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April Fool’s Day is a great time to have some fun with your kids. There comes a time in every parent’s life when their kids are old enough to play pranks on, and that was a very special time in our house ;)

5 Easy April Fool's Day pranks for school-aged kids

Here are a few of our easy April Fools pranks for older kids:

1. Fill their juice cups with Jell-o the night before. Add a thin layer of juice to the top in the morning. This works great with Cherry Jell-o and Fruit Punch Juicy-Juice, which is the boys’ favorite. It’s hilarious to see their faces!

2. Add a few drops of food coloring to the bottom of their cereal bowls and cover it with dry cereal. When they pour milk in their bowls, it turns colors! (please excuse my old cell phone pictures!)


Easy April Fools Pranks for school-aged kids


3. Fill apple slice bags with grapes and seal the bag back together with super glue.

4. Use super glue to seal their snack bags shut. Jack was so confused about why he couldn’t open his snack, and even called a teacher over to help.


5 Easy April Fool's Day pranks


5. One that we’ll be trying this year? This unsolvable word scramble for Jack from

Easy April Fool's Pranks

What are your favorite April Fool’s Day pranks?

Need some pranks for teens? How about easy pranks you can pull at home?

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  1. Put tape on the rolling ball of the mouse on the computer & the mouse won’t work

    If you have a sink w/a hose squirter, tie a rubber band around the trigger so who ever turns on the water will get squirted if faced in the correct direction.

    Mean ATB

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