Apple iOS7 Tips and Tricks

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iOS8 is set to be released the week of September 8, 2014. Visit this post for #iOS8 tips and tricks!

Update: At the end of this post are answers I’ve found to the most asked questions about the new iOS7 including pictures and wallpaper automatically resizing and losing the post to twitter and Facebook in the notification center.

As someone in the Apple Developer program, I was able to download iOS7 onto our iPhones before the release. We (Michael and I) wanted to share our favorite features with you, as well as some tips and tricks you might need to function when you first update your operating system to iOS7!

iOS7 Tips and Tricks


What We Love About iOS7

  • Multiple pages of apps within folders.
  • The default weather app–shows animations of the current weather in your area.

What We Don’t Love About iOS7

  • The lag time when switching between apps “the old way.” While the animation does make for a cooler look, it makes the overall experience seem a little slower. And yes, I realize I’m talking about .002 seconds. You can call me spoiled. It’s much quicker to use the double-click method explained below.
  • Michael thinks the new operating system makes his iPhone look like a Droid–I agree, there are some definite similarities.
  • I really thought there would be a one-handed way to take a screenshot–kind of bummed it hasn’t changed.

iOS7 Tips And Tricks

Multiple pages Of Apps Within Folders

A dream come true for app junkies and bloggers, this is the smartest feature I’ve found:

Folders in iOS7

Just keep adding apps to existing folders to take advantage of this feature. Drag from one screen to the next as you would on your home screens (touch and hold app, wait for it to shake and drag it to the next screen).

To Multitask and Close Apps In iOS7

Double click the home button (the small round button on the bottom front) and slide to easily switch between apps:

Switch apps in iOS7

To close an app, “flick” it upward. This takes some getting used to as you can see here in this video, but you’ll learn quickly.

Close Apps in iOS7


Apple has preloaded some fun dynamic wallpapers that work well with their Parallax feature, the which makes the background seem almost 3D. The wallpapers that come with the new operating system are fairly basic, but as you can see there are colors to match the new iPhone 5c:

iOS7 Wallpapers

The colors go even further than the wallpaper–the control center feature also matches the wallpaper color and with the new iPhone 5c, your case color can now be integrated with your phone’s software.

If you’re looking for some more iOS7 backgrounds, here are 20 Parallax (dynamic) wallpapers for your iPhone from The Next Web.

Swipe Up For Control Center

The new swipe up feature for the iOS7 Control Center takes the place of what would take multiple clicks in iOS6. What used to be Settings > Brightness is now a swipe up from the bottom of the screen and a quick drag of a slider.

My favorite features of the Control Center are the flashlight, wi-fi settings, airplane mode and screen orientation.

The Control Center is available from any screen in iOS7, including the lock screen.

iOS7 Control Center

Here’s a full list of the features you’ll find in your control center:

  • Airplane mode
  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Screen Orientation
  • Brightness
  • Music Controls
  • Airdrop and Airplay
  • Flashlight
  • Timer
  • Calculator
  • Camera

Continue To Swipe Down For Notifications

Your Notification Center is still available with a swipe down from the top of the screen.

iOS7 Notifications


Search In iOS7
You used to scroll left to the last screen to find a search bar, but now this feature is available by pulling down the home screen:

Search in iOS7

Tell me… what are your favorite tips about iOS7?

If you’re new to all things iPhone, check out my iPhone 101 post here:

iPhone Tips and Tricks

Your iOS7 questions: Answered.

My wallpaper is automatically resized. How do I fix it? This is a part of the Parallax feature. To turn off Parallax (and leave your wallpapers the size they were), Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion. This is also helpful if you have motion sickness and are not able to easily view your new iPhone screen.

Where are my quick post to tweet and post to facebook buttons that were in the notification center? Unfortunately, those are gone. Some people mentioned that they technically weren’t notifications, so they didn’t belong there to begin with–but I understand–they were there and you did use them. There’s mention of these being brought to the control center, so keep an eye on that.

The weather app can’t find my location! You may need to update a few things. Try Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Make sure your location is on for the weather app. If that didn’t work, try Settings > Notification Center > and make sure undr Today View: Calendar Day View > On. You may need to restart your phone after this to see the information in your notifications. Note: This information will be in text form–not the fun animated view from iOS6.

What’s the blue dot next to some of my apps? Since you don’t have to manually update your apps anymore, this blue dot lets you know that app was recently updated.


