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Teens are tough–they want to joke around on their terms, they want to be serious on their terms, and… well… they want their life to be on their terms. I get that–I was a teenager once too.

The cardinal rule of April Fool’s Day for parents of teens is don’t embarrass them.

Don’t do anything to their hair or clothes, don’t play a joke at school, and don’t do anything in front of their friends!

I wrote a post with several teen-safe April Fool’s Jokes, and wanted to write another post–with jokes to never, ever play on your teenager. I’ll admit, though–the thought of doing some of these to my teenager gave me a good laugh.

Whatever you do, do NOT play these 5 April Fool's Jokes on your teenager

If you’re looking for more fun pranks to play at home, see this list of April Fool’s pranks from Desert Chica.


1. #1 on this list will surely get your teen mad at you–don’t get their hair or clothes wet before school!

2. Ahh, the ‘lil lunch trick.

3. Whatever you do, do NOT hang a sign on the back of your car like this Dad did (#3)

Tricks to NOT play on your teen for April Fool's Dayclick image for credit

4. Ohhhhh no. You can’t mess their their cups, either–even if it’s just water (#9)!

5. Perhaps the worst (or the best) trick you could play on a teen is messing with their sleep. This trick is awesome, but definitely not for your teenager.

Still looking for fun ideas? I have a few here:

5 Easy April Fool's Day pranks for school-aged kids

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