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You fell in love with Flash as much as we did in Zootopia, right? Our family has a soft spot for sloths anyway, and Flash made us love sloths even more! Here are some sloth activities for your little sloth lover!

Sloth Activities and Crafts

We've all fallen for the sloth named Flash in Zootopia! Here are some sloth activities to extend the fun in your home!

Flash the Sloth Coloring Pages (as well as the other Zootoipa characters!) from Desert Chica

Sloth Chocolate Recipe from Thrifty Jinxy

Sloth paper plate craft from Danielle’s Place

Amazing Adaptations Activity from Share It Science

Sleepy Sloth Popsicle Stick Activity from Tippy Toe Crafts

Pipe Cleaner Sloths from Schooling a Monkey

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