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Looking for some fun tech toys this holiday season? Here are some fun toys for iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone that you might love!
Gift Ideas for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

1. Plush Pals ($24.95)

These adorable plush animals are a must have for any music-loving kid (or adult). Plug Freddy, Manny, or Patch into your iPhone, iPod, or iPad and they’ll sing your favorite song, pretend to narrate a cartoon, or mimic your video game. A bonus? They’re soft and cuddly, apart from the battery area in the bottom.

Playing with this fun Plush Pal today! I’m having more fun than the kids :)

A video posted by Becca Ludlum (@beccaludlum) on


2. Sphero (Starts at $79.99) 

Sphero is a robot, game, pool toy, dog toy, and night light. The Sphero robot may look like just a ball, but it’s so much more!

Sphero Robot for iPad and iPhone


Controlled by your iDevice, the Sphero robotic ball can be controlled by over 25 different apps. You can race your Sphero against friends’ Spheros on the ground or in the pool, use it as a night light or a small disco ball, or even get your dog to chase it. Take a look at the Sphero video to see all that it can do:


3. Kidz Gear Headphones ($19.99)  

Does your little one want his own pair of headphones? Kidz Gear has created wired and wireless headphones that are safer for kids because their volume limit prevents noise-induced hearing loss. The volume is limited by a patented Kidz Control cable that sets the volume to approximately 88dB. Without the cable, the volume can go as high as 108dB.

Headphones for Kids

I love the durability of these headphones as well as the bright colors they come in. And the price? It really can’t be beat.

4. Romo (starts at $99.99)

Romo the robot can help your child learn beginning code! Dock your iPhone or iPod and start by playing simple games. As your child’s coding skills increase, they’ll unlock more experiences. Another fun feature? Romo can connect your family via Skype or Facetime, and it can roll around the house catching everyone who wants to chat.

Romo the Robot for iPhone


5. 94fifty Smart Sensor Basketball (starts at $129.99)

This regulation-size basketball can instantly analyze and improve your game, like a digital coach. The 94fifty ball measures any force applied to it including spin, acceleration, and arc. 94fifty’s app can track the ball and up to five players at one time, and its battery lasts approximately eighy hours.

iPhone basketball


Don’t take it from me–watch the video yourself:


What fun tech toys are on your wish list this year?



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