  1. Denise @ Life With Four Boys Coffee Please says

    I was looking forward to you putting this post together. I didn’t realize you would be so quick about it! I can’t wait to get mine….eventually. I have to have a cooler phone now that my husband has his “cool” phone. (Nothing beats an Apple ;) )

  2. Kelly @eclecticmommy says

    Still not sure I like the aesthetics. It’s going to take some getting used to. I’ll miss the old icons. Great tips!

    • marilyn macrae says

      I miss the old icons and I think the new screen is too bright. Is there anyway you can change back to the old operating system.

      • Christina says

        I agree, I miss them too. I also don’t like how when your phone is charging it doesn’t have the big battery any longer on it. I know it is just a aesthetic thing but still. Seems that the battery dies quicker and pages take longer to pull up. I want to go back too.

  3. says

    I don’t have any tips yet, since I wasn’t able to get my hands on a beta version. However, I am excited about the new operating system and to see what it offers. I just hope that all the glitches are worked out prior to them releasing it!

    • says

      Awesome tip I didn’t know about this one so thank you. Another great addition is the text to schedule feature. If anywhere in the conversation someone mentions plans, a date, or a time, the “appointment” will highlight itself in the conversation. You can then click on it and add the appointment directly to your calendar

        • Cat D says

          Seems like it’s not so much a swipe left as a slight pull or tug to the left to see the times. You have to move your finger on the screen a bit to the left & hold. The times should show. Try that. Hopefully it helps!

  4. Muhammad says

    For the screenshot problem , u can use the assistive touch ! Just go to settings > general > Accessibility and you’ll find it there ! Once activated , a bubble that u can change its position will pop out on your screen ! To screenshot , touch the bubble > device > more > screenshot ! U can also adjust the volume , mute and unmute , rotate screen , lock screen , activate siri , open multitasking , use the shake effect without actually shaking , go to home and use lovely getures u can create like scrolling up , down , right or left . Zoom and unzoom , and Many other things !

      • Kendall says

        It’s settings> general> accessibility> assistive touch> move the slider to on and it will automatically appear on your screen. Once you have it on your screen, press it and you can make your own shortcuts!

  5. Lindsey says

    I LOVE the weather app. I just figured out that it also shows what time sunset/sunrise is in the horizontal bar! Also, notes are much easier to read and write! Love my new iOS 7!!

      • Danna says

        What I’m wondering about the weather is is it used to be easy to get access to it from a swipe — now I have to actually access the app. I know I’m probably not wording this correctly and hope someone can figure out what I’m talking about :) I’m just wondering is there a shortcut that I just haven’t figured out yet?

        • Hanna says

          Yes, there is a shortcut! Just swipe down on you iphone. It doesn’t matter if its in lock screen or not! I use this feature every morning when i’m getting ready! so easy!! LOVE IOS7

  6. Kristi says

    The notification center (when you swipe down) no longer shows weather or allows tweeting or posting to Facebook. Any way to get those back? I accessed those items there all the time!

    • Becca says

      You can either visit the link on your phone and download them there, use a Dropbox to transfer files or email them to yourself!

  7. Callie says

    the only thing I don’t like and am trying to see if I can change is the bottom area where you can put your four main apps – such as phone, message, fb, and camera for mine-
    The color behind it completely blocks off the rest of the wallpaper and bugs me soo bad.
    Other than that I really like the changes!

  8. Kinzie says

    Thanks for posting, very helpful! The only thing I still need to know is the wallpaper. It’s too zoomed in when I try to change it, is there a way to fix this?

    • Becca says

      Ugh, I am right there with you! My favorite wallpaper doesn’t fit anymore!! Hoping they figure out a workaround soon – I haven’t figured one out yet :-/

      • Brittany says

        Not sure if this is possible for the wallpaper you want to use. But what I did was put my picture/quote in Paint on my computer and made it so it had a wide border (probably about 2 or 3 inches around the actual picture). I then sent it to my phone using my email and saved it to my camera roll. I was able to “scale” the picture back from there so it fit. Hope that helps.

        • Cat D says

          Hey Becca! Thanks for the awesome tips, but I tried the setting change to stop the rescale of photos for wallpaper & I’m still getting way too much zoom. Am
          I dim?? Thx!

