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It can be tough trying to figure out how to remove odor from Instant Pot sealing rings. Here are some tips on how to remove the smell from sealing rings.

I’ll also give you some tips on how to remove odor from Instant Pot lids and basins as well.

It can be tough trying to figure out how to remove odor from Instant Pot sealing rings. Here are some tips on how to remove the smell from sealing rings. #instantpot #pressurecooker #IPcooking #pressurecooking

If you are like me, you might have noticed that once you cook something in the Instant Pot that is rather pungent (in a good OR bad way) it kind of hangs around.

I haven’t had anything end up tasting like the smell but it’s not fun to think about when you are switching between savory, sweet, and neutral flavor profiles. This happens most often with a brand new pot.

Owning an Instant pot is definitely a game changer in the kitchen. It saves me all kinds of time and energy and I get to spend those precious moments doing other stuff, you can too!

If you don’t know what an Instant Pot is, you can check out this post where I explain it, I’ve also put together this post on how to choose the right Instant Pot for you and your family size.

labeled image of instant pot parts

What are some ways to remove odors from the Instant Pot?

Can I Steam Clean the Instant Pot? 

You can steam clean your Instant Pot with some cut up lemons and 2 cups of water.

Run for 2 minutes on the “steam” setting with the sealing ring intact, and tis will help you remove odors from the Instant Pot and the sealing ring all at once.

You will want to leave the steam release naturally and then let the sealing ring air dry afterwards.

Is there a way to fully disassemble and deep clean the Instant Pot? 

This is a little more in depth process for cleaning your Instant Pot and removing odors from Instant Pot parts.

1. Always start with an unplugged Instant Pot.

2. Take the inner pot and the lid apart and clean those first. You can use a cotton or microfiber cloth, some dish soap and vinegar to clean, disinfect, and polish up the Instant Pot surfaces.

3. Make sure you also clean the exterior of your Instant Pot while you are working your way through this process. The housing will need cleaning but can NOT be submerged in water.

4. To deep clean the lid and remove odor from Instant Pot parts you will need to remove the steam release handle, the anti block shield, and then remove any dirt or particles that might be in the steam valve.

Note: Do not remove the steam valve itself, just make sure it’s clean and sanitized. Reassemble the lid components and we will move on!

5. Cleaning the float valve and the silicone ring that anchored the float valve. They can both be replaced once you are done with the cleaning process.

6. Next up you will need to remove the sealing ring, make sure it’s in good condition and doesn’t need replacing.

You can soak in vinegar to remove odors after you steam clean it. The sealing ring can also go through a cycle in the dishwasher to help remove debris, smells, and lingering food bacterial!

7. You will want to give the inner pot, steam rack, and any other accessories a good scrubbing.

You can use vinegar to help refresh and shine the inner pot. Don’t use anything metallic for scouring because it can damage the finish!

These items can also be soaked in vinegar and run through the dishwasher if there is a big time odor issue or if you just want to be extra thorough!

8. After those final pieces are clean you are ready to reassemble and get back to cooking up delicious meals…like any of these…or these…or these!

What are some ways to remove the smell from sealing rings?

Can I steam clean the sealing rings? 

One of the easiest ways to remove the smell from sealing rings in the Instant Pot is to place it inside the Instant Pot, add 1 tablespoon of baking soda, some lemon rinds, and two cups of water. Run on a “steam” cycle for 2 minutes and then let the sealing ring air dry.

Some have seen great results by cooking potatoes or pasta, as well. I think those “carby” foods absorb some of the smell.

Should I just replace the sealing rings? 

If you encounter a smell that is just entirely stuck on there you might want to replace the sealing rings.

Of course, we want to figure out how to remove the smell from sealing rings but as the Instant Pot becomes a more and more popular device in the kitchen the sealing rings and other accessories are getting cheaper!

This three pack is only $10 and if you follow the advice below you shouldn’t have to replace them very often.

What is the benefit of having multiple sealing rings for my Instant Pot?

