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Hi there!

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I didn’t mean to scare you, but I know there are a lot of you that come visit Our Crazy Boys and keep quiet about it.

That’s ok. I used to silently read blogs, too.

But today is National Blog Delurking Day! That means… you should say hi.

 How To COmment on a blog post

Don’t know how? I’ll help.

How To Comment On A Blog Post

1. Find a blog post to comment on and look for the link to comment. It’ll usually be at the bottom of the post, but sometimes you’ll find it right under the title. Look for something that says, “leave a comment,” “______ comments,” or even just “comment.” I added some examples below.

Here at Our Crazy Boys, you can comment by clicking where it says “_____ comments” under my post and sharing bar (that’s where all of my social media links are – you can easily share things on facebook, twitter, etc. with these links):


why comment on blogs


Here’s the last photo in Courtney’s post with her link to comments:


and here is Karen’s comment form link, under the title of her post:

why comment on blogs

2. Click the link to comment. You’ll see something like this box pop up:

how do i comment

The boxes with asterisks have to be filled in (your name and email address, usually). These are mandatory because we bloggers want to be able to respond to your comment and let you know we’re reading them! If you don’t have a blog or website, don’t worry about filling in the box for that. Add your comment and click “submit.”

3. You should see your comment show up at the bottom of all the comments after clicking “submit.” 

Sometimes bloggers want to manually approve their comments before they are shown on their blogs, so you might also see a message like this one on Denise’s blog after you leave your comment:

Why should I comment on blogs that I read?

There are a few reasons why!

1. It makes bloggers happy. We blog because we love to, but it’s also nice to receive comments. Comments are the currency of the blogging world! We know that commenting on a blog (especially for someone who doesn’t have a blog) is a little scary. We know it takes a little bit of bravery to leave a comment, and we appreciate every single time you do it for us.

2. Brands like to see comments. The giveaways that bloggers have are usually sponsored by brands – that means that brands give us products to give to you. The Therafit shoes I am giving away right now? I didn’t buy them to give to you. Therafit was kind enough to notice my blog and my readers and want to reach out to them. They noticed that I have a great community of readers by looking at my comments and the conversations happening there. Commenting can equal more great giveaways for you.

3. Comments help us create content. We love to connect with our readers and hear that one of our posts made a difference to you. Posts that receive more comments (or more in-depth comments) help bloggers know what their readers want. Blog content ideas can come from comments and conversations left in our comment section. An example is my post on mobile safety and kids. The comments left in this post about mobile safety led to content for this mobile safety post. I loved that I could address your concerns that way.

So, Happy Delurking Day! I would love for each and every one of you to “delurk” today and leave me a comment. It doesn’t have to be long or witty or earth-shattering. I’d love to say hi back :)

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    1. Well, your blog scares me too sometimes! ;)

  1. Dadblunders says:


    Who knew it was National Blog Delurking Day??? I truly had no idea their was such a thing! Well since you know me just a little bit through the blogging world….you should know i have no problem commenting on people’s post. I realize how much people enjoy it and as you mentioned sponsors love it!! In fact, I read and tweeted the Therafit shoes post for you and the only recent I didn’t leave an actual comment is they didn’t seem to be my style (okay…it’s true I would prefer to wear my cowboy boots, jeans and hat anyday….go figure???) I realized though the value of the post to my readers and I LOVED they gave a donation to boot (pun intended)!!!

    Aaron :)

    1. Aaron,

      I have missed it for four years! This year, I stalked the date :)

      Thank you SO much for all of your support and sharing. I admittedly need to get better about my commenting. I actually scheduled it into my calendar this week!

      And pink isn’t your style?

  2. Dadblunders says:


    I also need to double check my comments for gramatical errors…yikes….I know not to get in hurry…..sigh


    1. Oh, that’s ok. I hardly noticed :)

  3. Allison@Slice of Heaven says:

    Hello!!! Who knew there was a day for this! Happy commenting.

    1. Right, Allison? I kept seeing it pop up on posts, but this year I was able to join in!

  4. KJay (Kelli) says:

    Thanks for posting this! I never really paid much attention to commenting as I would peruse various blogs, but I recently became a blogger myself- and now I totally get why it’s so important! I love reading each and every one. Thanks for this reminder…

    1. Isn’t it funny how that happens? I used to do the same thing!

      Thanks for stopping by, Kelli!

  5. Samantha @ Lillian McKay Designs says:

    Helllooooooo…. haha I had no idea this was a day but I have been trying to not be a secret reader to blogs the past few months. It gets hard even though I am a blogger & personally know how important comments are sometimes life just doesn’t give you enough “time”. Working on it though. :-)

    1. I need to work on that too, Samantha! It’s hard to not get wrapped up in posting and responding to comments on your own blog and remember to comment on other blogs! That’s why we’re all here, right!?

      Thank you for stopping by today, and for commenting ;)

  6. Hey im commenting look i followed directions from an expert:)

  7. I have been trying to comment more. I am notorious for visiting, but not leaving a comment. I need to break out of my shell and comment!:)

  8. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says:

    I have a weird problem in that if I visit, I have to comment. I can’t not comment, so I guess I’ve never been much of a lurker!

  9. I LOVE THIS…and sooo needed when I first hit the blogword…

  10. I had no idea about blog delurking day. I try to make an effort to leave comments when I read a post, but in real life I’m much more an observer than a commenter. You’ll have to remind us about this when it comes around next year.

  11. This was a great post! I know that I love getting comments on my posts so I try to return the love and leave comments for others :)

  12. Happy blog delurking day!! Wish I had heard of this before I had already scheduled a post! Maybe next year!

  13. Boo! … no, as a fellow blogger I do try to comment. Comments give me the motivation to keep posting some days. You know, the days when you start to wonder if you are just talking to yourself or if anyone is really listening. I know folks read my blog. Family members make a comment in person, or my stats prove that “someone” was reading… but comments? Well, those little gems seem to be far and few between.

    Love your blog. I have had the pleasure of reading a few of your posts this past week and enjoy your candor and humor in writing. Can’t wait to read more! Happy Blog Delurking Day!

  14. I received my first today from someone that I hadn’t followed in the past. Knowing that someone read it and that the post meant enough for them to comment.. Especially the post that they’d commented on because it was a difficult one for me to write due to the emotional content.. It is awesome to get feedback from our readers!

  15. The insert I would choose is “Do something amazing today” because I think everyday how and what could I do to make my day one of the best days of my life.

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