  9. danica says

    When reading a text message, swipe right to return back to message inbox instead of having to press the <messages button…

    • Becca says

      I explained it above and even linked a video to show you how – it’s kind of a tricky movement to get the hang of at first!

  10. Kelsey says

    I hate how big your own pictures are on your wallpaper u can’t scale it at all , is there anyway to do something about this ?

  11. Bree lee says

    Thanks! Some great tips! As I was reading I saw you wish you could take a pic with one hand. Did you know when in the camera screen you can touch either of the volume buttons to take a picture? That way you can do it all with one hand! Just another tip incase you didn’t know!

  12. says

    If you go to “General” under “Settings” and click on “Accessibility” you can turn on assistive touch and screen shot with one hand. Granted, you will have a little floating button on your screen unless you turn the assistive touch off.

  13. says

    So I can’t figure out half of these tips that you mentioned. When I pull downwards on the home screen I get the notification window – not the search.

  14. holly says

    i really miss being able to tweet from the control center. i know you can text to tweet or use siri, but it doesn’t seem as efficient to me. and the new design looks like a cartoon threw up on my phone.

    however i do like the new additions to the control center.

  15. Brooke says

    My weather app isn’t working (with my location services) but I can look up other locations weather, just not my own. It’s also not showing up in the drop down menu… any ideas?

    • megan says

      To delete an entire conversation swipe left like you always did. to delete individual messages within a conversation hold down on one text, click more and it will pop up with the bubbles on the left side where you can choose which ones you want to check off and click delete in the top left corner.

  16. Kelly says

    You already can take one-handed screenshots with iOS6. Clicking the minus volume button on the left of the phone allows you to hold the phone with one hand and take pictures with the front camera.

  17. Angee says

    Thanks! So far, like a bunch of people have mentioned, the wallpaper pic being too zoomed in seems to be the thing that bugs me the most. What is the airdrop and airplay? And how do they work?

  18. Morgan says

    I don’t like how when you want to make a picture your lock screen, it automatically zooms in. Which means you don’t get the whole picture like you used to. Is there a way to change this? Hopefully they’ll fix this! Other wise, I love it!

      • Becca says

        I updated my post and added the answer I found to your question at the bottom- I love that there’s a fix to this feature, as I was just as bummed as you were!

  19. Jordan says

    I don’t like how it beeps when you charge your phone when it is finished! I have to keep my phone on for work purposes but the charging alert went off all night! Any way of turning this off?

  20. Megan says

    I currently have a photo on my lock screen and different wallpaper for my home screens. When I try to change to one of the new backgrounds it wants to change both. Is there a way for me to leave the photo in the lock screen and only change the wallpaper in the home screens?

  21. Brianne says

    Hold down on the text message that was sent to Copy or More. More allows you to delete the sent message or forward what you sent to another person.

  22. Wendy says

    I am loving the new IOS7. I love that the folders hold more apps! I had to re-size my pic for the lockscreen but that is all I had to do. Once I re-sized it, the picture worked great. It’s like having a new phone :)

  23. says

    Thanks for this post! The swipe to the right in messages to see what time you sent a text thing is awesome! I didn’t know about that one. Didn’t know about the folders either! I’m not a big fan of the super bright, cartoony-ness of the icons, some of the changes made to the calendar, and the fact that the search bar and address bar are now combined in safari, but other than those things, I’m adjusting! :)

  24. Lindsay says

    Does anyone else have the issue of their home screen pictures being too big? When I select a picture to make as my homepage I cannot zoom out or move it, so often times my nephews adorable face is blocked by the apps!!! With the old iOS you could zoom in or out and move pictures around. Now you can’t and you can’t get your screen to how you want it. Anyone have any suggestions? Any way to get around this??

  25. says

    I just downloaded the previous update last weekend, I’m always one step behind the times! I can’t wait to play with this new update, thanks for the tips!

  26. Helen says

    I love the fact that the clock for the timer icon (where you set your alarms etc.) actually shows the right time of day. It even has a sweeping hand showing the seconds.

  27. Cally says

    Where can I find the weather information quickly? On the old version I could pull down from the top and find out the weather temps etc. right away. If I do that now, I only get access to the control center. Help!

    • Ashlee says

      You can go into settings then to messages, then at the bottom of the screen go to blocked. Add any number there and thy can’t send you texts or call you!

