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Tween/Teen Tuesday

Hey there! Welcome to Tween and Teen Tuesday at My Crazy Good Life! Today I’m sharing our favorite new family game app that you can play with an iPhone or iPad–it’s called Heads Up! I’m thinking of sharing some apps that are great for tweens and teens here every month, so let me know if this is something that interests you, and if you have any great apps you would like me to feature!

The Best Family Game Apps!

Have you played Heads Up yet? It’s a fun family game app that’s great for playing with tweens and teens.

Heads Up App

Last weekend we had family in town and we were sitting out back on the patio. Someone mentioned grabbing a game, but we were being lazy–we didn’t want to go inside and find one. Grandma pulled out her phone and showed us this great app!

All you need to play is an iPhone or iPad (the game is available on Google Play, as well!) to play!

Choose one of the categories (the game comes preloaded with several categories, and there are more available for purchase within the app) and begin!

Heads Up App

The person who is guessing holds the phone (or iPad) up in front of their head so everyone else can see the words. Players have a set amount of time to get the guesser to guess as many correct words as possible.

Family Game App Heads Up

Now, this might be the best part–when the timer goes off, a video is available of the players! You can watch your family and friends trying to act out the words and phrases in the game you just played!

Heads Up Family Game AppTell me, what’s your favorite family game app?


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