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Egg bite molds are super versatile. They’re great for everything from egg bites to lasagna! Let me show you how you can get the most out of this handy kitchen tool. Here are my favorite recipes to make in egg bite molds.

When I purchased my set of egg bite molds I was more than happy to only be using them for egg bites, after all, they’re super tasty and easy to make. After awhile I decided to try and cook some other stuff in these useful little molds and I was shocked at how versatile they are!

Egg bite molds are super versatile. They're great for everything from egg bites to lasagna! Let me show you how you can get the most out of this handy kitchen tool! #21DayFix #21DFX #2BMindset #VeggiesMost #EggBites #kitchenhacks #instantpot #recipes

What Recipes Can You Make In Egg Bite Molds?

Egg bites (and all of the delicious variations), meatballs and meatloaf, and even desserts. Definitely think outside the box–almost anything can be made in egg bite molds!

Of course, you can also use them for baby food! That’s what these handy dandy little containers were originally made for!

What are these egg bite molds made of?

They’re made of silicone! It’s an excellent option when cooking in the Instant Pot or even in a Crockpot or the oven!

You can learn more about food grade silicone if you are worried about the safety of it, personally I think it’s a great option!

Can I use silicone egg bite molds in the Instant Pot or other electric pressure cookers?

Yes! A lot of my egg bite mold recipes, which you’ll find below, are made in the Instant Pot. I love using silicone accessories in the Instant Pot. They’re non-stick, easy to clean, and flexible so they fit nicely in the pressure cooker!

Silicone is safer than glass when it comes to cooking in the Instant Pot because there’s no risk of the container breaking or chipping.

How do I adjust time when cooking in egg bite molds?

Instant Pot cooking with the egg bite molds takes a bit of time–I think to penetrate the molds it takes extra time–you’ll see that in the cooking times in the recipes below.

To adjust times for new recipes in the egg bite molds, I’d look to find one that is similar below and use that as a baseline.

If you are experimenting with new recipes be sure to leave a comment and let us know how much time you used for cooking yours! I usually try and find something with a similar base so that the ingredients would use a similar cook time.

What if my egg bite recipe is undercooked in the Instant Pot?

Sometimes cooking with the Instant Pot can be a little intimidating. The good news is that it really doesn’t need to be!

If you try and make an egg bite mold recipe and it doesn’t go well and comes out under cooked you can put it back into the Instant Pot and cook it some more!

It’s important to remember that during a natural reassure release the cooking continues. If you are worried about things not being done, give it some time on a natural pressure release!

Can I use the included plastic lid to cook in the Instant Pot?

You can not–the plastic lid that comes with the egg bite molds is for storage only. I use either foil or these silicone lids for cooking in my Instant Pot with egg bite molds.

Instant Pot Peanut Butter Lava Cake
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open peanut butter lava cake with peanut butter melting out

Starbucks Egg White Bites with Red Pepper and Turkey Bacon
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starbucks egg white bites in a meal prep container with fruit and veggies

Mini Meatloaf in Egg Bite Molds | Instant Pot | Slow Cooker | Oven
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This recipe for mini meatloaves makes use of your egg bite or baby food molds! You can make this easy dinner recipe in the Instant Pot, slow cooker, or in the oven. This is one of our favorite family dinner recipes! 21 Day Fix Dinner | 21 Day Fix Instant Pot | Instant Pot Mini Meatloaves | Healthy Slow Cooker Dinner

Mini Lasagna Bites with Veggies and Ground Turkey
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Healthy Key Lime Pie Bites
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close up of finished key lime bites

Egg bite molds are super versatile. They're great for everything from egg bites to lasagna! Let me show you how you can get the most out of this handy kitchen tool! #21DayFix #21DFX #2BMindset #VeggiesMost #EggBites #kitchenhacks #instantpot #recipes

Do I need to grease egg bite molds?

Yes! Silicone is a non stick surface but in order to get anything out of these egg bit molds in one piece I would highly recommend using olive oil, non-stick spray, or another option to grease the inside of each mold.

Are there options for purchasing egg bite molds in stores?

I purchase my egg bite molds on Amazon but there are starting to be some choices for in store purchases. You can find them occasionally at Walmart or Bed Bath and Beyond. I’ve noticed that Target is picking up some more silicone accessories for the Instant Pot as well.

My favorite trivet from Amazon popped up in my local Target! So there are definitely some choices for in store purchases if you don’t have to have to shop online.

Can I cook with the lid on my egg bit molds?

My egg bite molds from Amazon came with lids but they are NOT for cooking. They’re for covering your recipes once they are done and storage purposes.

There are some options for covering your egg bite molds while they are cooking. You can use tin foil, a silicone lid that is multipurpose is also a good choice.

If your egg bite mold comes with a lid your packaging should tell you if it is safe. If it doesn’t say it is safe for cooking, I’d refrain from cooking with just to be safe and avoid melting!

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  1. Wow what a gorgeous video…I don’t eat meat but other members of my family do and I can definately see making adjustments. I just subbed to your newsletter.
    I never heard of the egg bite mold before (yes I am more than a couple of steps behind) so can you please tell me why with every recipe in the instant pot you used different covers for the mold. First the foil, then the lid that looks like it comes with the egg mold, then a looser fitting silicone cover (which I am guessing is a replacement for one time use cling wrap!

    I did 21 Day fix 2 years ago…then fell ill (nothing to do with the fix of course) and fell off. Looking to pick up my containers again!

    1. Hi there!

      To be honest, there is no reason why I use one cover over the other–it’s what is close to grab at the time :) I know a lot of people do not like to put foil in their Instant Pot, so that is where a silicone cover would come in.

  2. These look amazing; can’t wait to try them. Where did you purchase the silicone strappy thing to pick up the egg bite mold stacks from the Instant Pot? It looks like they have little feet! Thanks in advance!

    1. I got it on Amazon, Deb! You can find it easily at :)

  3. How many molds can you use at the same time in an instant pot? I haven’t been able to find this info anywhere

  4. Diane N Smith says:

    Can I use less than the entire mold to cook 4 egg bites instead of 7? Do I have to fill the unused ones with water?

  5. I’d love it if you included how to bake your recipes in the oven. I have the silicone molds, but the recipes seem to be the an Instant Pot, which I don’t plan to purchase.

  6. E. Fafard says:

    I would like a cookbook with a big variety that is “oven only for the egg bites mold. I do not have a Instant Pot or others suggested cookers that could hold my round shaped mold.

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