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These margaritas to go are made in a pouch–a jeweler’s pouch, actually–and you can make them in batches before heading out with your friends. Pour the ingredients into the pouch, freeze, and thaw for a few minutes before drinking. They thaw easiest when made with crushed ice, but regular ice works just fine too.

These low-cal coconut margaritas to go are perfect for the beach or the pool! Carry your drink with you and pre-fill bags so you don't have to leave the party later! Use my low-cal margaritas recipe or fill the pouches with your favorite recipe!

Just think: You’re sitting at the beach or a BBQ having a blast with your friends, and you look down… your drink is empty! Getting up to go make a new one is definitely possible, but who wants to walk away from the party? These to go margaritas can be stored in a cooler (no ice packs needed!) and pulled out as needed. And they’re super easy to make in an assembly line with some friends.

Margaritas To Go: A Video Tutorial





You’ll need:

-4×6 hobby bags Available at (affiliate link) Amazon or Hobby Lobby

Your favorite margarita recipe (or use my recipe above for a low-cal coconut margarita with Bai5)

A straw for sipping


We have made these for sitting by the pool and beach, for backyard BBQs, happy hours, and more. Enjoy responsibly.


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