      • Jackie says

        You can also block someone that’s a current contact by viewing their number as you would normally do. Scroll to bottom and click on Block Caller.

  28. Ashley says

    This post was really helpful! I just hope they fix the zoomed wallpaper soon, I hate that I can’t put some of my favorite pictures as my background due to this! I recently switched from an android that did this and was looking forward to being able to have I regular sized background so I’m disappointed with that feature.

    • Becca says

      I agree! It’s actually part of the Parallax feature – I updated my post and added directions for turning it off at the end :)

    • Becca says

      If you backed up your phone before the update you should be able to plug your phone to your computer and recover them or restore from backup.

  29. Michelle D says

    so far I am not crazy about the new look. I am also not happy that I am no longer able to send photos or videos via text message. Have you heard of anyone else having this problem?

  30. Angela says

    My phone is no longer sending IMessages.
    It’s sending them as text messages. And my phone
    Won’t alowe me to get iMessages. Just text messages.
    Does anyone know what I can do to fix the problem?

  31. Courtney says

    When in the control center to easily access the music app just click on the name of the song/artist currently playing and it will quickly switch to the music app to the now playing screen. Not from the locked screen but once its unlock it will do this.

  32. Rachel says

    I’m not in love with the look/graphics at all! The icons are bubble-like; looks like a 4 yr olds toy. Space between letters when texting/emailing is further apart, muscle memory is all messed up! Really hate the solid color behind icons, especially on home screen bottom. Font on key pad, email is too light & hard to see. Don’t like all the different colors one email thread is displayed in. I really don’t have one good thing to say about upgrade. Wish I would’ve backed up before upgrading, I’d def go back!!

  33. Risa says

    I had a problem when I tried to update the iPad in my apple account. Phone was fine but the iPad update set my phone number as some random number and when I’d iMessage it would display to others but then not let them text back. If I turned off iMessage and FaceTime it was ok. I wasn’t ok with leaving those off so I started searching the internet for fixes… Nothing regarding ios7 but things kept saying turn off iMessage & FaceTime then back on and it’ll pick up your correct number. No luck so I gave up and reset the phone then restored from last backup. After that problem was solved!!! Soo odd!!!

  34. Ashlee says

    With the 4s I get to take panoramic photos now! I am so excited for this feature! It was the one feature that really caught my eye when the 5 came out. Love the new notes section! Not so crazy about the calendar, it will take some getting used to and really don’t like that it stretches your photos when you try to set them as your wallpaper. But overall, I love the new look! Even if it looks like a droid. My husband has a droid and I can’t work the dang thing! ;)

  35. Michelle says

    Since updating I can no longer use landscape view when playing words with friends, it’s so annoying, is anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks..Michelle

      • Linda says

        I just found the correction for this this morning. You can swipe up the bottom where you can get to some settings. There are circles with symbols at the top. The one on the right is a picture of a lock. If it is locked, you tap it and it will unlock so you don’t have the “portrait screen” locked on and it should enable you to have horizontal views!

  36. Leslie in AK says

    I really do not like the new calendar! Is there a way to see a whole calendar page at once? Right now I can just see one week at a time. It was nice to see those little dots that told you there was an event that day; could see it all at a glance.

    Also, you can not just clear a convo in texts; you have to get to your message list and edit that list and delete. This is a pain because then you have to start a whole new text message next time.

    Those are the two main things I would like back. Granted, maybe the change abilities are there and I just havent found them, yet.

    Thanks for the great article!

    • Jackie D says

      If you click on the name of the month, the whole month will appear. If you click on the search icon (magnifying glass, each day will appear in list form.

    • Kelley says

      For deleting specific texts, just hold your finger down on the bubble, and when the edit bar pops up just click “more”. It will then allow you to choose which messages you’d like to delete.

      • Linda says

        The thing I don’t like about the new calendar is that it is too easy to move (in the month view) I want it stablize when I get to a month, but it just flows from one to the other when you scroll and you may end up with half of one month and half another…fine if you want to see it that way, but confusing if you just want it line up like a wall calendar!!

  37. Morgan says

    I love the look of yhe new update but now since I have done the update my typing is very delayed and super slow. Please help me to fix this probelm. Because it is very annoying! I have HE IPHONE 4 s through AT&T!

  38. Jackie D says

    I find the icons to be too light colored. They don’t pop unless you use a dark background. With the lighter colored (pastel) backgrounds, the icons just blend in.

