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You may remember that Michael got a cell phone for Christmas 2010.

After all of the stress I had over the decision, I’m glad that we decided to get him one. I feel better about letting him go places (like the park) without me and we get to interact in a different way, which is interesting fun.

The one thing I don’t understand about kids and phones are the need to use text signatures.

It probably has something to do with my age. I just don’t understand why, if you’re limited to 160 characters, you would make 15 of them something that doesn’t get your message across.

Either way, I do like seeing Michael’s signatures change. Most of the time they’re funny, and show a little of his personality.

Every once in a while, I make him take one down.

But they always bring a smile to my face because they show that he is confident in what he likes, and that is something new around here.

*BACON* was one of the first signatures. Michael loves bacon, but I’m still confused about why he wanted all of his friends to know that.

Steve and I started calling him bacon around that time, which drove him crazy. It’s ok, though, because we laughed.

Text Signatures

*V.I.P ACCESS* {without proper punctuation – that drove me crazy} was up next. I’m not quite sure what VIP access he was talking about, but I kept an extra eye on him that week – just to be sure he wasn’t sneaking out to any VIP events. 

Text Signatures for tweens

*$!<K* – It took me a while to figure this one out. I should mention that spelling isn’t something I worry about in text messages. Well, to be honest, I started to critique his spelling in text messages and he wouldn’t text me for a while, so I stopped. I guess it’s ok to have a spellcheck-free zone. Now that I look at it, my spelling isn’t the best in these texts. I’m blaming that on the autocorrect, which could fill up another post altogether.

Text Signatures for tweens

This cracks me up because Michael has had a fb account for a few years, and rarely uses it. I guess this day was one of the days he liked it? I remember getting this text message at BlogHer and I still laugh about it.

Text Signatures for tweens

This is one of the signatures that I shut down. There haven’t been many… I’m curious about what he thinks you do at a “partay.”

Text Signatures

I remember laughing at this one, as well. This must have been one of the times Steve shared his old school rap music with him. Because Steve?

He’s an OG.

From the West Coast.

Text Signatures for tweens

Michael left a mint on Steve’s pillow before he went to a sleepover – that’s the back story. In the end though, I won because of his signature.

Text Signatures

Every once in a while, we’ll stick our own signatures in our texts to him. We laugh because we’re picking on him, and he laughs because he thinks we’re dorky.

Text Signatures for tweens

If your kid is anything like mine, they are obsessed with things they can’t have – like energy drinks. Michael loves his Monster sweatshirt, has Red Bull stickers all over his binders, and asks for Rockstars at least once a week.

Does he really think that all of a sudden, I’ll just say yes?

I think he just likes getting me annoyed.

text signatures

Again with the spelling. Though, I really like this part of him having a cell phone. I can keep tabs on him and his brother at home (read: I can make sure they’re not killing one another) if I have a meeting at work.

I’m really bummed because I couldn’t find a picture of his *Cheerleaders* signature he put up after the game I took him and his friends to a UA game around Christmas.

Like I said, I’m glad we ended up getting him the phone. It gives us peace of mind… and makes us laugh a whole lot.

I’m dying to hear about other signatures… Do your kids have them?

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  1. Lora Gruner says:

    It does not pertain to a kid but I have a few friends and family members that do this. Sometimes I get annoyed because they change it a lot – then when I read what they wrote along with the signature at first it makes no sense to me. I have to say these ones of Michael’s did give me a laugh. Thanks. :o)

  2. I think I may start texting Michael just to see what his signature is! I loved the ASU one. He is a funny kid……er…..tween. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Francine Payne says:

    Becca, that was hilarious! I had the exact concerns about getting a cell phone for Patrik :P and it was the right choice for us. As for his signatures, they are varied and show his humorous side. Lately, his signature is *Albino pickle*- ha! He sent me a text the other day, “Made you a brat- Albino pickle”- I just cracked up.

  4. Again not my kids, but my 11/10 year old cousins do.

    Lately the 11 year old has had “German Shepherd” as his. He has always had a German Shepherd as a pet, even before he was born I can remember one being around his family and my grand parents having one. Before that it was “Go braves”, as he is a diehard Atlanta Braves fan.

    The 10 year old has had a cell phone longer than the 11 year old, his signature, for as long as he started texting, has been “Big Mac”, sort of like the nickname Mark McGwire from the St. Louis Cardinals went by ( Their last names both have the Mc in them (Though I really don’t know how you get Mac out of Mc..oh well)

  5. My little brother (13) changes his like crazy. Fortunately he doesn’t text me much other than the occasional “Pick me up at the skate park *random signature*”.

    But the one that I just won’t let him live down was *my mom = me f***ing mad* which he didn’t remove when he texted her “can you pick me up something from wendy’s”… yeah that was a big no.

    Ahh the joys of immature, angsty boys… hey that rhymed!

  6. I was literally laughing out loud as I read this post. Between the signatures and then your actual text messages… LOVED IT

  7. This was hilarious!! Like literally laugh-out-loud funny. What a character. :) My son doesn’t do signatures…neither do I. Come to think about it, I don’t even know how to! My son is extremely grammatically correct in his texts, FB chats, etc. I know he get’s it from me. I can’t even write ‘LOL’…shudder!


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