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Valentines for boys are so tricky to find. When you want to be crafty, it’s always tough with boys.

They aren’t normally real fond of glitter, you know.

Do you know that you can use PicMonkey to create a picture that looks like it was taken out of a comic book?

And then you can add fun Valentine’s Day treats to the picture and give it a 3D effect?

Come on… it’s super easy, and your boys will love it!

Superhero Valentines For Boys

Superhero Valentines For Boys

1. Have fun taking pictures of your child pretending to punch something-anything, really!

Superhero Valentines For Boys

Superhero Valentines For Boys

2. Upload your photo to PicMonkey and choose a filter (click the magic wand on the left side of your screen). I like Orton and Gritty.

3. Add text bubbles by clicking the butterfly and then Comic Bubbles.

4. Add text by clicking the Tt button.

5. If you’d like, add a small white title box by clicking the butterfly and then “Geometric.”

6. Print off your images.

7. Use an X-acto knife to cut slits on either side of their punching hand and insert a lollipop, pencil, or other long thin object.

Valentines For Boys

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