6 Tips for Beginning Drivers #MyTeenDriver

6 tips for beginning drivers

Thanks to the partnership I have with Discount Tire on this post, I am sharing tips for beginning drivers to keep our teen drivers safe. As our son approaches 16, he is excitedly thinking about independence and I am busy worrying about his safety. The ability to drive himself back and forth to school is…

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Nobody Warned Me (Thoughts from a mom of older kids)

Nobody warned me. Thoughts from the mom of older kids.

When the boys were younger, I volunteered in their classroom. I made dinner and gave them baths and did everything else a “normal” mom would do, dreaming of the days that they would be self-sufficient. I longed for the day they wouldn’t cry at the drop of a hat. The day when they would stop asking for…

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In Defense of Snapchat

In defense of Snapchat: Why I allow my teen to use the controversial app

I’ve written about the Snapchat app before. I’ve told you about why you should monitor Snapchat and other apps, and I’ve written about how it could be a dangerous app for kids. In this time of new technology, technology that we didn’t have as kids, it’s important to be flexible. I have no previous experience…

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