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There are apps to help you track your food intake and measurements, but I know some people like to track their progress with old-school paper and pen. Here are my personal 21 Day Fix printable worksheets for you to download and use for yourself.

The 21 Day Fix has been a way for me to monitor what I eat during the day–I’ve been using it for a couple of years now. Using colored containers, you keep track of how much and what you eat during the day, making sure you get the appropriate amount of protein, veggies, fruits, healthy carbs, and fats.

Not loving the neutral colors? You might want the set of printables that matches my blog.

21 Day Fix Free Printable Worksheets for meal tracking, measurements, and a container cheat sheet.

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These tools are meant to supplement the 21 Day Fix programs, not replace them. In order to find your container count and see all of the accepted foods and measurements, you’ll need to purchase the program.


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  1. Barbara Mason says:


    I’m new to pintrest,
    And just starting the21 day fix.

    I love your tracking sheets,
    Is there a way you can email them to me. I’ll be using the 2100-2300 calories per day.

  2. La Tresa Badger says:

    i about to start the 21 day fix.

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