  39. Liz says

    I updated last night and now my charger (not an apple charger) wont work. It keeps saying this product does not support… does anyone have a fix for this?

  40. Sydnee says

    Another get tip for when you are closing out apps: If you double click your home button you will notice that you can see three open apps at a time. Take three fingers and place on each one and flick upwards. You can close up to three at a time. (:

  41. Lindsay P says

    I’m not liking the new calendar but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can ZOOM on video now… Before and during recording!!
    And that there’s a level in the compass app.
    And in a group message it shows the pics next to the senders messages too!

    Loving the new update!!

  42. Julie says

    The folders are a puke color. Can you develop something that allows users to choose their color preference? This looks ugly. Also, why the cartoon toddler toy effect on the aps?

  43. Toni Wilson says

    The new camera options are wonderful. If ur like me and you use your iPhone to take lots of pictures of your children playing sports; the new shutter speed on the camera is great. Just hold down the capture button and it takes multiple pictures.

  44. Heather says

    Anyone with the 5 having trouble saving photos that people send you in text messages? Only option is to copy. I used to be able to “save as image”. Help!

    • Christina says

      Click on the picture so you’re viewing it at full screen size. Down on the lower left hand corner, you’ll see a box w/ an arrow pointing up out of the top. (If it’s not there, just tap your screen for it to appear). Tap that box and two rows of icons will appear. The top row will give you the option to share the picture via message, mail, twiter, FB, etc. The bottom row will give you the option to save the image (to your camera roll), assign to a contact, Copy the image, or print the image. Hope that helps!!

  45. Danne says

    Am I the only one not having huge problems after this upgrade? My banking app doesn’t wk, showtime won’t allow me to log in any longer and now my phone just shits off dead and won’t come on till it wants . Same issues with husbands too!

      • Becca says

        Melody and Danne, I’d try a few things: 1. Turn your phone all the way off and back on. 2. Restore your phone from the last backup. 3. Wait and allow your bank app to update-it could be that they haven’t updated yet. Maybe email them and ask?

  46. Jodi says

    I love the new iOS 7 but am struggling with my text and ring tones. If I have a lock on my phone it will only vibrate and if I take the lock off I have sound! I have compared mt settings to my hubby’s and they are all the same from what I can see — I want my phone locked for security purposes but I want to be able to hear when I am Geri g a text or call! Any suggestions?

  47. Alecia says

    Thank you for a great post! Super informative :-) I’ve heard that if you take a screen shot of a text it will send a message to the other person saying you took a picture of their text… Is this true?

    • Becca says

      I’m 99% sure that was a rumor. Try doing it with a friend and ask if they got a notification–I haven’t had it happen yet.

  48. Mary Mourton says

    I was so upset by the IOS 7 update when I did it that I called Verizon and asked to have it taken off–and they said it couldn’t be done. I did the next best thing and told everyone around me, including my out of town daughters, not to update just yet. Apparently, every one knew to wait to update except me.
    Verizon did help me with understanding some of the new or changed things. And yes–this is going to take a while to get used to.

  49. Kelcee smith says

    Ok so I’m retarded but iTunes imports the songs I bought on my laptop to my iPhone but I can’t figure out how to play them! Help!

  50. Shelby says

    Hi. I have tried going to General>Accessability to help stop the resizing of the pictures for wallpaper and it did not work when I turned it off. Please help if you have any further instructions.
    Thank you,

      • Shelby says

        Yes I did. It worked when I did it to my iPad, but it doesn’t work with my iPhone. Do you have any other suggestions?

        Thank you,

        • Becca says

          I don’t, Shelby – Have you tried turning your iPhone off and back on? If you still don’t see it you could restore from backup – that is usually a fix for glitches like this.

  51. Terry says

    Having problems resigning in to my FaceTime! Very frustrating. Called Apple and they told me to keep trying for 3 more days. I know my id and password is right because I could sign in on the computer. HELP

    • Becca says

      Apple probably told you that for a reason :-/ They could be having system errors. My thought is to make sure you turn your phone off and back on, then maybe try a system restore.

  52. Bethany says

    I had my phone on silent today and I got a FaceTime call. Instead of vibrating, my phone actually RANG. I looked at all of my settings and everything showed that my phone was on silent. I looked under Sounds and FaceTime but didn’t find a way to turn the sound off for FaceTime calls. Any ideas?

