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Finding the perfect way to drink your coffee can be tough while on any healthy eating plan. Some people don’t like to drink it black, I get that. But bottom line is, coffee creamers are not healthy.

*If you’re on the 21 Day Fix or another healthy eating plan, you might be stressing a little over coffee creamer–it’s ok, I’ve got you!

If you still choose to drink coffee creamers and are looking for healthier options (these are not healthy options–they are healthier than traditional creamers), these are some options for the closest thing to a healthy coffee creamer.

Finding the perfect way to drink your coffee can be tough while following a healthy lifestyle or the 21 Day Fix. Some people don't like to drink it black, I get that. These are some options for you!

Are these 21 Day Fix Approved Coffee Creamers?

The most important thing to remember when looking for healthy coffee creamer and healthy coffee creamer alternatives is that the 21 Day Fix program is based on you not consuming highly processed foods–and coffee creamer is very processed. I’ll show you have to properly calculate and count your milk if you are using it, as well what products you can use on the 21 Day Fix that will help you get the results you want.

Once you find your perfect combination of fix approved ingredients, your morning coffee routine can quickly and easily be checked off the list!

If you’re looking to make an easy, FIX approved creamer, you’ll want to check out my Homemade Vanilla Coffee Creamer and Mocha Coffee Creamer.

Why is Traditional Coffee Creamer not healthy?

The ingredients. There are so many artificial ingredients in traditional coffee creamer that it’s considered a highly processed food. I grabbed the nutrition information from the vanilla flavored International Delight so you can see the ingredients:

Ingredients from Vanilla International Delight Coffee Creamer

Dipotassium Phosphate is a highly water-soluble salt which is often used as a fertilizer, food additive and buffering agent.

Mono and Digycerides help the oil and water to blend in the creamer.

Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate is another product that blends the oil and water.

Carrageenan is a type of thickener, made from seaweed, that can wreak havoc on your digestive system.

I know that some of you are thinking, “it’s such a small amount, and I can’t live without it so I’m just going to keep drinking it in the mornings.”

That’s your choice–but I’m here to tell you that just a little bit of chemicals and undigestible products in my coffee every morning is not ok with me, and if you’re truly looking for a healthier lifestyle, then change your lifestyle.

21 Day Fix Coffee Creamers

There are a few options you can purchase when looking for 21 Day Fix approved coffee creamers. If purchasing a store bought creamer, I advise you to get an unsweetened or “regular” flavor if available and use extracts (vanilla, hazelnut, etc) to flavor your creamer.

When talking about store bought creamers, these are your best options, along with a sample ingredient label:

Nutpods Non-Dairy Creamer

Nutpods Coffee Creamer Nutrition Information


Healthier Coffee Creamers that are not 21 Day Fix approved:

Califia Farms Creamer

Califa Farms Creamer Nutrition Info

Silk Almond Coffee Creamer

This is a better version of creamer that is sold in most stores.

Silk Almond Coffee Creamer Nutrition Facts

Healthy Coffee Creamer

Don’t worry, if none of those options seem to offer you the solution you are looking for, I have some tips for finding a healthy coffee creamer option!

Use naturally flavored coffee. This will give you a natural flavoring so you don’t have to add any outside or additional flavoring.

Use Stevia or flavored Stevia to flavor and sweeten your coffee.

If you enjoy coffee creamer (and not really coffee), switch to tea!

Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternatives

You can also use a combination of approved milks and sweeteners–this is preferred! If you are going to use milks, check out this post so you can properly count them!

  • 2 % Milk
  • Unsweetened Soy Milk
  • Unsweetened Rice Milk
  • Unsweetened Coconut Milk
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • Unsweetened Cashew Milk
  • Canned Coconut Milk

If you need sweetener in your coffee aside from the milk you are adding you can use honey. Remember, refined sugars are a big no-no on the fix so you can’t go for traditional sugar or artificial sugars either! You can use  Stevia (make sure it’s 100% Stevia!) if you prefer to use that instead of honey.

My biggest tip? Learn to love your coffee without traditional creamer. If that means slowly trying to develop a taste for drinking it black, do it! It is a learned taste. Your body will naturally crave the overly sweet, blended, iced, sugared up versions.

You don’t have to go cold turkey from flavored and sweetened coffee to the dark side, slowly add less and less approved creamers and sweeteners until you are drinking it black without hating it!

The takeaway here is this: store bought creamers are not advised. They’re full of all kinds of stuff that your body doesn’t have a clue what to do with. Instead of loading up on those kinds of ingredients, use these healthier coffee creamers.

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  1. Kristen S says:

    What do you count these coffee creamers as? I use Nutpods.

  2. Hi! But what do you recommend logging for serving size and tsps? The new list mentions milks but not the creamers. I can’t really use the creamers in place of milks, because the serving size is SO different. Should I use the 1 tablespoon serving of creamer as the 1 tsp (as the 1 cup of milk is 1 tsp)?

    And.. I can’t seem to log tsps on the app! I get four, but can’t click them. Le sigh. Back to paper.

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