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We all love the holidays. It’s a great time to get together with family and friends. There are heartfelt traditions, delicious recipes, and so many leftovers.

Thanksgiving dinner leftovers are not only great for using the day after Thanksgiving, but can be frozen and used in your poultry recipes for months.

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There are so many delicious turkey leftover recipes–sandwiches, soups, pot pies, and casseroles are some of my favorite comfort foods. Whether you cook your own turkey or eat store bought, we’ve got your leftovers taken care of.

Thanksgiving Recipes

Not quite ready for the leftovers yet? If you’re still looking for Thanksgiving dinner recipes, here are a few of my favorites:

Wondering what to do with Thanksgiving Leftovers?

Store all of your Thanksgiving leftovers in air tight meal prep containers to make them last.

  • Leftover Turkey: Store (off the bone is easiest) in the fridge for up to five days or in the freezer up to two months. If you have leftover chicken you can store it the same.
  • Leftover Cranberries: You can freeze fresh cranberries or keep them in the fridge. I prefer making this easy fresh cranberry sauce with mine and freezing that.

Appetizer Recipes Made With Thanksgiving Leftovers

These leftover Thanksgiving turkey recipes are perfect for making easy appetizers for your family or a crowd.

I love taking recipes made for chicken breasts and using my turkey leftovers in them–perfect for thinking out of the box a little!

close up of crack chicken dip made with turkey

Soups with Leftover Turkey

The easiest thing I think anyone can make with leftover turkey is soup! If you’ve found yourself here without turkey, you can use rotisserie chicken for them as well.

close up of turkey carcass soup in a white bowl

Leftover Turkey Casseroles

Talk about an easy meal–I love using these after Thanksgiving recipes to make a casserole for dinner!

Casserole in white bowl with bacon

Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich Ideas

Maybe I fibbed when I said leftover soups were the easiest–because turkey sandwiches are right there as well. I love making these delicious day after Thanksgiving sandwiches!

close up of turkey cranberry wraps

Easy Leftover Recipes for Turkey Pot Pies

My family loves turkey pot pies more than any other leftover–as long as there is stuffing in it! Here are some of our favorite recipes.

Fun and Out of The Box Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Looking for something new and unique? These out of the box recipe ideas are perfect!

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