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You know about funfetti, sprinkles in cake mix, what an idea! But did you know that there’s a whole world of funfetti cocktails out there too? It’s basically a wonderland of cake themed drinks for adults. Make a note, these are perfect for everyday life AND birthday parties. I’d take one of these funfetti cocktails over an actual cake and I’d do it happily. Taking one for the team there, I know.

Funfetti cocktails are fun, delicious, and perfect for parties! They are sure to impress your guests, good luck drinking just one!

While I probably won’t get crazy rich from this funfetti cocktails discovery, I mean sprinkles in cake mix…it’s not that hard, where was I on that one?! They are still really fun to make, they look amazing, and taste even better. Funfetti cocktails are an excellent party drink. They will impress all of your guests and who could say ‘no’ to a tasty cake flavored beverage? No one! A crowd-pleaser for sure.

Funfetti Cocktails:

Pick your favorites! You can try them all and make a truly informed decision…I recommend an informed decision! These DIY Cocktail Napkins can supplement your amazing funfetti cocktails as well.

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