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If you’re looking for an updated 21 Day Fix Food List to print and hang on the fridge, I’ve got one for you! There are two versions of the list – a one page list for handy access on the go and a two page list with some extra info like flours and milks and a larger font.

Beachbody has updated their food list over the years, and the 21 Day Fix has slowly evolved into the nutrition program called Portion Fix. Beachbody has spoken unofficially on social media about foods not on the list, and I’ve pulled together all of that information for you along with the official food list and created a handy food list that you can reference.

colored containers in the background with blue and white text that says 21 day fix updated food list 2024. Small images of the three printables as well as features of the lists featured at the bottom.

Why does your food list look different? 

When I’m in my kitchen cooking, or answering questions from readers, I like to be able to easily reference the Ultimate Portion Fix book. I don’t carry the book with me though, so it’s always helpful to have this Printable Updated 21 Day Fix Food List with me. I have a screenshot of it on my phone so I can reference it while I’m out, as well as one that I have printed and hung on my fridge. 

I’m not a Beachbody coach or salesperson, I’m just like you – someone on a lifelong journey to a healthy lifestyle. I have taken courses and earned my Precision Nutrition Certificate, so much of the information I share is from a nutrition background as well.

What is included on the 21 Day Fix Updated Food List?

The ONE page color coded food list contains the approved items from each of the food groups / color-coded containers:

(as a bonus, each link below leads to a list of recipes that counts as at least one full container of each color – this is so helpful when meal planning!)

  • Green Container: 1 cup, veggies like lettuce, broccoli, collard greens, and asparagus.
  • Blue Container: 1/3 cup, healthy fats like cheese, avocado, and coconut milk
  • Orange Container:  2 tablespoons, like pumpkin seeds and dressings
  • Purple Container: 1 cup, fruits such as apples, bananas, and berries. 
  • Red Container: 3/4 cup, protein like protein powder, tofu, cottage cheese, whole eggs and egg whites, and greek yogurt. The vegan list has vegan foods such as veggie burger, beans, and tempeh. 
  • Yellow Container: 1/2 cup, whole grain english muffins, peas and carrots, and sweet potatoes.
  • Free food list (yup, there are free foods on the list!)
  • Teaspoons: a literal teaspoon, mayo, nut butter, and extra-virgin olive oil
  • Treat swaps: Your “junk food” is a treat swap.
  • Coffee bar options
  • Water options
  • Each list also contains a page of shopping tips, FIX tips, and life tips for the most successful round. These are things you might need explained to you, like how tomato sauce counts as a green if there is no sugar added, but a purple if the ingredient list contains sugar.

The TWO page color coded food list includes all of the above plus:

  • It contains larger print
  • Flour options and their containers
  • Milk options and their containers
Background is food list with small blocks of text that are larger and stand out to show the features of the list.

I’ve also added information that every FIXer should know, including container sizes and nutrition information for each container. This 21 Day Fix container guide helps you make educated decisions when you’re choosing what to eat.

For example, knowing that the yellow container averages 45-140 calories, you can assume that one 120 calorie serving of whole grain bread is a yellow. This helps you when picking out foods at the grocery store!

Click below to view, download, or take a screenshot of my printable 21 Day Fix Food Lists!

Looking for more 21 Day Fix resources?

If you’re looking for more tools like meal planning worksheets, weight loss and measurement trackers, and even an editable meal planning spreadsheet, you’re going to love my free printable library.

If you’d like access to the printables, please sign up for emails and my login will be sent to you. (After entering your email address, you will be added to the My Crazy Good Life email list. You can unsubscribe at any time.)

Becca’s Tip: Download and print two copies of the list. If you’re printing the two-sheet option, place pages back to back in a clear page protector. Hang one on the side of your refrigerator, stick one in your meal planner, and take one with you to the grocery store so you have an easily accessible shopping list to make refer to while you shop.

What’s the difference between the 21 Day Fix and Ultimate Portion Fix?

The 21 Day Fix program has undergone many changes over the years. In 2019, Beachbody decided to call it the Ultimate Portion Fix, and currently it’s known as Portion Fix.

Is the 21 Day Fix Food List in a certain order?

Yes! I know a lot of people are frustrated that the list isn’t in alphabetical order, but there is a reason for this. 

While all of these foods are healthy and promote weight loss, the most nutritious ones are at the top of each container list. If you’re looking for the best way to buckle down past a plateau and continue losing weight, for example, I’d choose sweet potatoes over brown rice, or chicken breast over beef.

21 day fix containers on marble counter with instant pot in background

More 21 Day Fix Resources:

-There are more than 280 clean eating and healthy 21 Day Fix recipes here on My Crazy Good Life, and all have containers calculated for you. There are new recipes added weekly!

How to count containers for a recipe on the Fix video (there is a written explanation as well).

How to tell if something is 21 Day Fix approved

-Meal prep is not necessary for the Fix, but meal planning is. Think of it like a budget–instead of money, you’re budgeting your food to get the most success on the diet.

  • Free 21 Day Fix Meal Plans These sample plans include different meals made from the approved food list that fit within your daily calories.
  • Paid 21 Day Fix Meal Plan Options These include a grocery list and tells you what to eat every day of the week. There are meal plan options for every bracket, based on your calorie needs
Can you drink on the 21 Day Fix?

