun to let the boys hide the elf themselves, as well.

The Elf on the Shelf is a family tradition that we look forward to all year long. We always look for more Elf on the Shelf funny ideas because they’re entertaining for all of us.

Why Should I Do Elf on the Shelf? 

We have a lot of fun with our elf–if you’re looking for more ideas, even easy elf on the shelf ideas, check out this Ultimate Collection of Elf on the Shelf Ideas.

I highly recommend starting the Elf holiday tradition with your family–we all had so much fun with ours. There are so many fun Elf on a Shelf accessories, outfits, and more that you can include.

The elf on the shelf has gotten a bad rap in the past because it’s a bit of work. Honestly, it’s all about what expectations you set with your elf. Whether they’re naughty or nice, easy or time consuming, fun or boring–that’s all up to you!

Elf on the Shelf with Window Clings on Mirror

What is the Elf on the Shelf?

The elf is Santa’s helper–sent here from the North Pole to spy on your home and then report back to Santa on the behavior of your kids. It’s an annual Christmas tradition in our house and many others.

25 Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas

  1. Elf toilet papers the bathroom. This one is a little messy, but the kids LOVE it. It’s pretty easy to clean up–and if you can get the kids to clean up that’s even better! Maybe just make a note of how we humans don’t make a mess with toilet paper… ;)
  2. Elf hides in the blender to prevent the boys from making more OREO milkshakes. They were on a roll of asking for one every night and we gave in for a little while but our elf decided we had to stop. The kids were a little concerned about this one, but thought it was one of the funniest elf on the shelf ideas and talk about it even now. 
  3. Elf shares some syrup with an elf friend. They’re sure to have tummy aches in the morning! This was one of the best Elf on the Shelf ideas for a sleepover–Jack’s friend was concerned that he would miss his elf, and we found a fun way to include him! Jack’s friend’s mother also told the kids that she couldn’t find their elf for a while that night before bed, which made it even more fun for the kids. 
  4. Elf wraps the tree and himself with holiday wrapping paper, and uses all the tape! Another #1 Elf on the Shelf trick–the kids say this was their favorite thing that our elf did. It was a bit of a pain, I’ll admit that–but SO fun when the kids saw it, and told everyone at school what their elf did. 
  5. Elf gorges on some candy. Man, that elf stole ALL my candy that year. The kids love to see the elf “eating” and getting into their favorite foods. 
  6. Dress your elf up in a costume! It’s super easy, there are several ideas in this link. The kids think this is hilarious, that the elf dresses up–and it’s not even Halloween! 
  7. Elf gets his fitness on. This was definitely a lazy elf night, but the kids had no idea! They thought it was another one of the funniest elf on the shelf ideas we had done, and we got off pretty easy. 
  8. Are the kids dying to take the Elf on the Shelf outside? You can do it this way, and nobody touches him! It’s brilliant, especially when the kids ask you a ton to bring the elf outside or to touch it. 
  9. Elf blames his mess on the kids. There are some great ideas in this post for funny elf on the shelf ideas. 
  10. Elf builds a toilet paper snowman, which is seriously adorable!! Super easy, too. 
  11. Elf goes fishing. Another great list of ideas–definitely get your elf in on the activities that your kids are interested in. Sports, music, whatever! 
  12. Elf builds a snowman in the freezer. I don’t love being cold so I didn’t build a snowman, but we did have a little tailgate party for our elf in the freezer! 
  13. Elf is a big fan of mummies. Some of these ideas take a few more minutes but are worth it! I try to take a few extra minutes with the elf a couple of times a week, it’s always fun when the elf on a shelf actually does stuff and doesn’t just move around the house. 
  14. Elf walks a dog near the Christmas tree. Looks like there’s a little mess!
  15. Elf replaces all the family photos with pictures of himself. This is definitely one of my favorites! We did this one year, and then the next day the photos were back to normal and the elf put googly eyes on everyone. 
  16. Elf threatens to put everyone on the naughty list if he doesn’t get some cookies, pronto! Make sure you have some time the next day to make the cookies! 
  17. Elf takes a nap in the tissue box. This one might be hard to find unless your kids use tissues every morning. 
  18. Elf becomes a pirate and finds treasure. Adorable, and super easy to do! 
  19. Elf opens a lemonade stand. Perfect for the kids, especially your little entrepreneurs. 
  20. Elf tries Mommy’s makeup. SO cute. Adding makeup or even red noses onto kids or elves is one of the funniest elf on the shelf ideas out there and kids love seeing it! It’s a super easy one to do. 
  21. Elf pretends to be Spiderman. Again, super easy to do with other characters too! 
  22. Elf captures the Grinch. He won’t be stealing Christmas this year!
elf on the shelf eating powder donuts

I’d love to hear your favorite things that your Elf on the Shelf has done–what did your kids LOVE? 

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  1. I really need ideas for a christmas scavenger hunt. What should I hide?

  2. I did scavneger hunt with the elf they were trying to find her and I hid her in every day place’s and chocolate In the ice compartment 🤣🤣🤣

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