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You may or may not be familiar with the concept of bullet journaling…It’s taking the internet by storm! In a nutshell, bullet journaling is a useful way of getting all of your thoughts, tasks, ideas, etc. down in one place (a journal) in rapid succession.

Not only does this method save time and energy, it also promotes less self-editing and over correcting. Using a bullet journal for fitness is a great method of recording your progress in one place!

Why You Should Use a Bullet Journal for Fitness

In terms of using a bullet journal for fitness, your overall experience will be shaped by what you need to get out of documenting your experiences. Your journal can help you with every aspect of your journey or just the areas in which you struggle.

A bullet journal can help you keep track of health and fitness successes, failures, and goals all in one place! To help you get started, I’ve compiled a list of resources focused on bullet journaling for health and fitness.

Which bullet journal you use is a completely personal decision, but this dotted journal is a great way to get straight lines and boxes without the cluttered look of graph lines. And these beautiful bullet journal stickers are my absolute favorite!

Examples of People Using a Bullet Journal for Fitness

The Couponing Mommy | Bullet Journal with Fitness Goals

Etsy | Bullet Journal Printables for Fitness and Health

Slap Dash Mom | Bullet Journal Weight Loss Printable

Aspiring Bullet Journalist | Design Ideas for Setting up a Bullet Journal

Pretty Prints and Paper Instagram | Goal Setting Pages for Bullet Journaling 

Sublime Reflections | Bullet Journaling for Tracking Health and Fitness

Facebook Group | Bullet Journal Junkies

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