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This Purple Mattress Review is courtesy of Purple Mattress.

A few months ago, we received a Purple Mattress in the mail. We love it, and we love working with such a fun company! Here’s our honest Purple Mattress review, along with an update from 2018.

A few months ago, we received a Purple Mattress in the mail. The Purple Mattress is an awesome no-sag, no pressure mattress. We love it, and we love working with such a fun company. Here's our honest review of the Purple Mattress.

What is a Purple Mattress?

Well, it’s not a dog toy.

Purple Mattress Review

And it’s not meant to be used in water log rolling.

What is a Purple mattress?

Ok, now you’re getting close Jack. You are supposed to sleep on it!

Can you believe there is a King sized mattress in that package?

Purple Mattress Review

It’s a mattress. But not just any kind of mattress. It’s a no-pressure mattress that is a little different from its competitors. The Purple brand is a little fun.

A little quirky.

A lot different.

Purple Mattress review

I should start by telling you that my husband and I don’t have the youngest skeletons. We are pretty creaky and particular about our pillows and mattresses. We usually wake up and use a foam roller to get the kinks out of our backs and hips before we start our day, and then again before going to sleep. We’re kind of high maintenance.

What about the Purple Seat Cushion?

Because trying the Purple mattress was such a big step for us, we decided to see what it was all about before agreeing to try it out. You might remember the video of Jack sitting on the raw egg on the seat cushion? That seat cushion was made out of the same material the Purple mattress is made from.

On a side note, that seat cushion is now at my mom’s house. Many of you know that she was in a bad motorcycle accident in late 2016 and broke her leg in several places. She’s not able to walk yet, and spends most of her time sitting. She was starting to develop some serious issues from not having a good seat cushion, though she had purchased several different ones at the time. After trying the Purple seat cushion, she is feeling so much better. No sores, no hip issues, nothing. 

Is the Purple Mattress Purple?

The Purple mattress isn’t purple. I knew you were wondering :)

Two layers of polyurethane foam with a top layer made from Hyper-elastic polymer™ in a Smart-Comfort Grid. The bottom line? It’s firm, it’s totally comfortable, and it will never sag on one side from someone sleeping there every night.

What is the Purple mattress?

Is the Purple Mattress Heavy?

The mattress is heavy–it weighs about 140 pounds. It’s a little tough to carry after you unroll it from it’s shipping packaging–I’d recommend carrying it into your bedroom before unrolling it (unlike we did). If you need to move the Purple mattress from one room to another, I recommend folding it in half–it’s not easy to carry when it’s unfolded.


Jack begged us to keep the mattress for himself. And as you can tell from all of the pictures, the dogs were very interested too.


Jack loved the packaging that the Purple mattress came in. While we were getting the mattress on our bed, he was finding a fun way to use the plastic that it came in.

Seriously–the fun times don’t stop with the Purple mattress!

Purple Mattress Review

We had the option to send the Purple mattress back if we weren’t thrilled with it, but it’s still on our bed. We used to wake up and feel a little “creaky.” We had some aches and pains for the first 30 or so minutes after getting out of bed in the morning. No more. After sleeping on the Purple mattress, we wake up and our bodies don’t need time to readjust. No back pain, no stiff hips, nothing.

In fact, a few weeks after we got our mattress, I received a text from some friends of ours. It might have been a little strange at first.

 Purple Mattress Review
But we did let them come lay on our bed. They loved the Purple mattress and ordered one for themselves.

Does the Purple Mattress come with a Warranty?

Unfortunately, their mattress arrived on the same day as a crazy unannounced winter rainstorm. The Purple mattress was wet and my friend had to call Customer Service late that night to ask what to do.

Purple Mattress Review

So if you’re wondering… the mattress dried within a couple of hours with a fan and the 10 year warranty wasn’t affected.

I’ll tell you a secret… we kept our other mattress for about 5 weeks after we received the Purple mattress. We wanted to make sure we loved our Purple Mattress before getting rid of the other one. I’m happy to tell you that it’s gone now!

We are so happy with our Purple Mattress and have been telling all of our friends about it. Now we’re telling you. No more creaks, no sore muscles, no more foam rolling after we get out of bed in the morning.

Purple Mattress Review Update: Fall 2018

We have had our Purple Mattress for almost three years now, and we are still in love with it. Three years of sleeping in the same spots, and there are no sags or soft spots in the mattress, and it’s just as comfortable as the first time we slept in it. We have had several friends buy Purple Mattresses too, and they all feel the same way about theirs.

Buying a mattress isn’t easy, especially when it’s one you buy online. It’s tough to know what you’re getting, and though it’s helpful knowing that you can return it at any time, the practicality of that is a little difficult. It’s not like you can store the mattress in a closet while you test out your new one.

We’d buy another Purple mattress again, for sure. It’s that comfortable.

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  1. Scrapping Grammy says:

    We just purchased an entire new bed system, costing over $5k, last Novemer and we made a huge mistake. It’s like sleeping on a slab of concrete. I wake up every morning from an awful night’s sleep with my back hurting, my hips aching and lots more. The so-called body conforming high viscous memory foam is anything but body conforming.

    How “firm” is the Purple mattress? I need serious relief for my 63 year old aching back and instead of sleeping on top of a slab of concrete, I’d love to be enveloped by support.

    Thank you for your comments and info.

    1. Hi there! I’m sorry I didn’t see this comment earlier :)

      I feel like the Purple mattress is quite a bit more conforming than our previous foam mattress. The silicone layer on top truly bends and forms to your hips and shoulders, which makes it feel a bit more custom.

  2. Does the mattress hold heat? I’ve had a tempurpedic and it would get so warm and uncomfortable. I can’t sleep well when it’s hot and I’d hate to buy a mattress thattempurpedic held heat. I was looking into the Casper mattress but the reviews said that the foam would get warm and hold heat, I’m afraid this purple mattress may be the same way

    1. Hi Jen,

      Nope, our old foam mattress did get hot, but the material of the top layer of this mattress helps it to NOT hold heat. This is one of the reasons we love it so :)

  3. Jordan Johnson says:


    My husband just ordered one an I’m trying to figure out what kind of frame it should go on. Did you have a box mattress underneath? Or just straight onto your bed frame?


    1. Hi Jordan,

      We were told you could do either, but frcided to put it right on our bed frame – no box spring. It’s just fine!

  4. Hi, my purple is getting delivered tomorrow. Just wondering if I should get a mattress protector or mattress pad? I notice the white cover that comes on it, is it removeable/washable?

    1. I’m excited for you!! We use the cover that came with it, and it’s washable but we don’t dry it.

  5. I’ve been using Purple mattress for almost a year now and really love the way it has helped me sleep better and longer. Not sure if you’ve tried Powerbase yet but that’s what I am looking to buy next.

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