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Cleaning your house is a chore, in fact, it’s essentially the definition of a chore. Like most chores, cleaning is something we don’t want to do but really should do at least once a week. Keeping a clean home is more than just for appearance; it’s for health. In order to help stay healthy we clean, but to make it less of a chore, we use hacks. Cleaning hacks, or tips, are ways to make your weekly cleaning day easier. Keeping a clean home is more than just for appearance; it’s for health. In order to help keep our family healthy we clean, but to make it less of a chore, we use hacks. Cleaning hacks, or tips, are ways to make your weekly cleaning day easier. Here are some cleaning hacks to help you ROCK your weekly chores.


Toilet Gel in The Kitchen

Many hacks or tips show that though a product is named “Toilet Gel” it can work elsewhere as well. Use Clorox Toilet Gel in your toilets, but also in the grout in your kitchen tile. Apply the gel to the grout and leave for about 2-hours, scrub and rinse.

Clorox Toilet Gel Cleaning Hacks
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Oil Build Up

When cooking with oil, you find that somehow the oil gets everywhere. Let it sit and you’ll see a white surface turn blackish with dust and bacteria sticking to the oil. To clean it, apply some mineral oil to a paper towel and start wiping.


The microwave could be used more than the stovetop in your home, but it’s also difficult to clean. Stick a microwave safe bowl filled with 2 cups of water and two teaspoons of white vinegar. Add a couple drops of essential oil and microwave for five minutes. Then just wipe down the inside with a damp cloth.

Wash The Washer

Many newer models of washing machines have a clean cycle, but some don’t. To clean a washer, fill it with hot water and one quart of chlorine bleach. Let the agitator do its thing for about a minute and then just let it sit for an hour before finishing the cycle. Repeat that step once more but replace the chlorine bleach with white vinegar. Wipe down the exterior areas with disinfecting wipes and you’re done.

Clean With Static

Dryer sheets are great tools to use when cleaning walls and baseboards. The static it creates loosens dirt and hair and makes it easy to sweep or vacuum up.

Clean The Cleaner

Our toilet bowl brushes don’t get a lot of love, but there is an easy way to keep them clean. Pour a little Pine Sol into the holder and you’re done. The brush will soak in that Pine Sol keeping it clean and smelling fresh.

Pine Sol Cleaning Hacks
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Clean The Tracks

Window tracks are a pain to clean but there is a way to make it easier. Dip a cotton swab in vinegar and use that to get in those small spaces.

Heat it Up

Pine Sol and Clorox Bleach are great tools for cleaning the bathroom but there is a way to make them even more effective. Fill the tub about a quarter of the way with the hottest water you can get. Spread the same water on tiles and other bathroom surfaces. Let the water sit for a few minutes. The heat will help activate the cleaners faster.

Deep Clean

Your toilet has plenty of places you can’t reach with just a Clorox Disinfecting Wipe and your hand. Unscrew the lid and detach. Then use a screwdriver and a Clorox wipe to get into the deep spaces.

Cleaning Hacks for Disinfecting Wipes
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News Windows

This one is common but always good to mention. Use newspapers instead of towels along with your surface cleaner to clean glass and windows. There will be no streaks when you’ve finished.

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