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The holidays can be a tough time to be on the 21 Day Fix, but you can do it! I find that hosting parties at my own home (so I can control most of the food) or bringing appetizers to a party (to be sure I have food to eat!) really helps me stay on track.

Here are my favorite 21 Day Fix holiday recipes and survival tips that help me during the holiday season. This article includes 21 Day Fix Christmas recipes, Thanksgiving recipes, and cocktails!

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The holiday season is still a great time to lose weight and focus on your nutrition goals. Once we let go of our exercise program and declare the season a weight loss bust, we admit defeat. These 21 Day Fix recipes will help you (easily) stay on track this holiday season! 

Make sure you have your updated food list on hand and tune into Beachbody on Demand for your quick workout before heading out for your family gathering–you can do this! 

21 Day Fix Appetizers 

Buffalo Chicken Dip  This recipe is mainly a red with some blue that you can easily leave out if you don’t want to spare it! I love eating this with raw veggies, but readers have used it to top salads, for pizzas, and they’ve even eaten it by itself! Instant Pot, Slow Cooker, and Oven Directions are in the post. 

These Savory Dips are counted as proteins! Use these recipes or branch out and be creative. I love making a bowl of dip and adding fresh veggies–and I find that other partygoers appreciate having something healthy to eat! 

Shredded Mexican Chicken This could serve as an ingredient for nachos, dip, or a sandwich filling! 

Crack Chicken Dip This is my healthy take on a classic viral Pinterest recipe! It’s got a little ranch, a little cheese, and some bacon for good measure!  

Stick toothpicks into these roasted Brussels Sprouts from Carrie Elle for a delicious appetizer! 

Skinny 7 Layer Taco Dip SO delicious and I never leave with any to bring home after the party! 

Black Bean Hummus Dip I love bringing this appetizer to parties with pita chips or fresh veggies, 

Bring a big pot of White Chicken Chili for guests to share! Instant Pot, Slow Cooker, and Stove top Directions are in the post. 

Mediterranean Roasted Veggies A great side if you know a meal will be served, or bring along some toothpicks and cut the veggies small to use as an appetizer. 

Spinach and Artichoke Dip Another recipe that’s considered a protein because of the Greek yogurt and cottage cheese. Even if you don’t like those ingredients by itself, give this a try–you can’t taste them or feel the texture because they’re blended smooth! Instant Pot, Slow Cooker, and Oven Directions are in the post. 

Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps A little tough to transport already made, but I’d bring these to a party deconstructed for sure! 

Tip: Use a spoon to fill your yellow container… how many spoonfuls fit into it? Use that count to help with portion control at parties!

21 Day Fix Cocktails

Even if you only have Sparkling Water with lime, it’s always smart to have a drink in your hand during parties–it’s more difficult to make extra snack plates, and people generally don’t like having their hands full. This is one “diet” tip that has saved me many pounds, I’m sure of it! These 21 Day Fix Holiday Cocktails are some of the most beautiful and festive you’ll find. 

Cranberry Margarita I love cranberry anything during the holiday season! These are a festive healthy cocktail for your next party! 

Low-Cal Cranberry Margarita recipe

Peach Bellini SO delicious, and they’re beautiful when poured into a glass! 

100 Calorie Coconut Margarita Bring a little bit of summer to your holiday party! 

Warm and Boozy Pumpkin Spice Latte These are the perfect after party drink!  

Skinny Pineapple Chipotle Margaritas A little spicy, but so delicious and fun! 

Nor-Cal Margarita  This is my favorite drink, hands down! 



Tip: Go one-for-one between alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails to cut down on calories.

21 Day Fix Thanksgiving Desserts

These 21 Day Fix holiday desserts are some of the most delicious desserts and treat swaps! They’re all easy to share with others and you won’t feel like you missed out on a thing. For treat swaps, remember that you are allowed three a week–no matter what 21 day fix meal plan you’re on. Make sure to check each recipe though, because not all of them are treat swaps! 

Banana Cupcakes with Cardamom Frosting You’ll be the instant life of the party if you walk through the doors with these! 

Pumpkin Oat Cookies Grab and go desserts are perfect for holiday tables. 

Lemon Bars You can easily make this recipe with limes if you’d rather! Instant Pot and oven directions are in the post. 

Raspberry Filled Chocolates One of my favorite sharable 21 Day Fix holiday recipes! These are so delicious, and you can swap the raspberry out for other fruits if you’d like! 

Key Lime Custard Bites These are delicious and easy to bring to a party. I’d skip adding the whipped cream until right before you serve them to your guests. 

Canoli Dip This is a super popular recipe that people rave about all over the internet! 

Healthy Buckeyes Some of my favorites–one is more than enough, as these are very rich. I like to store them in the freezer until I serve them at a party. 

Tip: Fill your plate once to keep an eye on portion sizes! 


More healthy holiday grazing table ideas! 

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