  53. JB says

    I turned Parallex off, but I still can’t get my previous wallpaper to fit… What can I do? Is there a fix in progress? I feel like this is a defect…..

  54. Melissa L. says

    I appreciate this post, but I have another question. I’ve done the whole, reduce motion stuff to make my current background go back to normal size and it worked, but, when I go into backgrounds in settings to set a new background, it gets blown up again. I can never see my entire picture. I pinch it to make if smaller and it won’t stay that way. Is this going to be fixed someday? I really hate that I can’t change my background to see everything I want to see in the picture.


    • Becca says

      Is it resizing and automatically switching back to the Parallax feature being on? That’s the only thing I see that could be the issue.
      The resizing of the wallpaper background is a feature of Parallax – I don’t see this being tweaked anymore.

  55. Samantha says

    So I tried going to settings>general>accessibility> reduce motion but there is no reduce motion that is showing up under accessibility. Could it be anywhere else?

  56. Meg says

    For the love of pearl, PLEASE tell me someone else is as irritated as I am about how fast the battery dies!!!! When I heard about IOS7 I was extremelyyyy excited!! But now all I want to do js switch back, because my phone dies SO fast!!
    I’ve tried multiple things. I’ve reset it, turned off wi-fi, turned odd blue tooth, turned off the air thing, closed out all the apps, and lots more! Yes, I do use apps a little more frequent than some people, but not that much! It shouldnt be this bad! Is there any way to go back to ios6!!!!!! My battery lasted WAYYY longer then!! And that was even while using school and photo apps all the time!!!! Well, I have to finish my post because my phone is gonna die.

  57. Christie says

    This is sooo petty but quite irritating: when using the volume button to take a picture, the flash does not work. Anyone else having this issue?? Yes, the flash works with the capture button in the screen but it’s not as convenient.

  58. Morgan says

    I heard you can’t turn it off… is that true? I’m waiting to update until I hear about these little things. You did make me feel better about closing apps!

    • Becca says

      Morgan, No – that’s not true. There would be millions of very angry people everywhere if you couldn’t turn it off. There’s no way Apple would have released an operating system with such a glitch.

  59. Dana says

    Is anyone else having problems with the new calendar? I keep trying to open mine and the app either shuts down or it just stays white and never loads. This is getting very annoying.

  60. Rebecca says

    When I scroll up for the wifi Bluetooth and flashlight future it’s gray and my sister n laws and everybody else’s is like the color of the background. How can I fix this?

  61. Emily says

    I actually really love the new OS, although I’ve had it less than a day so far (maybe I should give time for the potential problems to show themselves!). 1 question: I can’t figure out how to set the timer for less than 1 minute. Is there a way to do so, or should I assume that I should be doing nothing for less than at least 1 min long?

  62. Amber says

    Now my emails can no longer be deleted by swiping to the left. They have to be manually opened then deleted. Is there a new way to delete emails without opening them?

    • Hailey says

      You should be able to still swipe to delete. Take the right hand side of the email and swipe towards the left. A red “Trash” button should come up… and now even a “More” button where you can reply, forward, etc. without opening the actual email.

  63. Hailey says

    Another thing I was noticing about iOS 7 was the battery was draining a LOT faster than normal! A useful tip is to go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn it OFF. It helps a ton!

  64. Bethany says

    When I am in an app, my texts don’t get pushed through like they used. I don’t even kno I have a text until I close the app I’m in. :(

  65. Deana says

    I have read several post about the new iOS7 and no one has mentioned the new camera capabilities. I especially LOVE the “Pano” setting that allows you to take a panoramic pic.

  66. kim says

    I downloaded the IOS07 on my IPAD and now the I play games or get on facebook, the screen will only go vertical I cannot get it to change to horizontal. Any ideas?

  67. Kim says

    I upgraded my Ipad 4 to IOS 7. I am having a problem with Safari and showing the bottom bar (the one that shows the option to display all the tabs). I’ve scrolled up and down, it doesn’t appear. I have the latest patch. Any ideas?

  68. Becky says

    I don’t like that you can’t personalize colors. I understand that the icon colors are pulling from your wallpaper (which I don’t particularly like) but I can’t figure out how to change the colors in my calendar. I know you probably can’t change he white background but is there any way to change the red fonts?

