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I’m a non-techie tech lover. This makes sense, right? I love my tech, and I love having the newest gadgets, but the spec side of things is well… maybe lacking a bit. So when I say tech, don’t be scared–I’m not going to start throwing stats and numbers at you, or talk about computer hardware or lithium-ion batteries. I’m sharing the things that make my life easier–every single day. My favorite non-techie tech products, if you will. It’s your gift–a my personal tech gift guide.
Everything you want for Christmas from the top tech brands this year!
Let’s start with the Ninja Loop. It’s been a life-saver for me since upgrading to the larger (and amazing) iPhone 7 Plus this fall. I’m terrified of dropping my phone since it’s so big, but the Loop has me covered. Loop comes in two sizes–the petite loop and the Ninja Loop. I’m loving the Ninja Loop since it fits around my entire phone. You can see the Ninja Loop below, it looks super simple (because it is!), but once you start using it you’ll be afraid to take it off–I’m afraid I’ll drop my phone because I’m so used to using the Loop!
Moshi has been one of my favorite places for iPhone Cases for the last 18 months. Their quality is top notch, and they stand behind their products. My current favorite is their Helios Backpack. It’s the perfect size for my MacBook Air, chargers, and devices. And? It’s beautiful.
I have some major love for their dual-colored Kameleon Kickstand cases, too…
Last year at CES, I fell in love with their 90-degree Lightning Cable, because I’m sick of bending every single cable I have when I hold my phone while it’s charging:
I have been using ChargeTech products for almost a year now, and I’m in love with their quality and prices. Here are my 5 favorite ChargeTech products, on sale for 50% off this Friday, November 25 2016:
1. 27,000mAh Portable Power Outlet: You can charge just about anything with this massive battery pack. 
Portable Power Outlet
2. ThinCharge for iPhone 6/6s: My family’s favorite charging case for iPhone 6/6S. You can read all about it right here. 
 ChargeTech Thin Charge Charging Case for iPhone
Find this on Amazon
3. V4 Universal Phone Charger Squid: Perfect for families, this charging bank uses one outlet to (quickly) charge 4 different devices. 
Charging Bank for Families
Find this on Amazon
4. Laptop Battery Pack: Power your laptop on the go with this laptop battery pack! 
Laptop Battery Pack
5. Keychain Charging Cable (Micro USB & Apple Lightning): Never be without a charging cable again, this attaches to your keychain. 
ChargeTech Keychain Charging Cable
Some products have been received by brands included in this gift guide in exchange for consideration on My Crazy Good Life.

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