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I was thinking about doing a meme for New Year’s.

Here we go… countdown with me…


The post that started it all. Short and sweet, but super-cute.


Fire! Hilarious. A perfect example of our everyday life.


The fastest hamburger in Arizona Just laughed out loud while re-reading it.


What A Day! The day that I was most thankful for a video camera. And dogs. And a husband.


Rest in peace, Mr. Hamster

The NEW Mr. Hamster

The hamster stories. You can’t read just one.


What do you do? About the best Dad in the world.


Poor Jack. Poor Mom. Ugh. Jack’s rite of passage into boyhood. Not fun at all.


Can we keep it? Desert + boys = fun times


The million dollar question. You know the one.


Tucson’s Most Wanted: Kids Edition This was the most fun to put together!

Happy New Year!!

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