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For about a week now, I’ve been taking one or two of these weight management supplement capsules a day to see if it has an impact on my cravings, hunger, and ultimately–my weight. When calocurb reached out to me and asked if I’d review their supplement, my first thought was that I don’t use supplements for weight loss. I’m just not into it. But…then I noticed that the email said 100% plant based, there are only four ingredients and it’s clinically proven to activate a natural ‘stop-eating signal’…so I decided to at least look into it and maybe give it a try.

Calocurb is a plant based natural weight management supplement that has just four ingredients. I've noticed a reduction in hunger and less mid-day cravings since I've started taking it! #weightloss #naturalweightloss #fatloss

When calocurb came in the mail I did some more research and found that the four ingredients were pretty harmless.

What are the ingredients in the calocurb weight management supplement?

  1. Hops flower extract: Sourced from a specific variety of hops flower grown in clean, green New Zealand.
  2. Rosemary extract: This natural preservative makes calocurb stay effective longer.
  3. Canola seed: Rich in Omega-3s and low in saturated fats, canola oil makes calocurb easily absorbable.
  4. Capsule: calocurb’s patented, industry leading capsules are vegetarian, non-GMO certified and used in pharmaceutical products around the world.

Pretty harmless, right? I decided it was worth looking into for you guys–I receive a ton of emails about weight loss supplements from my readers.

Why take a weight management supplement?

While I’ll be the first to admit that I am not at my ideal weight, I’ll also admit that I haven’t tried very hard to lose. I’m an expert maintainer, you could say. I needed a little push in the right direction and between calocurb and the nutrition program I’m following, I’m foreseeing a loss in the near future.

my son and I at graduation

As I’ve literally just started out taking calocurb, I can’t speak to the end results yet, but what I’m hoping is that I’ll lose 10 pounds or so within the next month. This is in addition to nailing down my diet and not indulging on too much tequila or chocolate during the week.

Thus far, I’ve noticed that taking calocurb mid-morning (around 10:30) helps me to feel a more natural hunger than what normally happens to me–typically, I’m fine one minute and then I’m starving. If something isn’t prepped and waiting for me in the fridge I make a less than healthy choice about what food I eat. Same thing at around 3:00 when I take a second pill–I notice a huge change during this time because that’s when I typically start getting hungry and craving something crunchy, calocurb allows me the time to make a better choice about what my afternoon snack will be. Calocurb is a plant based natural weight management supplement that has just four ingredients. I've noticed a reduction in hunger and less mid-day cravings since I've started taking it! #weightloss #naturalweightloss #fatloss

Right now, I’m sitting in a hotel room in San Francisco–somewhere I’d usually make an excuse to celebrate and eat a little out of the norm. I love that I have calocurb here to help me stay on track.

Are there side effects from the calocurb weight management supplement?

I have not noticed any side effects. Again, I’ve been taking it for a little over a week now. I notice that I feel less hungry, that is all. Being less hungry definitely makes me think about food less, which allows me to feel more in control of what I eat. I am super sensitive to things I choose to put into my body because of my migraine headaches, and calocurb passed the ingredient test for me as well as the side effect test. My meals and snacks are on a rigid schedule because if my blood sugar drops, a migraine comes on–like clockwork. I’ve noticed no migraine side effect from this supplement. I’ll update in a few weeks with a final tally of weight loss, and am happy to answer any questions you might have in the comments below!

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This post is sponsored by calocurb, but the thoughts contained within it are my own and not provided by them. 

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  1. I’m trying to lose weight and I do fine all day and then night time comes and boom! Cravings hit! I need something like this to help me out.

    1. Same thing happens to me! The cravings are so hard to control.

  2. I have been dieting for a few months but still struggle with feeling hungry all the time – I think I may try this to help manage my hunger and cravings.

    1. That is the worst part about dieting–I hate feeling hungry. This definitely helped to curb the cravings and gave me time to prep something healthy.

  3. I just received my purchase today. I’ve read all kinds of reviews and I’m a little bit skeptical. I will however give this a try. If it can crave my hunger with no side horrible side effects – then it will be a game changer for me. I’ll come back in a couple weeks for the review.

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