  69. Jenni says

    Hello! My issue since uploading ios7 certain apps like Facebook & iheart radio screen is very small & I cannot access them. I have tried to reload them but nothing changes. These are previously downloaded apps from my cloud.

  70. Amy says

    How do you decline an incoming call? All I see is remind me later and answer call. Sometimes you just need to ignore a call!

  71. De says

    I really dislike iOS!! It does have some nice new features that I’m finding. But, if I wanted a phone that looked like an Android platform phone–I’d have one!! My iPhone that I LOVED has now become some sort of hybrid!! My iPhone features and look that set my phone far above the Android phones is now gone. And I am grieving!! Why did you give us cheap, flat graphics?? Since my iPhone is now “gone” and I hold this cheap hybrid that is iOS 7 in my hands, do I give up and just go get an Android phone with twice the screen size?? I’m SO disappointed. Please give us back our look and feel that all of us die hard iPhone people have embraced for so many years!! I feel that my dedication and support has been trampled on.

  72. Melanie says

    I don’t like the overall look. and they screwed up the ability to manage and remove podcasts. I use me phone for podcasts more than anything and this “glitch” is enough to make me really dislike the whole thing. So if you have an “in” could we do something about this real soon please?

    So positive, positive, lets see… I like the flashlight, and the quick screens you shared above are great. I will get used to everything else but the podcast thing needs to be fixed.

  73. Catnip says

    In the Apps Store screen, for updates. After the update to an App is done how do you get rid of the list of Apps that have been updated?
    Why do the folders changing color only work with the Apple Wallpaper options and not so much with own pictures?
    Why did the developers think we all want white backgrounds on Calendar, notes, contacts, etc? Makes it hard to read and in the contacts the division between alphabet just all blends together, notes for me now is almost useless, good thing there people that make apps that function and look the way the users actually want.

  74. Jean Lazane says

    I am having trouble sending certain texts. Sometimes they don’t deliver. Could it have something to do with the length of the text? I have received lengthy texts but most of the time can’t send the long ones. Sometimes pictures don’t go and sometimes I don’t receive pictures that are sent. Also seem to have more problems with group texts than one person at a time.

  75. Lisa M. says

    Hello! I have an iPhone 5 and just got iOS7. The only problem I seem to be having is that every time I send my daughter a text or she sends me a text, I receive a copy. This does not happen with any other contact.

  76. Mony says

    I used to be able to delete certain texts in my “edit texts” screen but now when I “edit”, I can only delete the whole text, not just the irrelevant texts I don’t need to keep, i.e., “ok” or “yes”. do you know if we can still delete selected texts in a text thread?

    • catnip says

      You can still delete certain texts with text messages. Touch and hold your finger on the text line you want to delete until “copy and more” comes onto the screen, touch more. Touch the circle next to all the parts of the text you want to delete. Once there is a check mark in the circle, touch the trash can, then delete message.

  77. Lee says

    There is no hyphen when entering an email address on my ipad in the contacts in the new ios 7. The hyphen is showing when typing all other fields. This is not a problem on my iphone. I tried to report this bug to Apple, but they do not recognize my Apple ID…. Suspicious? Maybe they are just really busy!

  78. Becca's says

    I like the new os but in my calanders the little plus sign to add appointments is grey rather than orange and if I touch it nothing happens. Also all if my scheduled appts have disappeared. Along with most if not all of my contacts. If there is any contacts in my congrats it numbers no names till I go like I’m going to edit them that cancel than their name is back. But if I had certain ringtones assigned to certain contacts that disappeared. But my big thing is I can’t add to my calandra and what ever I had is missing and missing contacts I had probably over 100 now I have 5 contacts. Help!!

    • Becca Mccort says

      Okay i figured it out apparently when it updates it turns off iCloud once you go into setting I think privacy and turn iCloud calander and contacts back on they all come back. Woohoo me!!

  79. Michael Gialanella says

    I liked most of the changes that came with going to ios7 on my iPhone 4 and got used to the ones I was unsure of…some of them, thanks to all the previous posts here. I am still having trouble with one aspect involving my Facebook app. Prior to updating, I’d click on a photo in someone’s album and it would show it adjusted to my phone screen. If I clicked on ‘view full size’ it would do so. Now I click on the image and it is super large, giving me a view of only part of the pic. When I click on view full size, it resizes the pic so I can see it all. How do I get the initial click on a pic to not be a zoomed in size?

