DIY Upscale Fall Decorating Ideas

DIY Upscale Fall Decorating Ideas

Growing up in New York, I loved fall. The smell of leaves burning is still my favorite smell ever, and I love walking through them when I get to fly back and visit. Even though Arizona doesn’t actually get a true fall season, I still love this time of year. I fall in love with the beautiful autumn decor that shows up on everyone’s front porches and mantles, and yes–I even love the artificial warm and spicy smell of everything pumpkin…

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DIY Outdoor Curtains for less than $300!

DIY Outdoor Curtains: A Tutorial

We recently made outdoor curtains for our back patio, and they have made such a difference in the amount of heat that comes into our west-facing home. Closing these right before the sun begins to set can keep our home cool and allow us to be out on the patio during that time (without roasting!). These DIY outdoor curtains were easier than I had thought, and I wanted to share with you how we did it!   Supply List: Garden…

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Printable craft supply list

Stock Up With This Kid’s Craft Supply List

Having a crafty kid means always having fun supplies on hand to keep them entertained. This isn’t as easy as it might sound if you’re not a crafter yourself (that was my situation!). Jack is the craftiest kid I know, and I learned pretty quick the secret to keeping him entertained was to have lots of craft project ideas and supplies on hand at all times. I thought this craft supply list would be helpful to those of you with…

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Road Trip Activities to keep your little ones busy!

Road Trip Activities for Kids

Summer is all about spending time with your family, and what’s a better way to get closer than being cooped up in a car for hours on end? Although going on a road trip can be a great way to get some quality family time, it can also get a little boring after the first few miles. The kids start to get bored and we all know how much trouble bored kids can get into. You can keep this from…

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Stalk your friends' Pinterest boards to create a personalized Sharpie and glitter mug!

Thoughtful Sharpie And Glitter Coffee Mug Gift

As I was browsing Pinterest one night, a beautiful image from Nest of Posies caught my eye. It was of a glitter coffee mug in front of a Christmas tree with the fun saying, “All Mama wants is a Silent Night.” I wanted one. But it seemed like a lot of work to do for one mug. And for something that *I* wanted so close to the holidays. So, I decided to make gifts and order 6 beautiful white mugs…

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Superhero Valentines For Boys

Superhero Valentines For Boys Using PicMonkey

Valentines for boys are so tricky to find. When you want to be crafty, it’s always tough with boys. They aren’t normally real fond of glitter, you know. Do you know that you can use PicMonkey to create a picture that looks like it was taken out of a comic book? And then you can add fun Valentine’s Day treats to the picture and give it a 3D effect? Come on… it’s super easy, and your boys will love it!…

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DIY Halloween Table Decorations

DIY Decoupage Halloween Table Decorations #MSHalloween

I love to have a home that’s decorated for the holidays, but it’s not always easy to find something I love enough to display on my kitchen table! My answer to that was to make my own Halloween table decorations. Last weekend, in addition to making a burlap wreath and decorating it with spooky halloween decorations, we made some fun table decorations! We started by purchasing some glass jars and bottles, paper mache and cardboard craft items at Michael’s. Martha Stewart…

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Spooky DIY Halloween Wreath With Decoupage

Spooky DIY Halloween Wreath

For more craft tutorials, recipes and tips & tricks, subscribe to my newsletter! Halloween is right around the corner–we are buying extra candy for little visitors and planning our costumes. We made this fun DIY Halloween wreath with Martha Stewart Decoupage last week and I’m excited to share it with you! Spooky DIY Halloween Wreath You can begin by purchasing a burlap wreath or using my burlap wreath tutorial to make one yourself. Supplies: All supplies were purchased at Michael’s 8-10 wooden…

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Basic Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Descriptive Burlap Wreath Tutorial

For more craft tutorials, recipes and tips & tricks, subscribe to my newsletter! I recently sat down to make a burlap wreath and really struggled through a few online tutorials before realizing I needed one that was a little more detailed–I’m not too crafty. Here’s my ultra-detailed burlap wreath how-to, for those of you like me who need a bit more help. Burlap Wreath Tutorial You’ll need: 30 feet of burlap (5-6 inches wide) 1 wire floral wreath Small amount of floral wire…

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Duct Tape Party Tips And Idea Roundup

Duct Tape Party RoundUp – The Best Of The Best!

For more craft tutorials, recipes and tips & tricks, subscribe to my newsletter! I pulled some of my favorite ideas together a couple of weeks ago for Jack’s duct tape party, and it was a hit! About 3 weeks before the party, Jack and I sent out these duct tape party invitations to all of his friends. They loved it, and said they were expecting something fun after last year’s LEGO birthday invitations–I’m glad we were able to live up to…

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Marshmallow Pops for Duct Tape Party

Marshmallow Pops For A Duct Tape Party

Looking for duct tape party ideas? You might like our Duct Tape Party Invitations and Duct Tape Party Favors! Our duct tape birthday party was outside. We didn’t want to worry about cutting cake, dropped plates and tons of trash. Lollipops seemed to make the most sense here, and the kids LOVED them! Here’s how to make marshmallow lollipops that look like mini rolls of duct tape: You’ll need: Vanilla candy wafers – one bag made about 50 pops Airhead Extremes Marshmallows…

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Quick and Easy Duct Tape Birthday Party Favors

Quick & Easy Duct Tape Party Favors

For more craft tutorials, recipes and tips & tricks, subscribe to my newsletter! We’re in the middle of party preparation over here! I love that Jack and I can brainstorm about the party together – he definitely has more interest in this party than any other I’ve thrown for him! Today I wanted to share our duct tape party favors. We began our party prep a few weeks ago with duct tape birthday party invitations and we have been hearing lots of…

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How To Make Duct Tape Party Invitations

How To Make Duct Tape Birthday Party Invitations

For more craft tutorials, recipes and tips & tricks, subscribe to my newsletter! We’re having a duct tape birthday party! There aren’t too many ideas out there yet, so we have been busy creating our own. Here is a quick tutorial for how to make duct tape birthday party invitations that your friends can play with! 1. You’ll need a mini roll of duct tape. We used Duck Brand Ducklings Mini Roll: 2. The Ducklings Mini Rolls are 3/4 of an…

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Jack's Duct Tape Craft Ideas

Jack’s Duct Tape Craft Ideas – Tween/Teen tuesday

Welcome to Tween/Teen Tuesday at My Crazy Good Life! Today I’m sharing some of Jack’s duct tape craft ideas and creations. Duct tape crafts are a huge hit among 7-11 year-olds right now! Jack’s a lot craftier than his Mom, and I believe he and his best friend are keeping Duck Brand Duct Tape in business this year! ____________________________________ When visiting our home, be on the lookout for these two kids: And don’t ever stand still for too long. Jack…

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A Pinterest-Inspired Gray and Yellow Baby Shower

I’m not the only one who gets stuck on Pinterest, right? All of those fun ideas in one place makes me want to pin all day long! After all of the pinning I did, I wanted to try out some of the great ideas I had collected. I decided that Kelly’s baby shower was a great place to do that! After a long decision process, I decided to use the following pins – I decorated with paper rosettes and tissue…

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Holiday Scavenger Hunt Clues

Making Present Time Last Longer With A Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Starting a few years ago, we began using scavenger hunts to draw out our present opening tradition a little longer. With the boys getting older, they are beginning to ask for more expensive gifts, which means they get less of them, which means they tear through them in minutes. Adding a scavenger hunt to your holiday morning can help to draw out the suspense and add some fun family time into your gift opening tradition! I posted about our holiday…

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