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We’re in the middle of party preparation over here! I love that Jack and I can brainstorm about the party together – he definitely has more interest in this party than any other I’ve thrown for him! Today I wanted to share our duct tape party favors.

Quick and Easy Duct Tape Birthday Party Favors

We began our party prep a few weeks ago with duct tape birthday party invitations and we have been hearing lots of fun feedback about them!

Duct Tape Party Favors

 Tomorrow when we eat lunch each child will have their own coozie that Jack has personalized with duct tape and a foam letter representing their first name:

Duct Tape Party Favors

 And at the end of the party they’ll head home with a roll of Duck Brand duct tape (our favorite!) to make some of the fun crafts they saw at the party:

Duct Tape Birthday Party Favor

We purchased a roll for each of the kids and printed a message for them.

Duct Tape Thanks

After tearing out each message (because duct tape is made to be torn) I used a small piece of… you guessed it–duct tape to stick the message on.

Stay tuned for more fun duct tape party ideas!

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  1. Josh Greenwell says:

    I think anything with duct tape is a good idea. When I was in high school I actually had a pair of sandals that kept falling apart. I would duct tape them here and there just to keep them together and by the time I officially retired them all they were was duct tape and a little leather!

    1. My Dad has a pair of those right now, Josh!

      You can truly do anything with duct tape :)

  2. David Mike says:

    My kids went through a duct tape stage, I think right after the silly band craze. My middle child still uses the wallet that she made. They covered all their school binders, made book covers, book marks etc. Some seriously cheap fun, and got their creative minds working!

  3. Super creative! Our girls love duct tape too – especially now that it comes in such a wide array of colors.

  4. Gramma TEETSIE says:

    Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  5. Love everything! I know it will be a big hit and so original!!!

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