I use my Instant Pot for all sorts of recipes. Everything from ribs to cupcakes, and those two things do not mix!

I don’t want cupcakes that smell or tastes like ribs and vice versa. An easy way to avoid the odd smells and mixing of flavors is to follow the steam cleaning process and keep one on hand for each flavor profile that you use regularly.

You can get a three pack of Instant Pot sealing rings on Amazon. Assign each a color for sweet, savory, and neutral items like sanitizing, hard boiling eggs, pasta, etc.

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  1. I usually run it through the dishwasher. Also, I store the lid and pit separately. I found I have less of an issue with smell lingering than when I store the pot with the lid on it.

    1. Thanks for this tip!! I’ve started doing this and definitely notice a difference!

    2. I put my lid upside down on the pot. Takes up the same amount of storage space but let’s everything air out and odors dissipate.

      1. That’s how I store mine too! I do not have any issues with odor on my ring!

  2. I put mine outside for two days in the sun!!

    1. Ugh, I love in Nebraska, I’ve not seen the sun in days.

      1. Mine froze to the table

      2. LOL

  3. Susan Rubright says:

    I also put a squirt or two of Dawn dish liquid, baking soda, 3/4 cup vinegar, hot boiled water in my inner pot. add sealing ring to that. Let it soak a while. If food was stuck on bottom of pot, it washes right out without scrubbing hard.

    1. This is a great tip–it’s how I clean my shower, so it would be easy for me to do!

  4. Sandra Abercrombie says:

    I found that storing my Instant Pot with an open box of baking soda inside keeps the odors away.

      1. Diane M. Jung says:

        Why do we need tips to get the smell out of the ring ? This shouldn’t even be happening! Company needs to inprove the quality. I have had pressure cookers ( 2) and never had this problem. Making me question my purchase.

      2. I agree! I used my last pressure cooker for years and this never happened.

      3. I agree with Judy & Diane…I’ve also used pressure cookers for over 60 years & have never had a smell issue. The company needs to change the composition of the rings.

      4. Right? Our house has smell liked garlic since my wife made her first meal in it. Finally found the smell, now we have to do extra work to make the smell go away. I kind of just want to return it???

      5. Cover your instant pot with a kitchen towel when venting after cooking so the steam doesn’t rise and hit the ceiling or cabinets I burn a strong kitchen candle afterwords which removes the smell.

      6. The instant pot ring is made of a different material. Silicone vs rubber, must contribute to the difference. ?? So far my instant pot ring has not developed a “smell”. If it does I will keep the vinegar reference in mind. I have been using pressure cookers for well over 60 years. I have had to replace rubber seals over the years. Now my local hardware stores do not carry them. Good thing I don’t cook as much as I did in the past.

      7. Me, too! I have never had an issue with my pressure cookers smelling, but the sealing rings are made out of a kind of rubber. The IP rings are silicone, which must make the difference. On another note, my unit has not worked properly in regards to timing and it has taken me 7 months to get a replacement from them, and then, they only replaced the base unit. Talk about poor customer service and cheap on top of it. There is also a recall on certain models of IP’s that are overheating and melting! It has taken them several months to address that issue with the customers who have had that problem and it is still not resolved. Thank heavens I didn’t have the overheating problem, mine just wouldn’t cook sometimes or the timing would be way off. I had to use the timer on the stove along with the pot programming to know for sure if it had gone the proper amount of time. Very disappointed in it!

      8. Elisabeth says:

        I too, have had the problem of sometimes cooking more or less. Same with the saute function. I was really surprised that they only replace the base also. Who would think. I have had mine since Nov./2017. BUT I will say, the response was pretty good and in replacing. I will do the same test on the new one, as I did; as instructed on the faulty one, to make sure the heating element is working properly.

  5. I hand wash my seal8ng ring and then I put it in the sun. Takes the smell out. Then I wash it by hand or into the dish washer. Thanks for the other tips

  6. Put the ring in the pot, fill with warm water, and add two denture tablets. Soak overnight, rinse, and air dry in the dish rack.

