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Teen Tuesday

Welcome to Tween/Teen Tuesday here at My Crazy Good Life! Today I’m chatting about why we put an emphasis on college sports in our house. It’s not quite because we’re huge college sports fans, actually. It has to do with planning our kids’ future.


Why We Teach Our Kids To Love College Sports. Hint: It has to do with college planning!

We have a fun rivalry in our  house between two state schools.

Game days are pretty fun, but we find ways to pick on each other just about every day.

We have team cups for the family, and t-shirts galore.

The boys have team blankets on their beds.

One misspoken word might result in a jab at that person’s choice of colleges.

And as I said, game days are just fun.

Are we huge college sports fanatics?


But in the process of choosing sides and forming a bond with the school of their choice, something happened.

While we were watching the games or talking about the players on a team, my kids started saying, “when I go to college…”

Though we have always told the boys they’ll be attending college, at some point they’ll realize (like all kids) that they don’t *have* to go. And even if they do go, they don’t have to be excited about it.

So getting the boys excited about colleges is reinforcement. One tool of many to make sure they understand how important it is to have a college education.

I’m loving these words right now:

When I go to the University of Arizona…

When I go to Arizona State University…


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  1. Hello Becca! Just wanted to stop in and say hi! I started following your blog recently and as a fellow Arizonan and former Sun Devil I had to say I loved this post! :)


    1. Awh, thanks Gabby! I’ll let you cheer with the *other* side of my family any day!


  2. such a great point…college sports does the same thing at our house!!!!

  3. Over Thanksgiving, my son was asking his cousin (freshman in high school) what college he was going to go to. When cousin said he didn’t know, my son piped up that he IS going to Notre Dame! (He’s 7). He absolutely LOVES that school, and it is thanks to my husband and college football.

  4. Gramma Teetsiems says:

    Wow, pretty cool way to trick them. Well, not trick them because college is a must, but what a great way to get them started at the perfect ages….way to go Mom and Dad.

  5. Hmmm, does ASU really count?

    Your friendly neighborhood UA Wildcat

  6. I just read this great post! We are watching as many March Madness games as we can…and it’s interesting to hear the kids ask about the different schools. Too bad Syracuse got knocked out early :)

    Just found your blog a couple of days ago and have enjoyed reading some of the older posts!

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