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I haven’t watched or listened to the news since last Friday afternoon – I can’t. That might be insensitive, and I might be a coward, but I can’t know any more about those little ones. I can’t think about what they were thinking or feeling, or what their parents are going through right now. I don’t want any more details. I just want to stop being reminded of it.

I don’t want to look at Facebook and see who was buried today, or look at twitter and see another development in the story. I want to spend time in my bubble, enjoy this time with my boys, and not think any more about scary men or schools that aren’t safe.

I want to believe that people are good and that my boys will outlive me. I need to hear Jack singing Christmas songs and Michael asking for homemade milkshakes. I want to know that they will look back on their childhood and remember that their Mom worked on the computer but didn’t always have it in between her and her life.

The boys – all three of them – are off for two weeks, and I intend to enjoy every minute of it. We will be celebrating Christmas, going to Disneyland, attending a wedding, visiting with old friends and new ones, and enjoying our bubble.

For the next week, I’ll be celebrating my own holiday – Wordless Week. No posts will go up during this time, but I’ll post a photo a day from my phone without text (ok, maybe a caption) because I want to capture the best memories of Christmas Break 2012. I’ll be back with some great reviews, funny stories, and more about our amazing desert life in about a week.

If you need to step away from the digital world for a bit, join me for Wordless Week 2012.

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  1. Kelly @eclecticmommy says:

    What a great idea, I’m in! I purposely got all my post up before deadline next week so I wouldn’t HAVE to be at the computer.

  2. Gramma Teetsie Thompson says:

    Good for you. Making memories….that is the best..

  3. Yes! I just want to leave the nastiness of the world behind me. I’m an emotional empath which basically means any emotion that someone else is feeling I often feel and it is amplified.
    But on to a happier note, I hope your holidays are happy and full of joy. My grandparents and my siblings have been having bonfires and star (comet) gazing. It’s great fun and a good way to let go of earthly negative energies and just live in the moment with the ones you love! Yay!

  4. The world around us is so cruel. Why does it have to be like that?
    I hope that you’ll have a great time with your awesome boys – enjoy the Christmas and the new year, go to Disneyland and have fun!

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