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Three Ways To Grow Your Blog

Three Ways To Grow Your Blog

1. Be social: Make sure you are part of social media networks such as facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Use these networks to not only share your posts, but to also share posts from other bloggers. Make sure to mention/tag them when you share! When sharing, instead of just adding a link within a status update, try to engage your audience. “Who is looking for the Easter Bunny? Karen of has a list of where to find the Easter Bunny in Tucson!”

2. Stick to a schedule: I know this one is tough – I am guilty of it, too! Try to post regularly – that might be every day, twice a week, or maybe even once a week. Whatever works for you, stick to it! Regular posts bring regular traffic.Sometimes, it helps to post (and comment) as part of a blog carnival/linky – Wordful/Wordless Wednesday, What I Wore Wednesday, Made By You Monday… For a full list of blog carnivals/linkys head over to the Blog Guidebook Linky List.

3. Comment Love: Not only does leaving a comment create a backlink to your blog (good for SEO), but it gets your name out there! People don’t know about your blog unless you tell them, and this is a great way to spread the word. Other commenters will see your information and maybe decide to visit your blog, and the blog writer will probably click over and say hi, as well!

By following these guidelines, you should start to see an increase in your blog traffic within two months or so. By building your brand (yes, your blog is your brand!) and gaining momentum, you’ll be more visible to businesses that might want to work with you. Though it may seem like some blogs are an overnight success, it takes time and dedication to grow your blog.

Questions? Let me have them! I’m ready to help :)


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  1. Kelly @eclecticmommy says:

    Some really simple and fantastic tips, hence why I’m going to start clicking over and comment from my reader. I don’t think about the back link thing.

  2. Alexander Maurizi says:

    Three excellent tips! I absolutely agree (especially the “time and dedication” part)!

  3. Great tips! I love how simple and easy to apply they are. Thank you!!! ;)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Liz!!

  4. Hey!

    I just discovered this blog and I think is amazing! I started with my blog about 5 months ago and I really love what I do. Thanks for this helpul tips! Mine it’s a mexican blog so it’s in spanish, but you can translate it and surf all day long! Greetings from Mx

  5. Monica@ The Modern Mrs. Blog says:

    Becca its great to find your blog and TONS of info. Hope you can come follow along too :)

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