    1. How ingenious, maybe I’ll put moms dentures in and multitask. ;-)

      1. LOL. Hillarious.

  7. So, you can use the steam setting without the seal in the lid? You just place the seal inside the pot to soak in the water? How does it ever come to pressure without the seal? Sorry for all of the questions!

    1. I was wondering this myself. Maybe have to have another ring to swap out. Also I wondered why not just run the steam cycle thru the ring with it in place. Makes sense that if the rings gets smells while cooking it would become clean while steaming with said ingredients.

  8. Thank you for the tips!9

  9. How do I get the sealing ring off?

    1. It comes out of my 6qt pretty easily, but I can’t easily get it out of my 8qt!

  10. I love my electric pressure cooker, smell and all, the suggestions are great though
    For the gentleman that couldn’t remove the odor from his house, I put a little bit of peppermint oil on a small paper towel in a glass dish, leave it over night and in the morning the odor is gone make sure to flush the paper towel it keeps smelling. It also works for burnt food smell.

  11. For me, I wash my lid, ring, steam vent, steam cap and outer ring, every single use. There are too many nooks and crannies, for mold and bacteria to grow in. As for the sealing ring, I wash it, place it back in the lid, and store the lid upside-down after each use. I do not have any issues with odors.

    I have been completely taken aback at the number of people who do not regularly clean their seal, or even the lid to their IP. I have seen threads with hundreds of comments from people, who claim they clean their lid, seal and the ring around the inner put where the lid locks in, only once a month or less. And they claim to never have cleaned the inner burner top, the pot sits on.To each his own, but I am not about getting anyone sick.

    1. When ypu clean the steam vent and steam cap, are you taking them apart/off, or just washing them with a soapy rag while still attached to the lid?

      I read somewhere that the lid is dishwasher safe. Is that true?

      1. No, Do Not put in the dishwasher! And yes, you take all the parts of the lid apart and hand wash everything. Store your lid upside down to keep the ring odor free!!

  12. Maybe this is not a good way to get rid of the strong smell from our chicken noodle soup… but after cleaning the lid and dry it and I added a used coffee pod and sprinkle the used coffee grins on the metal lid with the rim left on it… let sit over night….

  13. Hi. I have the Pressure Cooker XL, can it be cleaned this way as well? Thanks!

    1. Hi Gina!

      I’d assume that your ring can be cleaned the same but Ive never used that brand before!

  14. Line White says:

    those rings are $55 not $10

      1. Line White says:

        Still says 55.57 for me…this is where i clicked:
        (This three pack is only $10 and if you follow the advice below you shouldn’t have to replace them very often)

      2. Any chance you’re not in the US?

  15. Line White says:

    Canada, but the difference should by that much…no biggie, don’t need any, it’s a brand new pot, so won’t need for a while :)

    1. Jack Poulter says:

      Try checking the price at

  16. Dawn (the dishwashing detergent people) recently intro’s straw cleaners to their scrubbing line. Very small, perfect for the rim and rings. Don’t scratch your pots! These work great. Found them in grocery cleaning aisle.

  17. Read through and tried every single idea to get the smell out of the ring. Unfortunately I have to buy replacement rings. I’ve used it many times and never had an issues with odor until I cooked sausage & peppers. UGH the smell from just having the ring sitting on the drying rack after cleaning was horrible. The whole kitchen stunk! I now have the ring outside as I can’t take it LOL. Going to bag it and only use it for sausage & peppers, if I ever get over that smell that is LOL. Thanks for all the ideas on cleaning though.

  18. How do you remove the sealing rings from the lid

    1. My 6 qt had a sealing ring that came out super easy–my 8qt you have to push it below the outer ring and pull it out. It’s a little bit of a pain :)

  19. Priscilla Crain says:

    I have 3 different rings I use regularly depending on what I cook. When done, I soak the sealing ring in vinegar and dish washing soap, let it air dry then store it in a ziploc bag with baking soda. If it’s an especially fragrant ring like the one I use to cook Indian dishes, I couble bag it.

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