  80. laken says

    Ever since my mother downloaded the ios 7 her phone is glitchy. She will be on the phone and there will be beeping noises and her phone will make other calls while she is on a call.

    is this common?

    • Becca says

      I bet her cheek is hitting a button on the phone, my husband is having the same issue. Maybe hold the phone away from your cheek a little?

  81. Karen K says

    Hello! Thank you for this information…and I apologize if this has already been asked. I have a 4s. I am having a hard time visually with the new update…it hurts my eyes. I understand the icon colors are pulling from my wallpaper. Is there a way to change the icon colors without changing my wallpaper picture? It will be frustrating to pick a picture based on the colors and not because its a fabulous picture.

  82. Jeannette says

    Since upgrading my battery also drains quickly. My other worst issue is that my voice texting sometimes takes forever to show up to be sent or doesn’t show up at all and I have to start over again?

  83. Kayla says

    I have been searching for an answer to my question but I can’t figure it out. When I take a screen shot picture and then select that picture in Instagram, it’s huge and won’t fit. My solution before iOS 7 was to then go into my photo album and shrink it while hitting screen shot again; lot of finger work but it worked out to be smaller. Now with iOS 7, when I try to shrink the photo while in photo albums, the rest of the pictures show up in the background. It’s opaque and I can see my album behind it. Previously it would just be black. I don’t want a photo I’ve tried to edit with photos totally unrelated in the background. This has nothing to do with wallpapers. It’s the photo album that now shows annoying photos in the back when I try to resize a photo. Help :(

  84. says

    I needed to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely
    loved every bit of it. I’ve got you book marked to check out new things you post…

  85. Jo says

    when i send a text message to another iphone it comes up ‘delievered’ however some texts come up as ‘read’, obviously when they person has opened them. Why doesnt this happen with all recipients who have an iphone?

    • Bex says

      They might not be on iMessage or have an iPhone that doesn’t allow iMessage where as the more recent iPhones can allow iMessage. iMessage uses internet and therefore can notify you when it has been read.

  86. Bex says

    My control centre and my passcode screen with the passcode numbers on is always grey. No matter what my back ground is. But on other peoples it shows a dimmed version of their background. Is there a way to fix this?

  87. says

    Ahaa, its fastidious conversation about this post at this place at this webpage, I
    have read all that, so at this time me also commenting here.

  88. says

    I’m actually enjoying the IOS7 and LOVE the feature that you can block callers from the contact list. The only thing that should be incorporated, is once you block the caller, how can a message be sent to them that says something like “your calls and/or texts are not welcome, please refrain from contacting me”? This way if they text you they get the message or if they call you they get the message. And a way to track it. Currently, if I block someone and they text me, I have no way of seeing it but I can retrieve the voicemail under Blocked Messages. Is there a way to do this so if your phone is locked it can still be done?

  89. says

    I just got an iPad mini for Christmas and I love the new update because I couldn’t get it in my iPod. But there is one thing about the pictures and wallpaper. I tried doing what you said to do because of the resizing and going into the settings and all that stuff but it didn’t work. How do I do it???????? It is driving me nutZ

  90. Jenny says

    I HATE the new IOS7. I have had nothing but issues with it. Do you know why I can’t delete voicemail alerts the first time? I hit delete and the message goes away and then pops right back up. I hit delete again and it does the same thing. I usually have to hit delete 3 or 4 times to get the alert to actually move over to the deleted messages page. This is the most aggravating issue I have.

    • Amy says

      I can’t do this either. And I can’t figure out in emails how to clear all. Have to delete by taking each one individually! Ugh!

    • says

      There were some updates in iOS7.1 that made it easier to resize wallpaper. I have iOS7.1 and still have the reduce motion option under Settings > General > Accessibility.

  91. Sydney Carter says

    I have a blue dot next to my music app I use. Yes, I’ve updated it, but it will no longer open. Help? Thanks!

    • says

      The blue dot means it was updated. The fact that it won’t open sounds like there is something wrong with the update–this has happened to me a few times. I usually wait a few days and try again or delete and reinstall the app.

  92. Timesha says

    I recently bought a new iPhone and now I’m downloading all my apps. Everything was going good so far until I reached to twitter. I got it downloaded but it won’t open full screen. Can you help me fix this problem and thanks a lot.

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