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Growing up in New York, I loved fall. The smell of leaves burning is still my favorite smell ever, and I love walking through them when I get to fly back and visit.

Even though Arizona doesn’t actually get a true fall season, I still love this time of year. I fall in love with the beautiful autumn decor that shows up on everyone’s front porches and mantles, and yes–I even love the artificial warm and spicy smell of everything pumpkin this time of year. This year I wanted to concentrate on beautiful decorating ideas and not just crafts, so I’ve pulled together this list of upscale fall decorating ideas for you.

Get ready to pull out your fall decorations and create some new ones!

Upscale Fall decorating ideas from around the country

  1. Descriptive Basic Burlap Wreath Tutorial
  2. Pinecone Wreath
  3. Decorated Shelf and Entryway
  4. Candy Corn Centerpiece
  5. Fall Dining with Natural Elements
  6. Fall Vignettes
  7. Thanksgiving Hurricane Vases
  8. Fall Wreaths
  9. 3D Paper Pumpkin
  10. Stenciled Fall Welcome Mat
  11. Simple Hanging Fall Wreath Chandelier
  12. Burlap Wrapped Candles
  13. Burlap Baskets
  14. Fall Ruffle Pillows
  15. Fall Book Page Wreath
  16. Fall Mantle
  17. Book Balls
  18. Front Porch Fall Colors
  19. Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece
  20. Holiday Shelf Ideas
  21. Fall Decor Ideas

Are your favorite fall decorations handmade or store bought?

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  1. Lee Teague says:

    I love this! Thanks for putting so many great ideas in one place!

  2. Hey there! Thanks for including my fall wreaths in your list! Appreciate it! Great ideas here!

  3. Love all of these – great collection of ideas! Thanks for including the book balls :-). Pinning!

  4. I also moved “away” from fall – not quite as extreme, but across Texas – and have less of one than growing up. So I know exactly what you mean! I’ve started to try to really enjoy the fall wildflowers as a way to embrace fall. And this year I bought 2 big potted mums and 4 inexpensive-sized pumpkins for my porch and steps and I love it! (Even though there are still green live oaks on either side.)

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