DIY Upscale Fall Decorating Ideas

DIY Upscale Fall Decorating Ideas

Growing up in New York, I loved fall. The smell of leaves burning is still my favorite smell ever, and I love walking through them when I get to fly back and visit. Even though Arizona doesn’t actually get a true fall season, I still love this time of year. I fall in love with the beautiful autumn decor that shows up on everyone’s front porches and mantles, and yes–I even love the artificial warm and spicy smell of everything pumpkin…

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5 Easy April Fool's Day pranks for school-aged kids

5 Easy April Fools Pranks For School-Aged kids

April Fool’s Day is a great time to have some fun with your kids. There comes a time in every parent’s life when their kids are old enough to play pranks on, and that was a very special time in our house ;) Here are a few of our easy April Fools pranks for older kids: 1. Fill their juice cups with Jell-o the night before. Add a thin layer of juice to the top in the morning. This works…

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Saying Goodbye To Your Elf on the Shelf

Saying Goodbye To Elf On The Shelf And A LinkUp! #ElfOnTheShelf

Every Christmas marks an exciting and sad day. Santa comes to bring gifts, but he also takes Louie back to the North Pole with him. I always feel a little more pressure to do fun things with Louie right before he heads back home, and Jack always wants to do something fun for him before he goes. Here are some ideas for saying goodbye to Elf on the Shelf: 1. Throw him a party! Balloons, cake, the works! If your elf…

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Elf on the Shelf Kitchen ideas

Elf On The Shelf Kitchen Ideas And LinkUp

Elf on the Shelf season is in full swing, and ours is having a lot of fun in our kitchen lately! Elf on the Shelf Kitchen Ideas The boys have been asking for Oreo milkshakes every night, so it’s nice that Louie stepped in and said no more… by hiding in the blender! HI see that he is sneaking a few Oreo’s, though… Elves have a sweet tooth, and Louie is no different! We found him hanging out next to…

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Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas And LinkUp!

Elf season can quickly become overwhelming! Here are some ideas to delight your little ones on those nights when you just want to head to bed. 1. Did your family do any fun crafts recently? Your elf wants to see them. Stick him next to or on your latest holiday craft or decoration, your kids will get a kick out of his interest in family activities!  2. Definitely milk this for two days! We made a gingerbread house and after…

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Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Elf On The Shelf Ideas LinkUp #ElfOnTheShelf

Does your elf do some crazy things? Ours do, too! Last night he went a little crazy and “decorated” our tree! A few of my wonderful friends and I have decided that we want to see all of your elf ideas! We will be hosting a weekly linkup from now until Christmas week so you can share all of your elf ideas! Amy from OC Mentor, myself, Emily from Our Knight Life, and Sara from Mom Endeavors are your hosts…

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Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Hilarious Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Are you bored with your elf? Does he need to bring a little bit of life into your home? These hilarious ideas are perfect for older kids! 1. Wrap your tree… then your elf! Wrapping the Christmas tree is definitely a two-person job, but it’s worth it! After you’re done wrapping, use the extra tape to wrap your elf (it makes it look like he’s gotten into some crazy mischief) and leave a note saying that you need more tape….

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5 Clever Ways To Introduce Your Elf On A Shelf

Five Clever Ways To Introduce Elf On The Shelf

Our Elf on the Shelf, Louie, comes around every Thanksgiving Day. Though my 9 year-old knows this, he begins asking when he’ll see Louie in the summer. Mom, how do you think Louie is going to surprise us this year? Mom, do you think he’ll do something silly? Elf time is a fun time in our house, and it’s one that keeps him thinking throughout the year. We have about 30 fun ideas to come up with every year between…

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Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Special Circumstances!

Elf On A Shelf Ideas For Special Circumstances!

Having a sleepover? Check. Did your kids touch the elf? Gotcha covered. Need something super quick before the kids wake up? I’ve got that, too. Here are some Elf on a Shelf ideas for special circumstances! Elf On A Shelf Having A Sleepover A friend was spending the night and he missed his elf, Eli! We set up a couple of syrup bottles with straws to make it look like Eli came to visit our elf, Louie! Louie left a…

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Holiday Scavenger Hunt Clues

Making Present Time Last Longer With A Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Starting a few years ago, we began using scavenger hunts to draw out our present opening tradition a little longer. With the boys getting older, they are beginning to ask for more expensive gifts, which means they get less of them, which means they tear through them in minutes. Adding a scavenger hunt to your holiday morning can help to draw out the suspense and add some fun family time into your gift opening tradition! I posted about our holiday…

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SMS Audio Headphones

Teen Gift Guide | SMS Audio STREET by 50 Headphones

In our house, we usually have one big gift and several smaller ones under the tree on Christmas morning. When the boys were little, big gift usually meant just that – large in size. Now that the boys are older, they  are starting to ask for more expensive items – and our “big gift” is synonymous with expensive gift. I’m always worried about spending a lot of money on something that the boys won’t love after a couple of months, so in…

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Super Fun (and kind of naughty) Elf on a Shelf Ideas

Meet Louie, Our Elf on a Shelf!

Want more fun ideas? Subscribe to my email newsletter or visit my other crafty posts! Who else has a Christmas elf? We just got one. Yes, my kids are 7 and 11 and we just heard about the elf this year. I’m a little slow. Louie is a welcome addition to the family… sometimes. Sometimes he is naughtier than the leprechaun that visits us in March. And sometimes he leaves messes for us to clean up. Because I need one…

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9 Fun Leprechaun Tricks to play on your kids

9 Fun Leprechaun Tricks To Play On Your Kids

As if the Easter Bunny, Santa, and The Tooth Fairy aren’t enough, the Leprechaun comes to visit us on St. Patrick’s Day. It didn’t start out that way. He just started visiting two years ago. And then he skipped a year. I’ll explain :) My parents were visiting two years ago for St. Patrick’s Day. Mom and I thought it would be fun for the leprechaun to come visit. And it was fun. Here are 9 fun leprechaun tricks that…

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Holiday Scavenger Hunt

A New Tradition – Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Update: You can find clues and rules for our scavenger hunt here: Making Present Time Last Longer With A Holiday Scavenger Hunt This Christmas, we did it a little different. Instead of tearing open packages non-stop on Christmas morning, we thought we would slow it down a bit. With a holiday scavenger hunt! For an extra 30 minutes of work (thinking up clues, printing, cutting, and placing the clues), it was completely worth it. The boys woke up at 4:40…

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How to make an advent calendar

Crafty McCrafterson (and his Mom) Make An Advent Calendar

You step on Matchbox cars, I step on googly eyes. You have paper plates in your cabinet, I have a stack full of blank Frisbees. You ground your kids from tv and video games, and last week, I threatened to take away his pipe cleaners and glue for the day if he didn’t pick his shoes up. This is my life. The Mom of a crafter. A boy crafter. Jack and I recently decided to make an Advent calendar. Since…

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