You can! Alcohol counts as a yellow container treat swap on the 21 Day Fix. Learn more about 21 Day Fix treat swaps.

What do the 21 Day Fix colored containers mean?

Veggies are GREEN, Fruits are PURPLE, Proteins are RED, Healthy Carbs are YELLOW, Healthy Fats are BLUE, and Seeds and Dressings are ORANGE. Read more about 21 Day Fix Containers.

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  1. WOW thank you so much for the up dated list. I put in on my fridge and one in my car for when I do groceries.

    Thanks a bunch,

  2. Thanks so much for the list. I have one questions though, why is beef based broth – 8 cups classed as a protein and chicken based broth 4 cups classed as a carb? If they are both meat broths should they not be the same?

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      I don’t know–I didn’t create the list. Autumn goes back and forth on this, saying “It’s cold out in most parts of the country and everyone wants to eat soup. A lot of people have been asking what chicken noodle soup counts as. Here it is. If it’s the soup—with the chicken and the noodles—then one cup is 1/2 yellow and 1/2 red.
      If it’s just the broth—no solids—2 cups is 1/2 a red container.”

      She has also mentioned that if it’s homemade and/or sodium free, it’s free. I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you–we’ve researched this a bit.”

  3. Lisa Segura says:

    This is brilliant! Thanks so much for putting everything all on one page!

  4. Brooke Goldstein says:

    I didn’t know that 4 tsp of natural sugars was allowed….where did you find that information?
    Thanks! I love this list!

  5. Why should I trust a blogger for this list when the list is on the Beachbody website? I just signed up yesterday. Don’t they update their own list? I’m a little confused…

    1. You don’t have to trust anyone you don’t want to :)

      I took the time to update the list with all of the unpublished updates from Autumn and Beachbody-like mayo, some treat swaps, and milks. Beachbody hasn’t updated the list in a few years.

      1. Thank you for doing that. That’s a little frustrating that they don’t update the list. I’ll print yours. Thanks for your hard work

  6. This is an amazing list…I’m new to 21 Day Fix and this will really help! Thank you!

  7. Ginny Leach says:

    Hi I was wondering what container a spring roll rice paper would count as. Do you know?
    ThAnk you

    1. Hey! It’s not on the list anywhere but I see a lot of people count it as 3 wraps for 1Y. :)

      1. Ginny Leach says:

        Thank you so much!!

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Just started this week. Your list has made my life so much easier. Thank you for this gift !!!

  9. Alistaire says:

    First off – thank you so much for this list! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your compilation – and this is perfectly and beautifully done! That said…do you by any chance have one for vegetarians – where she outlines her A & B yellow categories and protein options? Or do you know someone who has? I’d be so grateful for the pointers.

    1. Hi Alistaire! You’re so welcome :)

      No, there is no “approved” plan for vegetarians–unfortunately. I think Beachbody missed the boat on that, since they have a vegan one!

  10. Thanks for this, I do have a quick question, unsweetened applesauce is a purple AND a yellow?

    1. Sweetened is yellow, unsweetened is purple!

  11. Hi.. I just wrote out my meal plan and what containers I’ll eat at all my 5 meals. I put the exact amounts in my food tracker app, after weighing everything. It’s easier for me to know what each container holds in grams and then just put everything on the scale when I meal prep or make my lunch for work. Anyway.. I’m suppose to eat 1800-2099 calorie range.. after putting the exact amounts in my ap.. it came to only 1600 calories. And I’m 100% positive I included all the containers.. what should I do? This is a big discrepancy and it puts me into too much of a deficit for safe fat loss and avoiding metabolic adaptation. Help!!!

    1. Carrie, the calories usually balance out for the week (there isn’t too much over or under each day). It does seems like a lot of deficit for you though. Are you sure you’ve calculated your bracket right, and that you didn’t accidentally put maintenance mode in your app?

      I can’t answer this specifically because I didn’t create the diet plan, but I know that these things happen and if you trust the containers you’ll lose weight in a healthy way. Maybe try to bring in the more high calorie foods to fill your containers on days you’re lacking? I never count the calories–just the containers.

  12. This is a wonderful resource! Thank you so much!

  13. Hi Becca ,
    I’m wondering if larabars are “21 day” approved? I can’t find anything on them.
    I love your recipes! They help me give a new twist to
    dinner time!

    1. Hi Yvonne! By the book, no–they’re not approved. One date is a treat swap, and we can assume that each Larabar contains more than one date. BUT it’s one of the cleaner bars out there and if it’s an emergency situation it’s a better choice. I wouldn’t eat them all the time, though. :)

  14. Are the recipes in your Ultimate Toolkit book the same as Fixate 1?

    1. No, they are from our websites as well as four exclusive recipes. There are also other resources in the Toolkit :)

  15. Hi there! I’m not sure what extension you’re talking about – after you fill out the form, the link and password for all of my printables is sent to your email :)

  16. I used your email from your comment (with a .com instead of the .con, I assumed it was a typo) and sent you the info. Please check your spam :)

  17. Alexandria says:

    Unless I’m overlooking it, I can’t find the updated list on your website. Can you tell me where it is? Thanks!

    1. Hey Alexandria! Yup, as soon as you enter your email address in the form you’ll be emailed the info! There is a video on the page about how to do it, too :)

  18. Jennifer Gibson-Millis says:

    Thanks for making this super helpful doc! I know it will help me stay on track;)

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