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Valentine’s Day is definitely a “girl holiday.” Pink and red everywhere, and everything is cute! We always struggle making cool boy Valentines that aren’t too cute and girlie–how about you?

Here are some fun DIY Valentine ideas for the boys in your home.

20 DIY Valentines for Boys

DIY Valentines for Boys

Custom Superhero Valentines using PicMonkey 

DIY Superhero Valentines

Ready to print Baymax Valentines (or color your own!)

Valentines for Boys

Lego Star Wars Lightsaber (glowstick) Valentines

ValenSlime Valentines

Animal Valentines

Valentines for Boys

Candy Airplane Valentines

Pop Rocks Valentines

I “chews” You Valentines

Valentines for boys

Valentine Note Jokes

Swedish Fish Bowl Valentines

Slime Valentines

Valentines for Boys

Chocolate Dynamite Valentines

Bouncy Ball Valentines

Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter Valentines

Army Man Valentines

Printable Bullseye Valentines

Valentine Fruit Tags

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